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This story is a sequel to Sunburned

After spending more time with his cherished friend, Sunburst finally decides to work up the courage to propose to Starlight Glimmer.

But mentor Twilight Sparkle and big sister Sunset Shimmer have mixed feelings about this.

Cover art by Cover Designer Novel-Idea

Chapters (4)
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Of course you would do something like this.

Now to read the story.

I'm six lines in and I already love it.


Noice. Starlight seen as Twily's little bird frying the nest? Now that was pretty unexpected. I wonder what's going though Rainbow's head at the moment.

What do we have here :rainbowlaugh:

Heh heh heh. Called it. Great story so far though!

“Starlight might think it might think it would be...

The the purple picnic blanket

I think you have doubles here.

“Isn’t it great!” Twilight trilled,

Methinks this should be a question mark, or a question mark and then an exclamation point... Or an interrobang (‽).

“That’s kind of on you,” Sunset pointed out awkwardly.


Its cute, and I like how it plays like a real proposal

This is going to be interesting, that's the only thing I can tell for sure at this juncture. Can't wait to see more, and I hope your colds clears up soon!:twilightsmile:

7332750 I'm still not done reading though, and I have edited my previous comment to add more typo reports. But for god's sake, this fic is freaking cute, you're gonna kill me with diabeetus!

Looks fun. I'd love to see how this descends into heartwarming insanity.

By the way, by not inviting Discord, he is practically guaranteed to crash the wedding.

You made me feel tingly inside can't wait for more chapters

Okay, I'm sold. This being the first StarBurst fic I've seen that goes into this, I'm definitely going to keep an eye on it. I just hope that Sunburst clears up that little misunderstanding that Rainbow Dash saw. Btw, when you say that the next chapter is the final one of the two, do you mean that this story will only have two chapters? If so, then that's a shame because this story has potential to go for at least six.

Knowing Rainbow, she's told the others and are rushing double time.

Interesting idea. Can't wait for the next chapter

For the sake of puns, I'm gonna wing it: al-betrothed! :trollestia:(get it? cause albatross? nevermind then, i'll just be going)

Now... in your description, it should be "Sunburst decides to work up the courage".
Just a heads up! :twilightsmile:


But mentor Twilight Sparkle and big sister Sunset Shimmer have mixed feelings about this.

“And Starlight’s going to be a wife,” Twilight sighed happily, bringing a hoof to her chest. Spike grinned, nodding.

The two mares looked at Spike in surprise and quickly collected themselves. “R-Right,” Twilight said, clearing her throat. “I-I suppose we should...start working on invitations?”

t'll be cleared up by the next chapter, which is the final one of the two!

I can definitely see how Sunset's caught off-guard by this sudden turn of events, as well as how Twilight is slightly reluctant to let Starlight go, even though she's happy for her. But unless we see some kind of actual objection from both Sunset and Twilight Sparkle, I really don't see how this conflict between Starlight, her mentor and her potential sister-in-law's plans will be an important plot point in the story as compared to, say, the imminent marriage between Starlight and Sunburst.

If Sunset and Twilight were to somehow express their objections in the next chapter, which isn't really hinted at in this one, the only way this could end with the maximum of two chapters without the resolution being hopelessly contrived is the marriage going ahead and both Twilight and Sunset Shimmer still reserving some objections towards this union which will gradually fade over time, or they will cast their objections aside soon enough and accept this with open hooves, which, if properly executed, might require more than the two chapters that you had explicitly stated.

Or you could make the second chapter an absurdly long one, which would be amusing to see.

I'd reserve my judgement before the story is complete.

Liked/faved just for the wacky sitcom misunderstanding at the beginning. :rainbowlaugh:

My one major criticism of this story is the title, and unfortunately, the title is a MASSIVE problem. Betrothal is something that's arranged between families when the children are, well, children. Betrothal and engagement aren't the same thing. What Sunburst and Starlight just did in this story was get engaged, and they're both consenting adults, so..."Betrothed" is an inappropriate title for this story.

Since it's in the same continuity as Sunsplit and Sunburned, might I suggest "Sungaged" as an alternate, more appropriate title?

“I know!” Twilight sniffled, grabbing him and clutching him close to her chest. “It’s just...oh Spike, our little girl is growing up!”

“She’s older than us!” Spike grunted.


Anyway, loving this so far, but PLEASE fix the title. It really, seriously needs to be changed.

7333077 Heh, you're right. This cold medicine is NOT doing me justice tonight! :twilightangry2:

Edit: I has stolen your name! (Thanks for it) :twilightsmile:

Another edit: Sunsplit was actually by Masterweaver :twilightblush:

Aww, I hope you get better. Despite your cold this is still comedy gold. Great start. Oh, I zecora'd there for a moment. Oops.:twilightsmile:

7333077 Spike notices the most obvious things it hurts that nopony else does in the show.:raritywink:

7333085 You're welcome, happy to help. And I know how it goes with cold medicine and allergy medicine... :pinkiesick: Hope you feel better!

