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After falling into the Stream of Silence, Anon found himself unable to speak. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be an issue, as the Kirin he lives with are used to the presence of the stream and are more than capable of making him a cure.

Unfortunately, said cure relies on the magical foal's-breath flower, which is currently out of season. He's going to have to wait for the next batch of it to grow before he can speak again.

Thankfully, this is a problem that his wife, Rain Shine, has plenty of experience with.

Day #1 of Hearts and Hands Week.

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Anon x Rainshine out of the gate? Strangely, this reminded me of an RGRE greentext conversion, The Long and Short of It. Specifically, the chapter where Anon meets the ridiculously thirsty Kirin delegation in Canterlot. Couldn't help thinking of how that Rain Shine would have behaved herself :rainbowlaugh:.

Silent but Cuddling

It's not very often that we see a Rain Shine story, so this was a surprise to be sure but a welcome one.

I would love to see more Rain Shine stories. Especially a prequel to how Anon met Rain Shine in the first place.

Excellent story as usual Runic. Keep up the good work!

An awesome chapter. And such a rare pairing to.

I found it hilarious whenever she couldn't find Anon.

Though it was interesting to understand what he's done since being silenced.

Rain Shine fic, welcomed rarity.


A Rainshine fic? Hell yeah. We need more Kirin representation and love in general. Plus, she's quite a lovely queen.

I’m honestly surprised there aren’t more Rainshine stories. Glad to see you gave her the spotlight for this! That and the silent love she received from Anon pulls the heart strings, gah!

Yet another fantastic fanfic as always. I absolutely adore your work keep it up. 😉

I love Rain Shine. A Kirin so lovely she doesn't even have her own tag. :rainbowlaugh:

She is very unselfish. She generously shares her tag with all the other kirin who might need one.


“And now it doesn’t matter if you fall in again?”

If that's the case, why bother with the bridge? Take the opportunity to start digging and divert the stream away from the village.

“...Right. It doesn’t feel terrible. It doesn’t feel like anything at all.”

I thought it only muted voices
Thats worse than i thought

“It’s not like I had the drive to do much else.” Anon playfully flicks his wife before pointing above them, drawing Rain Shine’s attention towards a now-finished rope bridge being used by a couple of Kirin to cross the Stream of Silence safely. “Besides, I’d say it all turned out okay, right?”

I got an idea
I need SEVERAL 7 gallon jugs
A few building materials
And a a bunch of foals breath on standby
I think we can use this to help others learn lessons

But perhaps it doesn't have to be
Maybe its Better to keep it to experiment it
Nobody ever has actively fought against its effects
So perhaps you could use it to reform villians by removing their emotions and Working directly on desires alone
It could help!



That would be Ludovico-tier unethical.

I know
But I've not exactly had the best of ethics if it means helping others get better
Look i reformed cozy and Lightning Dust over time
But really? Its just the harmonic fields that i produce that helps them

What's this? An Anon fic from Runic not in second person? :pinkiegasp:

I suppose the shift was necessary for the focus to be on Rainshine the whole way through, but it still felt weird... in a good way.

Its still better then being stoned and at the very least its a good option as well an option

AT LEAST one order of magnitude more work, and requiring specialized skills to plans out. You are going from DYI carpentry (including ropes) to civil engineering project. Flooding and erosion patterns would need to be taken into consideration and, for all he knows, the stream only DOESN'T spread its effects to crops grown nearby because of the specific magical properties of the composition of its stream-bed.


Can't be too hard. I dig and fill in canals through isthmi all the time. The only hard part is working through the night and creepers and phantoms showing up.

IF I am understanding your meaning correctly my response is:
Unfortunately the universe he is in uses a much more detailed physics engine than Minecraft's universe.

I was kinda expected the stream to not affect him and he was playing a joke on her.

Why is every good story a one-shot 😔

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