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This story is a sequel to It's A Screwed Up Life

This is a story about the Sunset from the Wasteland Timeline in It's A Screwed Up Life.

Reading the other story isn't necessarily, well necessary, but will give context, specifically the chapter Tying Up Loose Ends.

Plans can change rapidly, with no time to counter.

Sunset Shimmer learned this the hard way.

She had gone through the mirror and spent her time in that world plotting to take over Equestria, to prove to Princess Celestia that she was indeed worthy of being a princess herself, that Celestia was wrong to expel her as her personal student.

However, those plans are now dead, along with Equestria itself.

If not for a strange filly who could defy the concept of reality itself, she'd have been trapped in a dead Equestria, all on her own, destined to die alone.

Now, she is stuck in the world beyond the mirror... and must face up to all she's done there in her years at CHS, as well as figure out how to move on to a future she never could've foreseen.

Will she be able to pick up the pieces and forge some kind of life for herself in a world that was never her own? Or will she fall into despair, with nothing to live for now that all she knew is gone? And why is there a child who seems to grasp Sunset's pain?

Sex tag is because human world, so duh, and high school, so, obviously talking about it will come up eventually.

Romance is obviously for Flash Sentry since, with this story taking place BEFORE the events of the first movie would've happened, Sunset had yet to break up with Flash prior to entering the portal and unknowingly being trapped on the other side.

If anyone to point me to the owner of the artwork, PM me.

Huh. In Popular Stories 10/08/2020. That is something I needed to brighten my mood after today.

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good chapter. Good luck Sunset, your mother will be proud.

And oh..you'll be bringing in the destined child of the past? Megan Williams

Sunset felt like making a snarky remark. Cutie Marks, evil? Who would be immature enough to come up with a stupid idea like that?

A young child :moustache:

Ooooo!!!! I always wondered what happened to this version!! THANK YOU!!!!

Interesting turn of event.


Don't give up sunset.:fluttercry: There is still hope yet.:pinkiesad2: No mater how distant it may seem.:pinkiesad2:

Sunset, you want to make it up to celestia, make the right life in the human world, embody what Celestia tried to teach you. Thats is how you can say your sorry and goodbye.

when will the next chapter come out?

Really hope to see this continued, it's probably one of the most fascinating plot threads of it's a screwed up life

one nairdags on Derpibooru may have the image you're after, assuming they give permission for use of their art: https://derpibooru.org/images/2334083

Is this an alternate plot thread, or a direct sequel?

I wonder how she'll take it the fact her brother's own girlfriend was the one that ended the world out of petty reasons. It'll be a harsh slap wake up call for her. She was just as petty..

“And, maybe, another Sunset,” Fluttershy held a hand over her mouth.

It would be an awkward situation for sure.

Megan Williams... Have only watched FIM & Gen 5 so don't know about earlier Generations.....expect heard about her in this site...

Oh boy......Sunburst & Stellar Flare as Sunset's Family.... well that is realistic as their looks go....oh boy somewhat want starlight realize that and same time I don't want her to realize it.. finally we are back to this thank the Force

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