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Horrifically Fun


Part of the MADVerse.

Tired of Sunburst hitting it off with all her friends, Starlight brings in expert of social interaction Sunset Shimmer to coach her through the difficult process of getting him to sit down and just play tons and tons of Dragon Pit. It goes about as well as you’d expect.

Thanks to Nova Quill/Firimil, and
Steel Resolve for their edits and suggestions! And a big special thanks to Nova for the cover art!

Also thanks to Somber Star and nuclearcore for some more edits and Jarkes for the story prompt.

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DAT face doe

Starlight used glare!

It's not very effective.

I maintain that was 10/10 projection Starlight, you should be ready for theatres soon! That whole diatribe was probably filmed in 4k.

It's a good thing Sunset has the endurance of an earth pony and the regenerative powers of a pegasus now.

This fic is utter insanity and I love it.


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Sunburst and Moondancer OTP.

Sunburst and Starlight is like that guy with the Stanford Prison Experiment and his cognitive dissonance when his girlfriend came to visit and didn't immediately recognize how great everything was.

… Mostly because she had been told repeatedly that using magic to solve this sort of problem was ‘not right’ and also maybe ‘morally repugnant.’

Dare I ask?

So, Starlight had admitted to herself she needed help from a friend. One that wouldn’t end up bogarting Sunburst with their stupid ‘common interests.’ Spike was an option, of course, though as a Crystal Empire Resident, Sunburst mostly knew Spike as the ‘Brave and Glorious’ so who knew how that would backfire…

A fair point.

This left Starlight with only one pony she could trust - her dear friend Sunset Shimmer. A pony who had barely anything in common with Sunburst except for maybe looking like they were related. Okay, sure, it was all still a risk adding another mare into the equation, but adding more fuel to a magical fire had to mean it would burn itself out even faster, right?!

That isn't how it works.

…and that was the thing she most feared would happen, literally happened!

Of course.

"R-really?” Sunburst stammered out as a not-so-slight blush entered his cheeks and his glasses nearly fell off his face. “Is there uh... anyway we could... you know, uh, bring her here?" he stammered, pushing his glasses back into place

I can't really blame you.

— “Look, hear me out! I’m not a psychologist or anything, but it kind of sounds like your obsession with Sunburst is just… specifically to a foal you knew as a child? It just seems like you’re doing that thing you kinda always do where you get an idea in your head, and instead of figuring out a healthy way to deal with your feelings or talking out your problem, you’ve plotted your course and you really just want me to attach rockets to your own personal ship so you can just ram it right through all obstacles, sand-bars, or giant ROCKs you might encounter.”

That's about how it works.

Sunset shifted in place nervously. “Well…”

Oh boy.

“You totally want Sunburst for yourself so you can pick up your past right where it started to go wrong and live a happy and completely perfect and fulfilling life together instead of obsessing over the past absence of any friends as a filly which lead you to eventually commit acts other ponies would call ‘questionable’ or ‘completely unethical’ even if they’re acts you knew would right a wrong the universe so unfairly visited on you!”

Projecting real hard.

“Really?” Starlight exclaimed in an incredulous tone. “He looks so much like you I figured you’d be all over that so you can know what it’s like to go fuck yourself!”

Oh wow.

Sunset tittered to herself. “I mean, yeah, I’d totally hit that if Sunburst were my type, personality-wise.”

He isn't.

“What?! No wait!” Sunset said as she resisted the pushing. “You still have a lot of emotional baggage to work through! Like… your entire life, but we should at least work through today!”

Pot, kettle.

“If I can just take things a little further in terms of reminding Sunburst of our past, we can pick things back up again!”


A newspaper - fresh off the press - floated menacingly beside its new mistress with gleeful, walloping intent.

She has proficiency in newspapers.

“No! But I know how to fix this with magic without using mind control or time-travel!”

Sunset shook her head. “I know I’m going to regret this, but what is it?”

I gotta hear this.

Something behind Sunset’s eyes seemed to snap… literally! A stream of blood shot from her nose and her magic faded in an instance, her newspaper falling to the ground.

Starlight cocked her head. “Are you alright?”

“Just - just an aneurysm from sheer insanity! It happens to me from time-to-time.”

I get that.

Sunset glanced down at her own bleeding nose as an image of the aforementioned Nurse Redheart collected the blood in a goblet while making a slurping sound that would make Cannibal Lecture’s skin crawl. “C-Canterlot!” she insisted.


“Which one of us lives with Starlight Glimmer~?” Spike sang.

