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Hug your nearest alicorn.


Opaline Arcana has sowed dissent and anger across Equestria. With the nation divided, Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends are struggling to contain the ambitious alicorn. If something isn't done soon, Twilight will have no choice but to store Equestria's magic into the Unity Crystals, putting all of ponykind at risk.

Before that, though, Twilight has an idea. There's a prisoner locked away in Tartarus that was forgotten by history. He might be just what they need to stop Opaline. However, letting him loose could spell disaster for Equestria.

It's a risk she has to take.

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Because someone had to.

FanOfSun #2 · March 13th · · 1 ·

As Anonymous, the king of all Fanfics opened his Domain, Opaline shrieked back in fear

"Stand proud, Opaline, you are cute"

I NEEEEEED the in between of this story 😭

I think your Opaline stories are my favorites

Oh lol Runic you're the best, that Elden Ring legend in our MLP XD

What’s JJK?

Loved this it was funny and unexpectedly badass.

Now I'm really curious what happened between the boop and Twilight and Co at the door

nice work:twilightsmile:

Top funny as usual. :>

Another good story bruh. 👍


JJK is shorthand for Jujutsu Kaisen, an anime/manga series. It's where the "Domain Expansion" concept comes from.

I think.

Like I said, I haven't seen it. I included that bit because a friend of mine is a huge fan. :twilightblush:

I misread the title as "Let Me Sell Her." I had a very different idea of were this story was headed.

Ahhh, Reminds me of the early days of the 'League of Humans Acting Villainously.' Back when it was fresh and thriving.:twilightsmile:Great story.

I have no idea what the hell I just read but I like it. Still though. To just walk up and boop the snoot. Have you no shame!?

Disappointed he didn't go into the battle wearing underpants and a jar on his head, but I'll allow it for the rest of the story. 9/10.

That Anon wasn't wearing only a jar on his head and underpants ruin your choice of titles. For shame :facehoof:.

I bet if twilight had been much later, Anon's seal in tartarus would've failed some centuries from then, and he would've had to go out with a cauldron and some weeb swords and restore the, err, I suppose 'Golden Order' fits most.

“If Opaline used her magic it would cause me some trouble”

“Would you lose?”

Nah, I’d Win

@#$&! you beat me to it!

Somewhere in alternate G5 future Sunny and her friends face enemies from in another dimension (Secret of Starlight).

Anon intensly stares at Opaline in his arms. The alicorn shivers and gulps as he finally speaks the Words of Power: "We've Been Trying To Reach You About Your Car's Extended Warranty"

You fool, do not speak the dark words in this place. Their power is beyond your ability to control!

From behind his back, Anon pulls out what looks like a thick gluestick. His 「ゴゴゴ menacing ゴゴゴ」glare fades as he glances aside at Twilight. He gently requests, "Twinkle Sprinkle, you're gonna want to cover your ears."

Twilight looks confused, but does as he requests; Opaline, however, merely smirks harder. "A siren and his microphone? Foolish, I will absorb that magic, too."

The otherworldly creature simply spins the tube with a flourish, places one end just above his eyes, and begins to slowly walk towards Opaline.

"Head on! Apply directly to the forehead."

Opaline looks confused.

"Head on! Apply directly to the forehead."

Anon does not stop.

"Head on! Apply directly to the forehead."

She tries to cast a spell, to impede him, but every time, he interrupts her concentration.

"Head on! Apply directly to the forehead."

Visible fear grows in her eyes.

"Head on! Apply directly to the forehead."

Anon shows no emotion.

"Head on! Apply directly to the forehead. Head on! Apply directly to the forehead. Head on! Apply directly to the forehead."

By the time the madman reaches the throne, Opaline is foaming at the mouth.

I have no idea what Anon actually did, but I guess that was the intent. Fun fic, plus one.

He stunned her with a boop, carried her away, and basically went “you’re not evil you just need a hug and a snickers”. And this was enough of an advantage for him to succeed his seduction roll.



"Snickers. You're not you when you're hungry."

Good story, but this stuck with me:

The prison’s strange effects ensure that no creature within ever goes hungry, though it brings with it the curse of immortality. Those within these walls will not age while trapped inside, forcing their punishment to be eternal. It’s a bit harsh in Twilight’s opinion, but sometimes, it’s a necessary evil.

