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Enjoy aspects of the show, love the fanfics, well... The good ones anyway. And bat ponies, and... Shark ponies oddly enough? And my OC's, and firearms. Especially firearms.


For millennia, a mysterious figure of terrifying power has persisted across the plains of hell, bringing with him death and distruction. A beacon of good, of light, and of cold revenge. He is known by many names across the cosmos, the destroyer, the slayer, The doom marine. His original name has long since been forgotten, he is known to most simply as the Doomslayer. He once saved the earth from the demonic clutches of hell, this mysterious being now finds himself on a very different version of earth, with its own invaders...

(A Doom Eternal/ Conversion bureau crossover)

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Doufám, že tento příběh vydrží až do finále :




This is kind of strange.
Yet I kind of wonder what will happen next?

I hope it turns out Luna did not agree with this huge conversion mess that is going on.
How is Spike going to be handled too?

Something that started in a different story by someone else. Essentially Equestria is transported to Earth by Celestia and Celestia proceeds to go Hitler by converting humans into Ponies.

If you need an editor, feel free to message me.

Ah so a universe where celestia isn't celestia rather she is daybreaker and gets transported to earth...
O k

Here's the thing though. That is not how the very first TCB story went. Equestria does end up on Earth, but what happens afterwards is very different.

This is based on the bastardisation the fandom started after the original story.

Attention Evreyone


And please advise that I have no intention of ridiculing the original creators of the TCB genre.

This has potential, even with all of the spelling mistakes and the like.

Do you happen to have a link to the original story?

Time for some ponies to die.

I'm afraid the original TCB is incomplete.

Also, I read the archives of all the chapters, and there's not a single mention of the 'PER'. Only the 'HFL'

I'm liking the story though. I hope to see more chapters :)

Can't wait for next chapter 😊

If I may ask, is this story within the same universe as your Bread Boys crossover, or is it independent?

It is independent, that one was set in modern times, this one is set in the Original TCB universe, more specifically, the one by Chatoyance.

Well I’m interested

Dayum, rapid fire updates, awesome

I'm noticing you are posting two roughly 1,000 word chapters per day so far. Will this be the norm? If so I ask you be careful not to burn yourself out. I like this story so far and don't want to see it fall into the pit of writer's burnout.

T rated? Oh no no no. Anything related to Doom needs to be M rated to be done justice.

Please explain how this can be set in the original TCB universe when the original was never finished? There's too much that isn't lining up with the original in this story.

This site doesn't have an "R" rating for RIP, so he settled on "T" for TEAR.

then go home and have some Fun!

Uhh... then it's not the original TCB universe.

There's absolutely no mention of the 'PER'. I don't know about the 'newfoals' thing, but there's none of that, too.

lmao i started a writing a similar story about the doomslayer in the conversion bureau setting about a month ago

I really like this so far, will follow it for more

Hope to see Celestia and the mane 6, or those that are fighting against humanity, will react seeing the Doomslayer’s level of carnage.

A good concept, but I think you might need an editor.
Also, a quick writing tip: numbers are never used in writing unless to signify, well, a number. 'too' is not something you should ever replace with 2.

He...He cut through them... like...like a sycle through a field... his fury surpassing their own so called
"Magic of friendship"

Brace yourself Twilight...I tried to stop you while I could, but now you will learn the hard way...HELL HATH NO FURY GREATER THAN HE! GO FORTH, O DOOMGOD, AND SHOW THE ELEMENT BEARERS THEY ARE NO MATCH FOR YOU! Say it with me now everyone: Rip! AND! TEARRRRRRRRRR!

aight, the waiting game has commenced

So, the Doom Slayer' Armour can absorb magic and turn it into argent.
Cant wait for he and probably Luna to clash with one another and crush her and absorb her magic.

This has all the right to be as entertaining as it is.

Congrats on making the feature box!

Oh no the conversion ponies don’t stand a chance:rainbowlaugh:

I'm hoping Luna doesn't get killed honestly.

Okay I'm confused. Are the Ponies good or bad in this?

They started out with noble intentions, as they did in the original, but as things progressed, things took a more sinister turn. And as you'll see later, there's "Larger powers at work" So to speak.

"Greetings human, my name is princess Celestia, I have watched you work, and while I do appreciate you putting those genocidal psychopaths at the PER in their place, I'm afraid the time has come to put an end to yo-" She was cut off when the Slayer raised his super shotgun and emptied both barrels at her, unfortunately, she teleported away before the rounds were able to make contact with her.

okay, now WTF she thinking?
is bad to come alone, but invade his fortress, and not stay neutral in the war
yeah,she's fucked

The entire world: "You got hit with a tactical nuke, how are you still alive!?"

Doomguy: *Aggressive chainsaw noises*

To quote the Doom God, "Let's go shopping!"


it was written by blaze (as i recall)
there wasn't per
the barrier did not expand
equestria existed in the same world
although the ponies were quite racist

the author wanted to write a story of conflict, but it got out of hand
I try to fix the story by making Celestia realize that she was being prejudiced and unfair
he never wanted to write a misanthropic type story
but at that moment the whole tcb thing exploded, and he decided to delete his profile and disappear

lots of spelling errors, but overlooking that it was a good read.

Demonic possession doesn't just go away, the amount of corrupted soldiers, cult members, and demonic-cybernetic monstrosities that used to be human in the Doom series can attest to that. I can buy Celestia being under Demonic influence, but given how demonic influence is depicted, it would be more merciful and safer for literally everyone to kill her.

On another note, ponies would be fortunate to not be genocided en mass for the Conversion Bureau, the Bureau continuing to operate even if voluntary after everything would be completely idiotic to allow.

I guess that this is to allow a future plot point for ponies and humans to work together against the demons, it's just that the implications of demonic possession and a history of forced "conversion" would make that difficult.

I'm pretty sure the previous chapters didn't have this 20% typo rate.

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