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I made a new story · 12:52pm Jul 19th, 2021

Read or die tomr

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Humans would fought and won a medium level conflict between them and the other races of Equestria. The Utopians would have then gotten fed up with their shit and completely abandoned the possibility of conventional warfare.

Utopia would threatened them with nuclear retaliation unless they surrendered and the other races wouldn't have surrendered. The humans would have nuked one of their cities, and the other races would have given up.

The next arc would have began after a five year time skip. The new villains would have been the humans themselves (specifically Utopian humans not the enslaved ones) and would show the whole world now being ruled by a totalitarian communist regime . The Utopian humans would live at the top and essential live a Utopian life where they got everything they wanted and never had to work. The previously enslaved humans would be given high paying jobs even if they had little expertise and the ponies would pretty much be slaves in all but name (they would be relegated to doing low paying jobs and would live in extreme poverty).

The class and wealth divide between the original Utopian humans and the Equestrian humans would gradually start growing wider and eventually some people would notice the trend and start rebelling against the Utopians alongside the ponies. Eventually after a lot of stuff equality would be achieved between all races although the humans and non humans would have a very tense relationship, with both sides regarding the other as evil and inferior, and the humans would get their own nation after the other races got their independence.

The final arc would have started with the humans and non humans on the verge of war once more, until a new threat appeared. Remnants of the previously thought to be destroyed Vega Corporation would have announced their return, now much much much more powerful as they would've had a thousand years to develop both their population and their technology.

The Corporation would have begun invading the nations of the non humans and capturing their citizens to steal their magic and life force once more like they did in the past. The board of directors would demand that all the humans bow before them or be destroyed. The whole world would then have to work together to destroy the Vega Corporation once and for all. And that would be the end.

Since you cancelled Shouldn't Have Enslaved Humanity, could you at least tell us how it would have ended? I mean originally, not the remake, like how did all the other creatures decide to finally make peace with the First Humans and end slavery? You hinted that ponies would rebel against the new status quo, so how rough would the transition be from hating humans to at least tolerate them?

later is best time to do anything.

yoo write faster

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