Anonymous finds himself in Equestria, ready to attend Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. He didn’t quite study for the entrance exam, but using the Magic of Friendship™ has never steered anypony wrong before!

Unfortunately, he’s using that kind of magic almost a decade too early. Whoops. Worse, admission was only open to young fillies and colts. Guess which one Anon is stuck as.

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Let's see just how much does invoking the Magical Power of Friendshiptm can backfire in the wrong hooves.
It sure is going to be a blast.

I'll give this a shot.

Let's see where this Author will take us.



She exploded. The end.

You have my attention.

I'm interested in the story, but the pacing is way to fast. Also how did anon get here, we know he died and now he's a filly, but what about the exam and how everyone knows her, there's no build up or a good explanation on what's happening at the moment.

So uh, you mind jacked an already living anon filly? Starting a story in media res works, but this was kinda iffy.

You gonna make her an alicorn to mess with sunset or just able to hot swap elements?

Also thanks for the memories, haven’t thought about the rules outside of 34 in ages.

I think a lot of people are already have a distaste for something that might not even happen. Clearly this Anon filly is just using harmony and das about it, I mean if they do become a princess then that's something I'm not really supporting but hey I'm willing to see how that goes.

I'm keeping an open mind about this and it looks good! Anon is believable and so is the rest of the characters. The song was a bit out of place and seemed more like a joke thing but everything else was fine!


Anon cast: Magical Bullshit.

It was super effective...

She dun fucked up

great story so far top 10 wonder what is going to happen next time on anon ball z

All right anonymous is here and he's about to blow this whole world system out of its own way. Sometimes you make Harmony you have to break the rule system because those Harmony systems are outdated time for the new system to come and play

You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

uhhh, estoy casi seguro que Anon invoco el poder magico de la amistad porque la armonia definitivamente se lo permitio... por otro lado, tenemos que su simbolo es un signo de interrogacion, por lo que su especialidad literalmente puede ser cualquier cosa, agregandole eso un cuerno definitivamente magico y la maldita magia de la armonia que siempre parece estar presente, es bastante creible que Anon le dijo, de manera arcaica, "Ven a trabajar magia de la armonia, desde el dia de hoy definitivamente eres la magia en la que me especializare" ummm, como afectara a la trama esto? ni puta idea jaja, pero sera excelente ver como dos potrancas con el poder del guión de la amistad interactuan con los demas elementos sin sus portadores

Alondro gets run over by 47 trucks trying to help a frog with a broken leg cross an 8-lane highway, and is isekai'd into Equestria! AS A FILLY!!!

"WHAT THE HECK IS THIS BETWEEN MY LEGS?!" he screamed, running around in circles and falling frequently because suddenly quadruped with hooves. "Oh, it's a tail..." he realized after 99 hours of intense panic and existential crisissess...seesees? Whatever. "So what's this OTHER thing down there?" he wondered, reaching towards it.



11353339 I exploded too. But that's a pretty much average day for New Jersey.

Curious to see where this is going, but not enough information in this chapter to get much sense for where this is going. The usual joke with Anonfilly is that she's a completely horrible person. But here you have her apparently invoking Harmony on day one. That suggests a break with the usual formula. Which is certainly not bad. It implies newness, and this late in the fandom, newness is welcome.

At the same time though, Tropes are Not Bad. Often, formulas become formulas because they work. So breaking with the formula...well, this story could go either way.

Looking forward to finding out.

Fair enough, I wanted the situation to come off as abrupt so that it'd make sense that anon would want to resort to summoning rainbow lasers. I hope future chapters flow better.

Nah, I'm not leaning towards Princess Anon. Could be fun though. The song is a 4chan thing and the whole reason I had the idea for this fic in the first place, I thought it'd be neat if an Anon tried singing it to do Harmony shenanigans. The lyrics don't fit quite as well as I like, but they sufficed.

well then. this is going to be one interesting diversion from "cannon"

The Elements of Harmony are very similar to a cannon, in so much as they are a high power solution to problems requiring precision.
Anonymous, in a manner of speaking... stuck a match to an open powder keg.

great chapter wonder what is going to happen next time on anon ball z (let me know what you think of what i put at the end)

“Uh, sorry Princess Celestia, dad. What’s going on, exactly?” Nailed it, charisma roll 20. Hell yeah. Or maybe I rolled a one, because for some reason that awkward feeling wasn’t going away, even when Mister Nito spoke up.

