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My obsession with a flying rainbow pony made me do this.


It's easy for a small pony to feel lonely in the vastness of the modern world, but what happens when that loneliness leads to complete abandonment? For one such mare faced with that reality, she must choose between a promise of hope and love, and the reality of despair.

A short inspired by anonymous art done on a /mlp/ draw board on 7 Oct 2022.

Featured on 14 October 2022 - Thank you to the anonymous artist who drew the cover picture!

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These are some good horse words.

Awhhhhhhhhhhhh :heart:

:raritycry: should been saved for the holidays

D'awwww! Sad and Adorable! I wuv it!

What sort of heartless POS downvotes this?

A happy pony can only ever be a good thing.

Oh, I've seen this image's origin!

Very beautiful and emotional. Thanks for sharing. Added to my favorites.

This touched and warmed my heart. :heart:

Holy FUCK it's been a long while since a story actively made me cry. This is fantastic.

Right in the feels

The show has ended. We're in a different generation of pony. This story is such a simple thing.

And yet...


as someone who has carried a tiny pony toy since 2015. this hit me. What a nice story.

You earned this upvote.

While reading this my mind was going elsewhere. Like what if Polka's owner never came back?

I'm glad she got a happy ending

no words
just ugly sobbing.
Edit: Typos removed now that I've stopped crying.

"...anonymous on a drawing requests board" ?

I… I need to look for the Twilight figure I carefully sculpted long time ago and put her back on top of something… for some reason.

Just finished reading this. Frick my heart!

I cried for the first time in years after reading this. Well done.

A beautiful story. Even if the material essence of a plaything is ultimately trivial, it is the innocence of childhood that imbues them with life and makes them into true friends, irreplaceable loved ones, and this never changes as we grow older as memories are what keeps them - and the happiness of their existence - alive.

Polka's story may not be a long one, but it's a good one, and I thank you for sharing it.

pet the tiny poner keychain, give it plenty of boops, I demand this! I DEMAND THIS NOW

I actually cried tears of happiness. Very few stories ever do this. Thank you for writing this. I'm happy the little pony wasn't forgotten and is loved.

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Brilliance story!

Oh thank fuck this had the ending it did. My heart almost shattered irrevocably.

Well this was an emotional ride. Not even an MLP story really, but amazing nonetheless. Good job, word-smith!

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