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Writer of odd, strange and thrilling consquences.

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Luna's Journey - Estimated Release - [TBA]
As Luna settles into Canterlot, settles into a life planned and driven toward for a thousand years, Luna can't help but think - What if?

What if...she.. Luna look's not to her sister. ..or anypony to worship her...But?

To love herself? The idea...terrify's her more then losing her night...

Who would she become? What would she see on her journey?

Some how her sister curled beside her, so sure and safe...seemed so far indeed.

Welcome to Luna's Journey.

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  • 18 weeks
    Posted New Story!

    That's it. Totally a thing. Posting a story. Enjoy! :eeyup:

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  • 18 weeks
    Update! My Long form! Silly Essay's!

    Just a quick update. I am moving my focus onto my long form mystery Lyra-is-a-ancient thing story. Though, I am not sure how long it's going to be at the moment.

    I did write yesterday and on my way to finishing chapter 2. Chapter 1 is very polished. But, I don't want to post my novel ,until the whole thing is done to my specifications.

    I am also looking for way's to improve my drafting process. For now noting what work's- that kind of thing.

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  • 18 weeks
    Flash Fiction #13--Aug--1st--2023--Tuesday (WIP)

    This is my work in progress. I was inspired by a story called Lyres Gambit and other Lyra is a weird pone stories. Also, hundred's of stories I have read over the year's.

    So! Enjoy this opening snippet of my new long form!

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  • 19 weeks
    Flash Fiction #12--July--31st--2023---Monday

    I got my first ten by Claude! I am starting to think it's not as difficult (at least in flash fiction?) to push for a ten from a nine. I have this weird block in writing longer paragraph's? Don't know...

    Weird, huh?

    This makes me want to write for other fandom's or play with more original character work! How is my ability in coming up with weird premises? Can I put my skill into long form? I think I can! Betcha thought I was gonna be all doubtful and such...



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  • 19 weeks
    Flash Fiction #11--July--30th--2023--Sunday

    Nothing to report other ,then this was funner and found a cool title out of it!


    Title: He had knelled once.

    “I will bleed you, Alicorn!”

    Sin’s Field’s were aflame. Her Soldier's dead. The whiff of vomit and the last shit linger in the air. And, still he remained, Dawn raised in the blood-red glow of his magic.

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Posted New Story! · 11:07am August 6th

That's it. Totally a thing. Posting a story. Enjoy! :eeyup:

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