Damn, the "guy" really rolled a natural 20, didn't he? Lucky bastard.

“I-I overheard some adult at the village say it! I thought it sounded cool.” Surprisingly, I’d meant every word of that. I was actually remembering some random village I'd never been to. Trippy. Was this what the weebs tagged mind break?

[Edit] My bad it was mentioned in the beginning and I’m an idiot that forgot it, I’m leaving this here still cause there is a few things I still think is wrong in the story like his reaction. And second I don’t delete messages cause well I feel like an idiot and keeping this here is my moron cap. [Edit]

This is the info we needed to understand what is happening in the story. So anon woke up in someone else’s body and is remembering that pony’s past, though it doesn’t explain the reaction that anon has to everything going on. Next time make sure the information is hinted in the beginning or we have no idea what is happening like the whole time I thought anon was already living his new life growing up and we just start the story at the school not, oh here I am I just got warp here and now Im a pony oh dang a magic test better pass this and bam harmony. Also the ending feels a little bit smoother and this plot is still keeping me interested, so I’ll continue to read.

How did you come to that conclusion? Anon explicitly stated that they awoke in the school with no knowledge of what was going on.

Huh yah my bad it does explain that, maybe I forgot it, been busy yesterday. So I’m an idiot, though it’s still quick on pacing.

Can't argue in regards to the pacing.

Don't call yourself names, we all make mistakes.


This is fast becoming one of my new favorite fics!

Congratz on the promotion from Green Text Author to Long Word Author

wonder how the mane 6 will play into this story...

In a chapter or two anon gets a breakdown at having broken the timeline.

You SMASH that timeline, Anon! Now YOU have to fight all the baddies and Twilight just ends up a lonely bookworm in Canterlot! Spike remains stuck in his egg FOREVER (until he dies), and all the Mane 6 remain MISERABLE in their backstories!

Alondro creeps into a dark and sinister lair, "The Plan has succeeded, Lord TIRAC!!"



did anonfilly just set of a harmonybomb xD

and did anon apear just out of nowhere in the middle of the entrence exam without anypony noticing "what the F" :rainbowhuh:

Woah, holy shit, did someone Allah Akubar Celestia’s School? :rainbowlaugh: i fucking lost it right there :rainbowlaugh:

Ps: fuck endeed xD "did i just blow up the timeline too:twilightoops:"

An intriguing find… I will be tracking this story with great interest.

"And finally, for the last time dear Anonymous, you did not blow up the school intentionally. Rather, you spread a wonderful, lost magic I feared would long be gone from the lives of my little ponies. I believe there is much we can teach each other, if you are willing to learn alongside Sunset and I."

magic of jihadist.

Great. Way to nerf the cannon timeline. :twilightoops:

I had too much fun reading that little exchange. "Why the fuck not?" Why indeed, Anonymous. Why indeed...

yes stop a cult lets go, oh and give sunburst a clap behind the head for me will nony

"Oh right! She's feeling awfully sick though, remember? She got so sick, she started crying." Yeah, I remember damn well why she was crying. Time to go stop a cult.

Ever so often someone writes gold.

You are brilliant

“…the perverted tickler of buff men in hairy underwear, left the realm of sleep to join those who had decided to start a productive and early day” -Hotel_Chicken

I can see anon changing both starlight and sunset for the better, however I do wonder how this will affect the future.

"Hey Sunburst, Miss Flare." We are definitely skipping a couple of chapters. Didn't I just now get isakei'd to Equestira? Why the fuck am I already friends with main and/or side characters? Was anonfilly now driving my car on Earth? No wonder I crashed.

Listen I'm all for self aware bs and fun stories but after that I think I've clocked out.

Fun few chapters but the whole "exposing Sunset's sensation of magic" is kind of a damper and kind of poorly thought out. I mean yeah you could be smarter than Einstein now because of the broader subjects but that doesn't make him any less of the best, or any other literal history figures. Idk, it's just I really felt the characterization was weird and kind of switching a lot, combine that alongside with just flat out saying it changed what we knew as the audience.

I just lost interest, anyway good luck with the rest!

Celestia had to return to Canterlot Castle in order to calm down the rest of the rattled citizens,

“Because I’m not sure what what our family trees would look like at this point.

great chapter wonder what is going to happen next time on anon ball z

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