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Woke up and 4 of my favorite stories got updated · 4:51pm March 2nd

Best feeling on earth

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Nice work! The power of disparate internet individuals prevails once more :D

Thanks for finding it, definitely glad it's still around!

Hi, couldn't help but but in. I remember enjoying that story, sucks it was deleted. I think the authors name was DekaSkittles, or something along those lines? Skittles was a word in there. DecaSkittles? I've forgotten, but I remember their pfp being a tired Twilight in socks, probably. Was the story called 1000 years? I'd like to find it too.

Edit: I found it! It's actually still around on FIMFic. The authors name is DekaSkittalz. The story with Technofan's pfp is "1000 years later"

You could try checking fimfetch, or maybe going to the fimfiction archive and download, but that last one will definitely be much harder, so if you remember some of the tags and at least a distinct phrase or word from it, look for it in https://fimfetch.net/

Pretty sure at this point it's deleted or something since I couldn't find it in my Tracking bookshelf with the tags I'm sure it had.

It's about a kid who got yoinked into Equestria because he touched a magic eye that was floating in the forest, and got stoned for 1000 years because of the Sisters' history with users of the eye wreaking havoc.

Tags were at least Human and I'm assuming Luna since she was heavily involved with basically trauma dumping the dude while he was stoned. I assumed it also had Violence due to what the eye was capable of, and what he does with it in certain chapters.

Oh well i got this image from a story on this site. I think i might have it in my read later, but i have like 500 stories on there so if you could tell me the tags i could probably find it for you
Edit: not on my read later but im determined to find it, so do still tell me what it was about, since i might have it in another folder. I saw it a long time ago, i just didnt care to read it, but i did yoink the cover art.

  • Viewing 79 - 83 of 83
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