• Published 23rd Nov 2021
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The Conversion Bureau: Rip and Tear - aegishailstorm

Against all the magic that Equestria can conjure... All the wickedness that mankind can produce...We will send unto them... only you...Rip and Tear...until it is done.

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San Francisco wastes

The Slayer reemerged back on his castle, high above the earth, to find it dark.

"She has taken control of the Fortress's systems, I am no longer in contro-" Dr. Hayden was cut off when a bright white figure appeared in the center of the room. The being seemed to radiate energy, filling the room with a warm white mist. It spoke in a tone reminiscent of a being he had met once before... The Kahn Mayker.

"Greetings human, my name is princess Celestia, I have watched you work, and while I do appreciate you putting those genocidal psychopaths at the PER in their place, I'm afraid the time has come to put an end to yo-" She was cut off when the Slayer raised his super shotgun and emptied both barrels at her, unfortunately, she teleported away before the rounds were able to make contact with her.

"She drained the majority of the fortress's power, it will take time to recharge." The Slayer looked down at the still expanding bubble of energy on the earths surface. Vega understood what he was thinking.

"I see, setting the portal coordinates for the edge of the Equestria/Earth barrier, magical interference prevents us from teleporting directly into Equestria." The Slayer nodded, he turned back around, and walked back trough the portal.

Dr. Roselyn Pastern was busy at work within the San Francisco conversion bureau, awaiting the arrival of a new case of Ponification serum, little could she had known when she had set out for work that morning, that what she would see that day would change her life.

The Doomslayer arrived on the other side of the portal, stepping out onto the ruins of the San Francisco bridge, stopping for a moment to take in the dreaded sights. Wrecked cars and other vehicles of ages long past littered the road. The water below the bridge was murky and brown , the air was choked with smog. In the distance, just off the shore, he could see the vague outline of the shimmering wall of magical energy that was the universe barrier between Earth, and Equestria. He ran down the bridge, towards the San Francisco peninsula. As he began to enter the city, he could hear noises coming from the ruins, he raised his heavy cannon, but otherwise continued towards the barrier. As he entered deeper into the city, they increased. He soon came to the first signs of civilization, makeshift buildings, hundreds of them, constructed from a mixture of sheet metal and plascrete. Among them where humans, thousands of them, seemingly going about their lives, mixed in with them where more of those "Ponies" Living together in poverty. The Slayer let out a low growl this angered him, that others, The so called" Good families." As Vega had explained earlier lived their lives in luxury, far away from suffering, while they left their common citizenry suffer. In his mind, they were no better than those UAC scumbags he had dealt with long ago. He felt sympathy for them, ponies and humans alike . As he made his way across the peninsula, he noticed that people where staring at him, murmuring to each other. He increased his pace.

Dr. Roselyn Pastern stared out her window, looking the window of her small office, below she could hear what sounded like... cheering? A call came through the intercom, the Bureau's receptionist, Bethany, was on the other end.

"Hey doc, come down here, you gotta see this!" She looked out her office window she could hardly believe her eyes. Crossing the old campus where the Bureau's as located, was a figure she had seen earlier on the holonet. "The Slayer" As he had become popularly referred to after his halting of a massive PER offensive on the world governments headquarters. Had become an overnight sensation worldwide. Clad in green and brown armor, and clutching a massive firearm in his hands. He crossed the campus at a speed that shouldn't have been possible on foot. Disappearing into the ruins.

"Where do you think he's going?" Asked one of her colleges. She stared off towards the ocean.

"Probably Equestria. "

"But that's suicide! No human can travel beyond the barrier!"

"It doesn't look like he cares. Besides, did you see the way he fought in New York? My guess is that he's headed for Equestria."

"Wait, you don't think he's-"

"Yep, he's after the princesses."

"He can't kill them right?... Right?" Dr. Roselyn looked at her partner, and sighed.

"What are we going to do about it? Call the Blackmesh?"

"Well, looks like they're already here." Her college pointed down at the street, a squad of Blackmesh chased after him. A second call came though the intercom. The Conversion Serum has arrived.

"Well, that's me." She made her way downstairs, but instead of the Blackmesh solders, carrying along a case of Conversion serum, she was instead met with a group of men in black armor,She knew who they were as soon as she saw them.
They pushed her aside and walked into the bureau, guns raised, she continued screaming as loud as she could, hoping someone would hear her.

The Doomslayer ran across the peninsula, completely ignoring the pursuing Blackmesh, when he heard a massive explosion echo out behind him, he looked back to see a column of smoke rising into the smog filled sky. He changed course and headed back, passing by the Blackmesh, who turned and followed as well. He found where the explosion had originated, The enormous white building which he had passed by earlier, a massive smoldering hole now lay in its side, he could hear the sounds of screaming and gunfire from inside, he raised his heavy cannon and charged inside. The Blackmesh stopped for a moment, and watched him.

The Slayer remerged from the smoking wreckage, carrying... a disembodied head. He dropped it on the ground in front of the Blackmesh, and continued on his way. One of the soldiers looked down, and scanned it. It was the leader of the HLF himself. Who had decided to lead a suicide mission into the bureau, hoping to kill as many ponies as possible before he was gunned down. Unfortunately, it had not been the bureau security personnel who had found him, nor the Blackmesh. But the Doomslayer. Who had come crashing through the walls of the Bureau, the operatives hadn't even had time to react. The Slayer had gunned them down in one go, splattering blood over the walls of the bureau. When he came across their leader, he stopped for a moment, lowering his heavy cannon, only to draw his wrist blade, and sever the HLF leader's head in one stroke.

"Uh, command?"

"We see it, bring it in, and try to see if you can find the rest of the body."

"What about the Slayer?"

"Leave him. He's headed for Equestria, let him be. We have a tactical nuke on the way."

"Understood command." The Troopers headed into the remains of the bureau.

The Slayer was almost to the shore line, when he heard a whistling high above him.

"Brace yourself." Vega said to him. Just moments before a 2 kiloton nuclear device made contact with the ground, striking about 20 yards off to his right side. The residents of San Francisco watched the mushroom cloud blossomed in the distance.

The Slayer got up off the ground, stopping only to dust himself off. He looked though the searing heat and radiation, though it he could see a purple shimmer.

"That's what you're looking for." Said Dr. Hayden.

The Slayer switched over to his super shotgun, and charged towards the magical barrier.