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Milky Way is well-known throughout Ponyville. Unfortunately, it's for all the wrong reasons. She just wanted someone, anyone, to look past her appearance for a change, darn it! Luckily for her, she's found just the person.

Anon, Equestria's only human, is also used to being judged like that. It shouldn't have been a surprise, then, that he felt a kinship with the awkward mare. Their subsequent relationship did little to quell the insults being thrown their way.

Neither of them really care anymore.

Warning: This story contains discussions (but no depictions) of exactly what you think it does.

Art by Jargon Scott.

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I watched this video before reading the story, and now I can only read it in the voice. It's somehow funnier.

Milky Way sure does get used a lot. Is she really an OC?

Yes. Legit one of the fandom's oldest.

“Yes, you can play with them later.”


Good old Milky, just learn a lot from the brony fandom.

11831560 Any other Fanmade Characters that anyone knows about?

> Milky Way
> 2024


“By the by–”

“Yes, you can play with them later.”


Anon is living the dream, I respect that. Very cute and wholesome.

Living the dream!

Awesome and wholesome.

Adding this to the big pile of "Interesting One-Shots Runic will dangle in our faces and never ever expound upon".

I mean... that's kind of implied by the word "one-shot," isn't it? :rainbowlaugh:


My point's more that your library is full to bursting with narratives I think I can confidently say a lot of people would love to see expanded on. "In Medias Res" is the phrase of the day when perusing your work, and often times I'd really love if we just actually went to the starting line instead of being told "hey, basically here's how we got here".

This is a nice little story. Much better than another Milky Way romance I ran across. This is just pleasant and fun.

End of the story had me rolling. This is a keeper

"He Need Some Milk!®"

...so do I, sweetie. So do I...

I see your point, I just prefer this style of writing. Take this story, for example. Yes, I could have written 10k words about Anon arriving in Equestria, bumping into Milky, and the two of them slowly growing more comfortable with each other. In my opinion, though, that wouldn't be particularly interesting. I would need to introduce more conflict to make "the starting line" fun to read, but at that point, it's basically a different story entirely.

As it is, I think of something that seems fun to write and then I write it. That's just about all there is to it. :twilightblush: I have started at the beginning before, like in It Can't Be Taught, but that was because I felt the story called for it and it made the experience better. I just don't think that's the case with most of my one-shots.

There is of course another layer here. He can explain that human mares normally have engorged mammaries regardless of whether they're actually nursing, and it'll even be true. Humans are weird.

runey "megasex" treetop

“By the by–”

“Yes, you can play with them later.”


How lucky is he?!

I can just hear that Homer Simpson at the end XD


Comment posted by Second Chance deleted February 23rd

Ah, yes. It wouldn't be completely Anon if he didn't get his milk factory time. Nicely written, Wordsmith!

My favorite fan-made characters are Fluffle Puff and Nyx, followed by Valey from "The Olden World." I like Milky Way in well-written stories like this one, which don't rely on clop to attract readers.

This was a beautiful story, Runic. Congratulations on getting Featured.

A wholesome non-sexual fic with an obscure character with a good message at the end? WHAT CAN'T YOU DO MY GUY!!

Thanks for the reminder. I actually need to buy milk.

Whoa.... been a long ass time since i've seen anyone make a fic with Milky in it.

God, just needed a Backy cameo to make this nostalgia trip complete

Milky’s physique has earned her the ire of most of the mares around her for one reason or another. You might think that this stems from jealousy, but most consider her something of a freak. In Equestria, “smaller” is considered more “beautiful.” To be someone like Milky, who is on the exact opposite end of that spectrum, is to be sentenced to a life of social rejection.

What about the stallions though? What do they think?
Like, do they see it as a sign she will be good at nursing foals?

“N-no, I mean… you haven’t made any mention of my… appearance.”
“O-oh! Well…” He trailed off, and she felt a bit confused as his cheeks started to go red. Maybe she shouldn’t have said anything, after all. “M-my apologies. I think you’re very pretty, Ms. Way.”

...What? He is completely right, isn't he?

“Wanna go to the market with me? I’d appreciate the company.”
“Sure. What do we need?” he asks with a groan as he stands up as well.
“We’re out of milk.” Anon turns to her with a smug grin and one eyebrow raised. She locks eyes with him for a moment before hers suddenly go wide with realization. Her cheeks go red, causing the freckles Anon is so fond of to become even more noticeable. “Sh-shut up!”


Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

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