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It is already finished in its basic format, but I'm putting finishing touches and very slight editing as I convert and post each chapter. The story is around fourty-thousand words long.

Do whatever feels right to you. "Off Duty" was interesting if somewhat quirky and I'll probably wait until "Something Halloween" gets to completion or dies until I read it. How long were you thinking of making it?

awf #4 · August 18th · · ·

I don't understand how I was able to miss this, but thanks! The reason why I didn't create an account earlier, I think, is because I somehow failed to get interested in MLP until very late (sometime mid-2017). Then, my first few stories were very heav with the "4-chan" format and it would be a lot of effort to rewrite them into something more natural for here. I will probably do it at some point, though. "Off Duty" was the first story which felt (to me) like it should be shared somewhere else.

Welcome to Fim... Even though it's a dying fandom, new people are always interesting especially when they bring fruit. I don't know why you didn't create an account years ago but whatever. What I'm more interested in is the new-ish story you posted.



Thanks! I've been reading for years now, but never thought to make a profile until I got the idea to try posting one of my 4chan stories (heavily edited). I think I'll keep at it, too.

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