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My obsession with a flying rainbow pony made me do this.

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It's easy for a small pony to feel lonely in the vastness of the modern world, but what happens when that loneliness leads to complete abandonment? For one such mare faced with that reality, she must choose between a promise of hope and love, and the reality of despair.

A short inspired by anonymous art done on a /mlp/ draw board on 7 Oct 2022.

Featured on 14 October 2022 - Thank you to the anonymous artist who drew the cover picture!

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Mistle-what? An innocent question on an otherwise normal Hearthswarming Eve sends you on a short journey of introspection with your best friend. The closer you get towards discovering the truth about yourselves, the less sure you are of what exactly the holiday tradition of “Mistletoe” actually means, and you begin to wonder whether the innocence or question that sparked it all was actually there to begin with.

Special thanks to DE_K for editing!

Featured on 11 March 2021 - Awesome! Thanks for all the attention! Though I think you made Dash blush...

Chapters (1)