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She finally did it, she revealed how she felt towards you, only for you to turn her down.

Now her heart is broken beyond repair... or is it?

A short story that shows that rejection doesn't just hurt to receive, but is possibly even worse to dish out.

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It was pretty good. It felt a bit rushed, but hey, I can't even write half a damn chapter.

The feels in the beginning, it hurt. However, the end that was truly beautiful. More as short stories man, love it!

You watch as they slowly close, and she you notice some new tears trailing down her face.

Well I read through it. Found only one major mistake. It was good but ended quicker than I wanted it to. Any chance of getting more?

6893848 More stories or an extention?

6893906 More stories or maybe a sequel. :twilightsmile: Either or.

only for you to turn her down.

Well that wouldn't happen Not in a million years.

good story man. I really like stories that deal with rejection. Just a lil bit cliche but its okay.

Wundaba hahah za doctor likes zis

Awww that was cute.

This was really sweet:twilightsmile:

That was cool :pinkiehappy:

Nice story :)

At the start, i felt like a part of my soul truly died, at the end, that was filled with pure happiness.
Great story

Comment posted by wlam deleted Feb 13th, 2016

I felt like this was rushed a little. Nevertheless, this was adorable!

Story added to RFGS - RFS. :)

Short and sweet I love it ????

I would never turn down Dashy tho D:

If I absolutely had to complain, I'd say the story was a tad short, but otherwise, this story is pretty amazing.

Very cute. :twilightsmile:
Though I do have one issue. The story was supposed to deal with rejection and hurt, and describe how it affects the rejector. :fluttershyouch:
Instead it was more of a quick rejection and then a change in attitude on the perceptions. I can say that if your going for rejecting a friend, it shouldnt end with automatic love cliche.
I'd advise, though its years later, that an edit to the description be done as the story is fine. :twilightsheepish:
Other than that, I liked it. :twilightsmile:

If I was forced to turn her down, I would tie a 35 foot long noose around my neck and throw myself off the Golden Gate Bridge because it would hurt way to much

Dude, Rainbow dash confessing her love to me would be the best day of my life!💙


Hmm did you do that?

Honestly, I felt like both characters were being stupid.

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