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Sire's Hollow is a quaint little town not too far from Ponyville. Anon would never have any reason to set foot in the place were it not for his best friend, Sunburst, asking him for a massive solid:

Keep his mother, Stellar Flare, preoccupied for a few days while he conducts research on the town's recently discovered magical properties.

Sunburst loves his mom, and they've worked through their communication issues before, but as head of the Sire's Hollow Development Committee, she would never approve of the tests he intends to run. So, Anon will act as a "distraction," allowing Sunburst to get done before she notices.

He does a better job than either of them were expecting.

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I loved EVERYTHING about this! Such a good story: perfect mix of funny and cute


Older mares deserve love, too!

Don't know what magic has gone in Sire's Hollow, but 'Oh Ya' Anon and Flare have been going on!

That's #6 in this library of RunicTreetops

More on its way?

11830031 don't forget Sunburst's emotional turmoil.

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this is hella sus runey


“Hey, Sunburst?”


“Remember how you had me distract your mother all that time ago?”

“How could I forget…”

“Well now you must return the favor. You have to watch over your younger sibling for the weekend, it’s Flare and I’s anniversary.”


Jokes asides, this was nice! Stellar Flare doesn’t get many fics like this, so it’s nice for her to get attention. Besides, it’s nice to make an old mare feel young now and again XD

Damn another rare one for the collection. Fantastic work as always.

Unable to form a complete thought, Sunburst shuts down with only one thing left on his mind.

And Sunburst is done.

Lovely story, thanks for the smile it brought to my face from its brief yet fluffy goodness. :twilightsmile:


The birds and the bees

Unable to form a complete thought, Sunburst shuts down with only one thing left on his mind.

Sunburst.ex has stopped working


Anon went INNNN

This was great! :D

When you only needed a 5 and you roll a 20

"So my foot's totally stuck in there right, I'm freaking out, the dog's having a seizure and I still got half a pie left."

Really? Like, really? Were you at Ms. Hayfer's by any chance?

Reading the description had me thinking of the lonely island song 'Mother Lover' heh heh

Stellar Flare deserves so many more stories. She's such a great character and my favorite milf from the show. Twilight Velvet is a close second.

This DEFINITELY feels like a nat 20

Don't ask for anything that you aren't happy to have.

And one should never forget the other two fine milfs: Windy Whistles and Ms. Cheerilee. Even so, Stellar is a very hot milf in her own right. :rainbowlaugh:

Best fucking story! Didn't expect the ending, but it was perfect. Glad that Stellar Flare has someone keeping her compant.

You can not believe how many times I've re read this story in the past few days.🤯🥹❤️❤️❤️❤️

10/10 Sexy MILF 😘

Определенно, очень хорошо! :twilightsmile:

Ah yes, the Loki method of "distract that horse at all costs". :pinkiecrazy:

Ngl Anon has a talent for distracting

Beautiful work of art, right here!:twilightsmile:

Also, there were a few times that I thought, Stellar, was replaced by Queen Chrysalis. The vides were there, bro!:rainbowderp:

Loved this story! First thoughts: its just going to be another smutfic isn’t it? I was happily surprised by this sweat story. YES! Older mares deserve love too!

Very happy Anon knocked her up.

Hehehheehe couldn't help giggling a bit once I reached the end of this story

That was FUN!.

That was amazing and I loved sunburst reaction just as in the last stellar flare x anon fanfic I have read

Yet another fantastic reading runic keep it up.

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