I love Spike so much.

“Fuck you, Twilight Sparkle!” Spike shouted as he pointed a claw at Twilight. “Even out of all the portals you’ve almost sucked me in, and curious, groping tentacles you’ve accidentally summoned, this is the worst thing you could have done!”

Yeah, this would hurt.

“Yeah, Twilight’s bad,” Starlight said with a grin. “But hey! At least you don’t need your own costume to join in on the fun!”

*sigh* For a genius, you are an IDIOT:

Twilight just smiled. “You know what, I’m so terrified as failing as a mother figure to Spike, I’m willing to accept that!” Twilight stared off into an invisible void, seemingly of her own creation for a moment. “That is literally the thing I fear most.”

What about Celestia's disappointment?

There was a sudden, fiery explosion next to Spike that seemingly hit with the brightness of a supernova and flooded the room with heat. “WHERE IS MY BABY?!” Celestia bellowed.

Didn't take long.

Twilight raised an eyebrow. “She’s a millennium old alicorn who is quite literally out for blood, Starlight. She’d roast you out of your coat before you even got a shot off.”

She has a point.

“I have no plans!” Starlight clarified.


“Can I play, too?!” Celestia asked excitedly as she began to giddily gallop in place.

For fuck's sake.

Sunburst shifted uncomfortably in his dragon costume. “Well hello ultimate dream from my days at Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns…” he mumbled to himself.

Sounds about right.

Twilight frowned. “Well, I am a bit skeptical-is what I would say if you were literally any other pony!”

You worship the ground Celestia walks on more than Deku does All Might's.

“Too late! I’m doing the thing!” Starlight exclaimed. A second and an electric blue flash later, the five dragon-costumed ponies where now smaller, younger versions of themselves.


“No,” Sunset said, her words and eyes suddenly focusing into laser accurate clarity. “Beat them HARDER!” she exclaimed as her horn burned a glowing red and a beam fired out from it, aimed high above the group of ponies playing their game.

Oh boy.

For a moment, there was only silence as six ponies considered their current situation from under a giant newspaper conjured into existence possibly out of sheer mind-melting anger.

She would make a TERRIFYING Barbarian.

Twilight just smiled. “You know what, I’m so terrified as failing as a mother figure to Spike, I’m willing to accept that!” Twilight stared off into an invisible void, seemingly of her own creation for a moment. “That is literally the thing I fear most.”

:trixieshiftright: "What about all your friends dying while you live forever, finding yourself unable to connect to anypony else and spending the rest of your endless days as a hollow sham of a Princess of Friendship?"
:twilightoops: "That's number three."

In any case, some lovely insanity on display. In hindsight, Celestia probably isn't the best person to call on when it comes to lost childhoods.

Also, I'm mildly disappointed we didn't get to see Sunburst and Sci-Twi interact. The adorkability could've gone off the charts. Still, thank you for this.

Sunset’s face lit up. “Los Pegasus! This totally calls for a Los Pegasus ru—”

Las Pegasus. As in Las Vegas, not Los Angeles.

“I am me!” Starlight said. “So, what…” Starlight trailed off as she regarded the dragons incredible show of strength. “U, do you need any help there?”

What's this supposed to be? I'm guessing Ugh, or Uh?

“My eyes can’t are still trying to figure out floor from ceiling,” Filly Trixie said, “but I heard that chant!” She flopped her head to point it in a vaguely Sunburst direction. “I’m more than a little creeped out.”


D'awww, poor Sunset. But at least she got to lay the smack down on them. But now we need to see some momma Twilight.

Still seeing Spike having the same reaction to pure stupidity is awesome.

This is going right to the top of my list.

Learn something new every day, thanks!


And frankly, they had it coming. Good job Sunset and Spike.


If the dreadful dragon costumes are speciesally insenstive, it raises and interesting question what Spike was doing when he dressed up in a dragon costume that one time for Nightmare Night...

If, for rare occasion, I may offer a constructive suggestion that I have?

While startled expressions befell Starlight, Sunburst, Trixie, and Ma… While

You might want to consider spelling her name out in full there, for the simple reason that this is the first time Maud is mentioned in the story and if you had forgotten - like I had - (or did not know) she was there in the episode, it is slightly confusing. It wasn't until a bit further down I realised that it was supposed to be referring to Maud.

(So instead just go with "and Maud..." I don't believe it would detract from the joke you were going for.)

Glad you liked and thanks for the input. Change made. :twilightsmile:

After seeing this and the other stories based on episodes, I'm eager to see how you do the stuff in Season 8 whenever you get to it.


