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My obsession with a flying rainbow pony made me do this.

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Roadmap for Writing · 11:05pm August 25th

I apologize for the absence! I recently graduated college and transitioned to my job which is pretty demanding, but I should start to have a bit more time to myself to write and draw...which I'll be needing.

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Report mobius_ · 209 views · Story: Sex and Relaxation ·
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I can't promise I'll be expedient, but sure go for it!

Would you be willing to take a request?

Randomly came across your story, redirected from the new Pusspuss fic. Just wanted to say that the care you put into your work is really appreciated, I really enjoyed the chemistry you created between Anon and Dash. Some romances can seem corny at points, but the interaction between the characters felt very genuine, and I found myself really stoked to read the next chapter. Thanks, and hope to see more soon! :derpytongue2:

Hey, I just wanted to say I have reread I think all you work twice now and I am dying, waiting for the next chapter of Sex and Relaxation.

Just fallowed and can't wait for more 😁

Thanks! I do indeed love her and I only hope my writing can serve as an example of that.

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