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I read it for the plot.

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Glad you enjoyed it! ^^

Just want to give some praise for the story Depraved Distractions, the first story of yours I've read. It was by all accounts one of the best foalcon stories I've read and in general a really good clop story, matching other writers like Hand Made and Clopficsinthecomments.
I could feel your own style to it. It didn't feel like you just copied elements and cliches from other stories and glued them together. The clop scenes were very well written and arousing. Personalities and plot(not that plot) development were perfectly done for a clop story of its length. And of course little Ponks was the sweetest Pie ever.
You managed to draw a loli doujin write a foalcon story without falling into the typical traps like referring to her age in every second goddamn sentence, the protagonist doing FBI jokes and not shutting the fuck up about morals, writing the fillies personality like she is a total slut or infantile.
And Bonus Points for me personally:

Seeing her blissful expression made an evil little voice inside of him start to whisper

If you know, you know–
I really dislike stories(that are slice of life and have character development) where intimacy is portrayed as a casual thing, just there for pleasure, like some kind of drug. The way you wrote their intimacy(having minimum deception involved aka. games) and ended it in an open way really appealed to me since I could fantasize Anon and little Ponk falling in love and marriyng.
Well done.:pinkiesmile:

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Thanks for the favorite!

I did. Had a good feel to it.

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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