That's not 'a bit harsh' or necessary; it's downright evil, especially if those inside don't experience timelessness themselves.

Twilight was also born and raised in a society where this is normal. She can recognize on some level that it's bad, but since Celestia (her role model) helped perpetuate it, it couldn't possibly be anything more than "a bit harsh" in her mind.

It was an intentional choice of wording on my part to help highlight the fact that Anon has been locked away in Tartarus for a long time due to events that are never fully explained. "What did he do to receive such a horrible punishment and for Twilight to still believe that it's justified?" That's the sort of vibe I was trying to create during the buildup to Anon's reveal.

That's a good explanation; hopefully Twilight would eventually change it, as there's a difference between confining someone and confining someone in a way that's designed to inflict suffering.

What did he do to receive such a horrible punishment and for Twilight to still believe that it's justified?"

Easy, not only did he try to boop the Royal Snoots, but he also told Luna that Celestia's haunches were plumper and more satisfyingly squishy than her flat hind-end, then turned around and told Celestia that Luna was, flat butt aside, the far more fun and youthfully hip princess. That's all it took for them both to perma-ban his ass :rainbowlaugh:.

Daft fun, bravo n_n

Yet another Featured story by Runic? Not unexpected. That ending? Now, that was unexpected. :twistnerd: G5 possibly prevented by a simple boop to a snoot.

wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Love a good Star Wars reference. 5 out of 5 Spikestaches.


"Head on! Apply directly to the forehead."

Noooo!! Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!!

Not sure exactly what I was expecting when I read the title but after finally reading it in full it’s was a great story and I can’t wait for the next one.

Okay I look at the title and remember the name of a guy who soloed a hard boss in Elden Ring, and both have the same name.

I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get the reincarnation of Giant Dad, the fear of Malenia, the pot wearing hero, Let Me Solo Her, but this was okay too

Couldnt have phrased that better mah self

was not expecting the JJk refrence but it fit so well

I want to see more of this anon:rainbowlaugh:

This kind of gave me Homelander vs Soldier Boy vibes at first... except it ended much more wholesome... and weirder :applejackconfused:

『Domain Expansion: Human In Equestria』

my turn~

"Are you the cutest because you are Opaline Arcana? Or are you Opaline Arcana because you are the cutest?"

Didn't expect a super boop. Glad to have read this story!

You know, what alot of fans seem to fail to realize in the context of G5 backstory (correct me if I'm wrong though and they do realize) is that Twilight succeeded in defeating Opaline, leaving her drained and banished from Equestria, and that it was not Twilight's fault, Unity Crystals or no, that magic and friendship faded over time. As Spike said to the Ponies in Chapter 6, "You lost magic? All by yourself??" The Ponies still had magic while in hiding and as keepers of the crystals!

God damn it Runic. I'm going to need a folder for just your stories at this rate.

I love how these are starting to get meta

Correct, she did defeat Opaline. However, according to Discord in the comics, Opaline did, in fact, sow the seeds of disharmony during her attempt at conquering Equestria, and she did a very good job at it. They "saved the day" by banishing Opaline (the details of which are still vague), and created the Unity Crystals to ensure it didn't happen again. However, it's very heavily implied that Opaline's intentional "stirring of the pot" was directly responsible for Equestria's continued division and subsequent downfall. In Discord's own words, "As long as these three crystals were protected, and all ponykind lived in harmony, magic would be kept alive and well in Equestria." Twilight created the crystals after banishing Opaline to try to keep Equestria together, but Opaline, banished or no, ultimately succeeded because of that decision. This is precisely why Discord thought Equestria would be better off without magic entirely, by the by. Also, don't forget that Spike went into hibernation when the crystals were created, so he wouldn't have been able to see Equestria's downfall.

I blame the writers for being too vague every time G4 is brought up. :pinkiecrazy:

1. The comics aren't canon to MYM or TYT.

2. As Spike said in Admiral Producer's story "I'm Not a Princess!", “Heck no! Her plan was to store all the magic in the Crystals in order to protect it from Opaline, not hold it hostage in order to force cooperation! Ponies could still use magic no problem! What kinds of idiots would interpret her actions like that?!”

1. Considering the comics have now been officially referenced in TYT, I find that claim dubious at best.

2. I never said Twilight's intentions were impure, simply that, like it or not, they led to Equestria losing its magic.

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