*tips helmet*

Just pleased to be able to offer something more than just (not even entirely metaphorically) shouting "huzzah!" as commentaty occasionally...!

Starlight's pain brings me joy. Like in general, not just from these fics. Though the best of her pain comes from these fics, so they win.

Righteously pissed Celestia is super amazing. But giant newspaper is super super amazing!

I Bucking love these!!!

.....what did I just read?

This was confusing, yet hilarious. Good job.

Spike has learned how to get aneurysms. Neat.

Dat Starlight face :rainbowlaugh:

“No,” Sunset said, her words and eyes suddenly focusing into laser accurate clarity. “Beat them HARDER!” she exclaimed as her horn burned a glowing red and a beam fired out from it, aimed high above the group of ponies playing their game.

And in the end Sunset outstarlighted Starlight in her own thing

You would think Spike living with those two would be used to this kind of thing, but I guess he has his limits.

and it's already featured.

Why isn't Starlight in Tartarus yet? D: C'mon Sunset, you know you want to.

She might have been punched through the crust of the Earth and sent to Tartarus with that last smack of the newspaper. It was a whopper.

I think it's because they don't suppress the magic of their magical threats (Tirek and monsters, the Princesses when they landed there etc.), And Starlight plus magic equals too much a threat for Tartarus.

Of course there is the fact that past Sunset Shimmer, no Princess or pony wants to discipline her, or outright enables her. I'm sure that doesn't cause problems for a pony whose answer to all problems is magic devoid of moral quandaries.

I like the art cover XD Look at Starlight! She looks a bit MAD!

(a tome stone is in place with a body under it) :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I will admit, I never thought about what would have happened if the Vegeta and Nappa argument kept going but this works.

This was really funny. I hope to read the continuation of the main story arc soon. Good work!

One unnerving trip to the hospital later, Sunset and Spike found themselves walking back through the halls of Canterlot Castle.

I believe you meant Ponyville Castle.

This was pure insanity and I loved it.

“I have a cunning plan!” Starlight announced.

When did Starlight become Baldrick from Blackadder?

Twilight just smiled. “You know what, I’m so terrified as failing as a mother figure to Spike, I’m willing to accept that!” Twilight stared off into an invisible void, seemingly of her own creation for a moment. “That is literally the thing I fear most.”

That's it, I'm expecting your take on Father know beast after this.
Your compliance is no longer a factor.
Is compliance even the right word?

Moral of the story, DON'T FUCK WITH SUNSET AND SPIKE (SunSpike)!

Love all of this!:moustache:
Sad thing is a can only like and fav. it once!:rainbowlaugh:

I wonder how MADverse Sunset would handle the Season 8 finale... Cozy Glow would likely be a smear on the pavement surrounded by expended newspapers. :3 MADverse Sunset is best Sunset. Kudos on once again melting my brain with insanity and splitting my sides with hysterical laughter.

Seemed pretty standard until Sunset's aneurysm. Was the rest of the story just in her head, like "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"? Or did she really just pound her friends and omnipotent princess with a newspaper?


Of course she pwned Celestia with a giant newspaper, that Spike then lit on fire.

And Celestia isn't omnipotent. Like at all. I mean sure, she's as powerful as an entire group of unicorns put together (same as her sister). And has a literal buck ton of power when it comes to her cutie mark. But she's been defeated, and near defeated numerous times. Lost in two magic battles we know of. And has plenty of limits to what she can do. Much like the other Alicorns.

Which does put her at Nigh Omnipotence limited to her Cutie Mark, and just a Higher level of Enhanced Power Potential mixed with Immortality. Makes it so that our favorite princesses are beyond what 99.999% of any mortal could ever accomplish. But unfortunately not omnipotent.


You’re asking what would happen if Cozy Glow met Sunset, the pony who has a sun Cutie Mark and has the ability to move the sun, second only to her “adopted” mother?


Can you say smear on the floor before you can blink.

No bloody contest on that one.

I pray that they incorporate MADverse Sunset into future MLP: FIM and MLP: EQG episodes :pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:

I really hope MADverse Sunset appears in a season 8 finale fic

We'll definitely get there eventually. Fingers crossed.

The scary part is Sunburst might end up Celestias after all this.

And I was waiting for Luna to show up. Just to go as crazy as Sunset was.

Starlight should become an alicorn long before Sunset. She's done more to earn it.

The second half of this is pretty silly

How does this make sense and don't make sense at the same time!?

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