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Ditzyy turned around and gasped.

Extra Y.

Same... and i don't get Flash hate either... give Flash break...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels kinda sad for Flash Sentry and I'm not even a fan of him. I'm also glad to see Derpy Hooves cheer up the poor guy.

I ship them. In fact, maybe I can use this...???:twilightsheepish:

Actually, I need to come up with my own stuff.

I feel sorry for Flash, honestly. He deserves to be happy and not hated by fans and apparently Hasbro now too. I really liked his interaction with Sunset, but I hated Hasbro when the plot got in the way.

Great job again.


I turn away for one second and I see you publishing a new story.

BTW, I prefer Derpy.

It's called Two Mares, one Crown.


I don't want know how the song goes, or what the music video would look like

Okay, as a guy who can relate (In a way), I can effectively say that Flash's mindset is realistically captured: he's not entirely willing to give up, but he accepts their happiness as more important. Well done, Summer. Well done: this pulled the heartstrings. :heart::fluttercry::heart::pinkiesad2::heart:

Also, thanks to you, I now ship both SunSentry, and FlashDoo in EQG. :rainbowkiss:

7610563 :rainbowlaugh: I have another one in the works if you want a heads up this time.
7610558 They have become shippable, haven't they? :trixieshiftright: Loved Diamond In The Rough!

7610597 Thank you. ALL the ships! :pinkiecrazy:

You're welcome, I only wish I could follow you twice. :heart::pinkiesad2:

And- as long as they're straight -YES! :pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by Nordryd deleted Oct 2nd, 2016

I think the movies have been trying to imply that Derpy has a thing for him -- and he's oblivious to her emotions.

Nice to see some Flash love. (And I'm not a one-shot guy) Well done!

Nice for Flash to have something good happen to him now and then. I personally see him and Derpy as being very good friends, maybe even since childhood. The fact that she keeps supporting him when he's down is so cute.

This is a great ship that I didn't know I needed in my life until now.

Ri2 #19 · Oct 2nd, 2016 · · 1 ·


Loved this! I felt sad for Flash in the movie as well. This was also a good expansion between the scene where Ditzy comforts Flash. I really enjoyed this little one shot.

Keep looking out for that special someone Flash. You'll never know if she's close by!

Flash Sentry: future Greg Universe, :coolphoto:

A wonderful story. It's nice that Ditzy or Muffin is there to comfort Flash like brother and sister do.

This makes me ship Flash and Derpy now.

Yay, a story about my favorite subplot thread in the movie! :pinkiehappy:

Flush shoved his hands in his pockets

Freudian slip? :trollestia:

Cute little quasi-shipping piece. Bittersweet, emotional...I like it.

7610600 I'm predicting this story will be featured by tomorrow, and probably for a while after that.

Wow. This was a rather pleasant fic surprise about Flash (and to a lesser extent Derpy/Ditzy) and it was pretty good. Going in my favorites now, and you kind of got to feel for Flash getting ignored. I mean he's been brainwashed twice, the girl he likes is from another world and her human double is not interested in being friends so far... Poor Flash. In-universe and out he gets ignored a lot. So kudos on a good fic.


I'm just less than happy that the writers have standing orders it seems to ethnically cleanse the EGs setting of anything that directly connections to Equestria, Flash's feelings for Twilight included.

That was a nice little piece- it's always cool to see something that puts Flash and Ditzy as friends. They seem pretty tight, 10 outta 10!

7611340 there were a couple lines in there that may have hinted at some feelings that were a little bit more than friendship.

That or my vision is being clouded by the fact that THIS IS MY OTP:rainbowkiss:
I had to edit that three times before I got it right.

On the matter of destiny, I think Starlight DISTORTED fate when she came to this world, effectively causing events to spiral out differently.

Most adorable. I do love seeing Best Human used well, and this definitely qualifies. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

Poor Flash is oblivious to a girl crushing on him. Actually I was kind of wondering if Derpy/Ditzy/Muffins had a thing for Flash after watching the last two movies and seeing her comforting him right away after him getting pretty much ignored by Sci-Twi.

Two Mares, one Crown.

I ship it.

Poor, Flash :fluttercry: forever alone

Equestria Girls 5:

"Ditzy, will you go out with me?" asked Flash hopefully.

Ditzy, too occupied with fighting the monster of the week, ran by without acknowledging him

"Aw," sighed Flash. A few seconds later, Ditzy came in from the opposite side of the frame and patted his shoulder

"Wait, how did you...?"

Alternate optional other alternate theme song for this story, based on the title:

(And yes, I used "alternate" twice in that description. Deal with it. :trollestia: )

Featured. I called it :trollestia:

Congrats, though I'm sure you're used to getting featured by now

I also couldn't help but notice how close someone is to 800

Congrats on the feature! You deserve it! :twilightsmile:

Somehow I am reminded of this scene:

As always, dear summer, you excel at adorable/endearing/cute slice of life stories.

But I MUST know....what your initial reaction was to THIS https://youtu.be/dj4ZwLLnGdY

So wait.

Is this a romance thing!? What!?

You did a great job of capturing Flash's emotions and angsts. I can relate, that as a guy, as I've felt that way so many times. It was really nice to bring Derpy in to help console and inspire Flash; she really is a sweet girl. They would work well as a couple or as friends. Who know' right?

You know, this pretty much exactly captures what it felt like after that scene. In a very, very good way.

It's really quite sad to see how Flash just sort of got dropped. He may have been lacking in personality, but he had potential, and even now he still could make for an interesting character. Certainly more likeable than Timber.

Would be nice to see what Princess Twilight actually thinks about the whole affair, rather than just have Sunset dismantle Flash's heart second-hand.

But I digress. You've written a great little fic indeed!

Well this was a insight into Flash's forever alone status.

You know what's especially cruel?

Sunset Shimmer has a way to contact Princess Twilight anytime she wants, but apparently, offering Flash a chance to try it just doesn't occur to her. That... seems selfish to me.

7612904 Actually you're right. I have seen a few stories where she lets Flash borrow the journal to talk to Twilight, there's even one where Twilight gives him one for himself so they can talk more, but without anything canon showing her doing it it is a little selfish. Plus she seemed a little rude to him already by telling him to get over it. She might have been trying to help him, which I can respect, but she could have done it better and considered how Twilight feels about Flash at least.

I agree. Poor Flash. Good story.

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