No joke, right when I got to the train, a train went past my house blowing it's horn.

Oh, yes. And 5 bucks says someone'll whip up a new cover art picture for you before the end of next week.

7333143 I'm watching you, always :trixieshiftright:
7333160 I don't know about that :twilightblush: but it would be nice, we'll never know :pinkiesmile: I honestly couldn't find anything more than this one here, and it's kinda gritty, at least on my end.

I just hope the rainbow thing doesn't get resolved until the wedding.

"Wait, I thought Spike was getting married to sunburst." :rainbowhuh:


Another edit: Sunsplit was actually by Masterweaver

Derp. :derpyderp2: I'm up waaaaaay too late, and honestly didn't notice that. :twilightsheepish:

“I know!” Twilight sniffled, grabbing him and clutching him close to her chest. “It’s just...oh Spike, our little girl is growing up!”
“She’s older than us!” Spike grunted.
Sunset Shimmer joined in on the hug and squeezed them both tightly. “Sometimes I wish he would stay small and cute forever,” she choked.
“I knoooow!” Twilight sobbed.

You had better stop crying about this, you two. Before Celestia/Cadance/Twilight Velvet start pestering you about your love lives.

Seriously, there's still one Flash Sentry in each world. At least one of you could make a serious move here.

She stopped short when she saw Sunburst kneeling down in front of Spike. “You’re more than I could ever want in life,” he smiled, holding out a silver ring with a bright purple gem. “Will...will you marry me?”

Spike’s green eyes widened, with a few tears gathering at the corners. “Sunburst, I...I don’t know what to say!”

Sunburst looked bashful. “Say yes?”

Spike clasped his claws together in delight. “You bet!”

Rainbow Dash’s pupils shrunk into pinpricks. Without a word, she retracted backwards and silently closed the door on her way out.

Poor Dashie:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Have a moustache:moustache:
Also, I hope you feel better soon!:twilightsmile:

It's when Spike points out that Starlight's older than either of them that I started laughing out loud. Well done! :pinkiehappy:

Well, this looks like it's going to be vastly entertaining. Though Twilight and Sunset really wouldn't be in-laws. Not unless Twilight adopted a mare older than she is, which would be all kinds of weird. I'll just chalk that up to getting caught up in the moment.

Definitely looking forward to more.

Okay, that Dash scene at the start, it has to come up later. That's just a loaded gun waiting to be shot. Chekhov's gun I think it's called.

Still, a great and amusing start, can't wait to see the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

Also, do get better soon! Drink lots of tea. Colds aren't good. Captain obvious signing off.

He's going to have to learn how to take a kiss or it's going to be a very long and awkward honeymoon for them lol. I guess other guests would be a few ponies from Starlight's old village as well since she made up with them too. It is going to be something for Sunset to meet with her parents and Celestia again. I was surprised that Sunset and Twilight wouldn't enjoy being sister-in-laws they seem to have a pretty good friendship going after all.

Huh...so this makes Sunset related to Twilight, who though the marriage of Shinning and Cadence now make both mares related to Celestia and Luna as in-laws. Man can't wait for that to sink in for them lol.

I didn't get what the significance of the train is though in the proposal was that supposed to mean something? Also how long as it been since the last story? How long were they dating up to this point because it's impossible to tell without any kind of reference in this. That scene with Spike and him all you needed to do was say have Spike say "Dude you two have been dating for (X amount of time here) and she's obviously happy with you." or something like that to help show how long they've been together up to this point.

I am very confused on who is doing all the talking or doing with all the Lights and Suns and all these simular names :rainbowhuh:

This is amazing fic i ever read kuddos to u sir yeash

I figured Sunset would be more upset about the engagement, but then she's probably distracted by the thought of meeting her parents and sort of parental figure Princess Celestia again. And go Spike, he's often the voice of reason for Twilight. Most weddings are usually pretty chaotic, but with how many royal figures will be involved (not to mention Sunset's emotional baggage), this is going to be particularly crazy. And entertaining. Looking forward to more chapters.


Liked and followed! Any other StarBurst fics I should be aware of?

7333976 Thanks :twilightsmile: There's a bunch of Starburst fics here.


Seriously, there's still one Flash Sentry in each world. At least one of you could make a serious move here.

They should ship them together.



Another cute story, but...

The train thing really threw me off. I feel like it must be a reference to something, but I have no idea what. :applejackconfused:

7333598 reminds me of that scene from Independence Day. :pinkiehappy:

I am such a weirdo I read the same story over and over again if it gives me the feelz


Honestly not that different from people adopting each other into their families. The only part where it doesn't count is legally binding. Goodness knows I've been big brother to people older than me.

i really wanna see dashie's reaction after this

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