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The walk back to the convention starts out so smoothly....until Rainbow Dash does something she probably shouldn't have.

Spoilers from "Stranger Than FanFiction"

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Yep, I'd say you get the honor of writing the first fic for this pairing.:twilightsmile:

7439262 I'm both honored and disheartened at the same time :rainbowlaugh:

7439266 Seriously though, this fic is gold. Pure gold. And you chose the perfect screencap for the cover art.:rainbowlaugh:

7439270 When I say booty, I really mean the booty :trixieshiftleft:

Things like this make me wanna ship it more

Wait, just how long did it take them to go from Manehatten to an actual ancient temple in the middle of the amazon?

Quibble Dash sighed for the umpteenth time

Methinks you made a typo.

7439292 Rainbow said it "Took forever," so...huh. I dunno :twilightoops:
7439298 Pffpt. Me and my typos.

Lol, funny that you mentioned Da Booty. I was thinking that when I saw the episode. :rainbowlaugh:

I think it is actually pretty good! Enough innuendo to be mischievous but not enough to be over the top. And a good ending, too! Nice work!

Congrats! You made the firdt QuibbleDash fic. If i had a medal I would give you one

Think about it this way: she's a mare with needs. She can marry 'em both. Keep Quibble at home to do her paperwork, take Soarin' on the road, and occasionally shout "NOW KISS!" at them.

7439320 Hmm! Yes....excellent...an excellent plan indeed :pinkiecrazy:
7439315 Thank ya!

Must resist urge to ship! I cannot let down my fellow SoarinDash shippers! Is it okay to ship two ships... :moustache:

That is hilarious. I'm grabbing my knife as I WANT A SEQUEL :pinkiecrazy:

Oh my gosh, I laughed way too hard :rainbowlaugh:

Like you, I am a loyal Soarindash shipper. However, I found Quibbledash kinda cute. This story was quite entertaining to read, despite me being not invested into the pairing. So, all in all, nice job! :pinkiehappy:

Considering you don't like this pairing, you handled it rather well. :twilightsmile:

After Which, Rainbow dash removed her hoof and reached behind Quibble Pants. “H-Hey, what--”


Well that was fun.

If Skymoon still has you hostage, tell him Mystic says hi.:derpytongue2:

7439325 ;) It's perfectly okay to go with a wide variety of ships. I'm pretty big Twilestia, but I'll read anything where she's geeky and goofy but also brave and awesome, so Twiluna, Twimac, TwiDash... it's more about _how_ the ship gets made than the specific ones. And herds, as long as the author remembers that horse herds are run by boss mares, and do not look like a human polygamous patriarchal set up. 9.9

7439324 NOTHING CAN GO WRONG WITH THIS PLAN NOW KISS. :rainbowdetermined2:

i've only seen part of the ep so far, but this is still great. why? because butts. The best reason.

Nothing's wrong with multiple ships. Just respect other ships and you'll do fine.

Fun story. Guess this one might be fun ship. *looks at other favorite ships* At this rate I'll be a Fleet Admiral of different ships.

Our first QuibbleDash ship fic, and a very good one to boot. Don't worry, I think the SoarinDash shippers won't hate you for this.

Glad it wasn't... overly sensual...

And I tend to think of pony hooves having this kind of setup;


Or else just go here if you can't see the picture.

Someone's eating some Booty-O's.

At no point did I ship these two. We shall see if you can change that.

Holy crap that was fast! :pinkiegasp:

You may say you don't like this pairing. But you actually put effort..... But this is good.

I just added this to the Quibble Pants group, if you don't mind.

And the shipping has officially begun.

7439836 Thanks, I was waiting for a group of his to pop up :yay:

7439922 Gurl, what you know bout dat booty?

Good god this was perfect. Da booty and all! :rainbowlaugh:

7439320 You are pure evil.


You doing anything Wednesday?

And so it begins.

Wondering how long until someone writes a story about the body pillows.

7440124 Touche. You win this round.:trixieshiftleft:
Good story btw m8 but don't tell Summer I said that

I'm not holding her hostage! :raritydespair:

Needed a bit more substance, and should have expanded a little further beyond where it ended.

You have good flow. It's just rushed, due to this coming up so soon, because of the new episode.

I would normally write a HHUUUUUUUGGGEEEEEE rant defending SoarinDash but.....

That's exactly what her hostage-taker would say!

7440358 But I'm not! I swear! :raritydespair: These are slanderous claims against me!

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