• Published 23rd Nov 2021
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The Conversion Bureau: Rip and Tear - aegishailstorm

Against all the magic that Equestria can conjure... All the wickedness that mankind can produce...We will send unto them... only you...Rip and Tear...until it is done.

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At Equestria's gate

Date: 2077 January 3 0950 hours EST

HLF Facility, Undisclosed location, Atlantic coast.

"This is Dr. Taylor Richardson, log entry 003, January 3rd, 2077. Subject analysis of, the "Slayer" as my colleges refer to him as has proven unsuccessful, we are unable to get close enough to preform meaningful tests, the small amount of data we were able to gather from our field agents amounts to this, the subject is in no way Equestrian, he is male with a genome that makes him him very much a member the human race... I, a as contributing member of the scientific community cannot agree with the assumption by some of my colleges that he is for lack of a better word.. a god. An avenging angel, the right hand of doom here to save humanity from its misfortunes and sins... But I cannot ignore... That the timing of his arrival... The identity of his enemies... The magical element to this catastrophe we currently find find ourselves in has...Well... It has definitely shaken my scientific resolve... Maybe he represents humankind's rage? Their will to persevere, to overcome that which would threaten our survival...He is uncompromising... A relentless being of violence that knows no mention of the fear or hesitation shown by our many leaders and politicians during our time of judgement. The only thing they fear... Is him...He...He cut through them... like...like a sickle through a field... his fury surpassing their own so called
"Magic of friendship" He is faster... More relentless... I believe him now to be more than just a man... He is... Doom.

48 hours earlier...

High above Earth, a massive construct floated above the world, the fortress of doom, home to the Slayer himself. He now gazed down over the world, looking out over its smog filled skies and dead oceans and irradiated wastelands with disappointment. Was this what humanity had chosen to do with it's world? His gaze shifted to a massive shining purple bubble, expanding across the pacific ocean. Vega opened up the castles comm channel's, allowing transmissions from the planet below to reach him. He wondered how his castle had been brought here, the once demon infested world that he had gazed out on had disappeared in aa flash of light, now replaced by, whatever this was.

"You may want to hear this." Said Vega.

"Casualties range in the billions..." Said one news channel.

"The Princesses of Equestria have been nothing but kind, remember, Salvation is only a cup away!"

"Equestria continues its approach, consuming more of our world by the day..." Said another. Vega turned though many civilian and military channels alike, allowing The Slayer to discover the horror of what had been going on down there.

"Fall back, now!"

"They're converting everyone!"

"That thing isn't stopping!"

"What...What happened to you?!"


"They're breaking in!"


"Nothing's working!"

"Please don't resist, It'll all be over soon!"

"There ain't a way in hell I'm going out like this!"

The Slayer's rage began to grow inside of him, he felt no demonic presence on this world, yet something equally as destructive seemed to be occurring, and it seemed as though that strange glowing, expanding bubble of energy was the source of it.

Samuel Hayden began talking.

"I believe I have discovered the cause behind this." He played over a brief history of what had happened since Equestria had appeared, the devastation of the human world prior, the 3 day war, the opening of the conversion bureau's, the effects of magic on the human body, and the formation of various extremists groups.

"I see you are quite enraged."

"Agreed, we cannot sit idly by as this world is destroyed... by sentient equines of all things.. why the mere though of it is... laughable."

"Calm yourself Dr. Hayden, there is a particular transmission which I believe that you would be interested in." Vega pulled up the live hypernet feed from the world government headquarters in the city of new York.

"A terrorist organization known as the PER, or Poinifcation of Earth for humanities Rebirth, has recently launched an assault on the headquarters of the world government. They have dispatched response teams, but they're severely outnumbered, if
they succeed, what remains of human society will collapse, along with the remainder of all military' forces."
The Doomslayer turned back to gaze down at the planet. He gave a sight nod of affirmation.

"Setting the portal coordinates now." The Slayer calmly walked over to his desk, opened it up, and reached in, drawing a fresh shotgun from it, and grabbing a handful fresh shells, loading them in one by one. As he did, the call's over the radio got more and more desperate.

"To anyone, if you're out there, please, please, send help." He looked into his portable pocket dimension, where the remainder of his arsenal lay. Ready to be brought to bare at a moments notice. He walked over to the other side of of the room, grabbing his helmet off the desk, and sliding it over his head, watching for the literal millionth time as its head's up display activated, he looked down at his left arm gauntlet, and extended its blade, feeling the edge to ensure it was still sharp. He turned and walked towards the podium, were the portal lay, He stood and watched as the ancient engraved metal plates slid away, revealing steps. An archway extended above them, glowing bright with a blue aura. From it emerged a swirling blue vortex.

He sighed as he stood before the portal. These may not have been the usual demons he spent his time massacring, but in a way, they were. After his own earth had been shattered by the forces of hell so, so long ago. He had taken a silent oath, to end the threat of hell, once and for all, to get revenge for all they had taken from him. But most importantly of all, to defend humanity. As he walked forward, a final transmission rang out over the comm system.

"P-PLEASE HELP US!!!!!" He growled in anger, racked his shotgun, and stepped though the portal.

Author's Note:

Here's some nice, befitting music: At Doom's Gate- Mick gordon