• Published 24th Jun 2016
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Sungaged - Summer Dancer

Sunburst is thinking about proposing to Starlight, but mentor Twilight and big sister Sunset have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

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The Proposal

Rainbow Dash glided down the halls of the Friendship castle with a new Daring Do book in her hooves. “Twilight! You in here? Twiliiight!” After a few minutes of searching, Rainbow’s ears perked up at the sound of voices coming from one of the rooms. With an excited grin, the blue pegasus landed on the polished floor before pushing the door open. “Hey, Twilight, guess what I…”

She stopped short when she saw Sunburst kneeling down in front of Spike. “You’re more than I could ever want in life,” he smiled, holding out a silver ring with a bright purple gem. “Will...will you marry me?”

Spike’s green eyes widened, with a few tears gathering at the corners. “Sunburst, I...I don’t know what to say!”

Sunburst looked bashful. “Say yes?”

Spike clasped his claws together in delight. “You bet!

Rainbow Dash’s pupils shrunk into pinpricks. Without a word, she retracted backwards and silently closed the door on her way out.

“See?” Spike quipped as Sunburst rose to his hooves. “That wasn’t so bad!”

“W-Was that okay?” Sunburst asked, fiddling with the ring nervously. “Starlight might think it would be...I don’t know...a-a little bit cliched?

Spike shrugged. “I think she’ll be too surprised to care. If she loves you...which I’m pretty sure she does...then it would matter to her, right?” He nudged Sunburst with a grin. “You’ll do great!”

Sunburst was silent. Scuffing his hoof along the floor, he looked at Spike, his eyes tinted with uncertainty. “What if she says...no?”

Spike looked him right in the eye. “You love her, don’t you?”

Sunburst bobbed his head. “More than anypony! Except maybe Sunset, but--”

“And you’d still love her, even if she says no?”

“...Of course. Of course I would.”

Spike placed a reassuring claw on his shoulder. “Then you’ll be fine.”

“Sunburst!” a voice called out. The two turned to see Starlight standing in the doorway. “‘We’re gonna be late for our picnic is somepony doesn’t hurry up~!” she sang as she went into the hallway.

“C-Coming!” Sunburst squeaked out. The stallion started to tremble, beads of sweat rolling down his face. “Oh...oh ponyfeathers!

Spike’s eyes widened. “Sunburst, calm down!”

“It’s happening Spike, it’s happening!”

“Sunburst, breathe!”

“Oh...oh goodness, I feel faint! I’m gonna...I’m gonna--!”

Spike gave Sunburst a quick slap in the face before gripping him by the cloak, his green eyes full of ferocity. “Snap out of it!

Sunburst stopped short and blinked twice. He looked at Spike in shocked confusion. “Did you just slap me?”

Spike released him, now looking apologetic. “I was calming you down!”

“...Why would that calm me down!?”

“Sunburst!” Starlight yelled from down the hall. “Our food’s going to get cold!”

Sunburst swallowed hard as Spike gave him a silent thumbs up. The young unicorn took another deep breath and left the room. As Spike followed him out, Twilight came from the opposite direction with a questioning smile. “Where are they going at this hour?”

“On a picnic,” Spike said casually.

“...Really?” Twilight shifted her confused gaze to Sunburst’s and Starlight’s retreating silhouettes. “Sunburst looked awful nervous to be going to a picnic...even more than usual!”

Spike snorted, crossing his arms.. “He should be nervous. He’s proposing.”

A moment of silence passed, and Spike’s claws immediately went to his mouth. His eyes slowly trailed up to Twilight, who stood frozen.

“You picked a nice spot, Sunburst,” Starlight commented as she pushed aside her empty plate.

The two of them ate on top of a small hill, surrounded by wide open spaces. The the purple picnic blanket beneath them was soft and comfortable, and the daisy sandwiches were nothing short of delicious. The sun began to set, painting the sky a beautiful mix of red, pink, and golden yellow. Starlight promptly moved on to dessert, pulling her chocolate cupcake closer. “You’re really coming out of your shell,” she added. Her eyes glittered in the fading light as she smiled. “You know that?”

Sunburst blushed as his gaze fell onto the picnic blanket. “W-Well I can’t take all the credit,” he stammered. “I never would’ve left my house if it weren’t for you.” His eyes lifted. “In fact, I...I wouldn’t even be the pony I am today if it weren’t for you.”

Starlight took a bite out of her cupcake before holding a hoof against her mouth as she chuckled. “Well, don’t forget about Princess Flurry,” she said after swallowing. Sunburst’s gaze dropped again as he played with the end on his cloak.

“Starlight, you make me feel better than I am. I deeply admire the mare you’ve become...and I love...everything about you. I...love you, Starlight. And...and I want to spend the rest of my life with you--if you'd be willing."

Starlight regarded him strangely, her cheeks covered with cupcake crumbs. “Sunburst, what--”

A train whistle pierced in the distance, followed by a hardy “ALLLL ABOOOARD!

Starlight’s mouth dropped when she looked down the hill. “The train?” She looked back and forth between the Friendship Express and Sunburst, her eyes widening. “Wait a minute,” she said, looking around them, her ponytail whipping from side to side. “This is…” She froze, her features flooding with realization. “This is where--!”

Sunburst took Starlight by the hoof, and smiled gently. “Starlight Glimmer...will you marry me?”

Starlight’s other hoof flew to her mouth. Tears welled up in her eyes, despite her attempts to blink them away. Before Sunburst could voice his concern, she lunged forward and embraced him tightly. “Yes,” she laughed. She sniffed briefly and buried her face into his shoulder. “Yes,” she repeated in a soft whisper.

Sunburst released a breath he didn’t know he was holding and held Starlight close with a tearful grin. They slowly pulled apart and stared at each other as the train whistle sounded a second time. A slow smirk formed on Starlight’s face as she leaned in. “Hmm...I wonder where we left off last time?”

Before Sunburst could even think of a reply, her lips planted on his, sending shock waves through his brain. Starlight gently pulled him close and made a soft noise at the back of her throat as she kissed him.

As the final whistle sounded, Starlight pulled back and opened her eyes. Sunburst’s eyes were crossed, and his coat was beet red. A strangled sound escaped his lips as he fell limp in Starlight’s hooves with a goofy smile plastered on his face.

“Sunburst!?” Starlight yelled out as her fiance lost consciousness. She set him down on the picnic blanket and shook him vigorously.

“Sunburst, wake up!”

“Married!?” Sunset exclaimed. She had come jumping through the portal as soon as Twilight wrote her the news.

“Isn’t it great!” Twilight trilled, clopping her hooves together in delight.

Spike looked up at her, his arms crossed. “You really didn’t have to call her over. Sunburst wanted it to be a surprise!”

“That’s kind of on you,” Sunset pointed out awkwardly. She turned to Twilight before Spike could defend himself. “It’s great yes, but...dating Starlight? Okay, I get it. Those two are obviously fond of each other. But now he’s marrying her?”

Twilight’s eager grin slowly faded. “What...What’s wrong, Sunset? You don’t approve?”

Sunset’s head snapped up. “W-Well, no, o-of course! Of course I approve.” She gave a weak smile and ran a hoof along the floor. “It’s just that...gosh, I missed so much of his life, and now my baby brother’s going to be somepony else’s husband…”

“And Starlight’s going to be a wife,” Twilight sighed happily, bringing a hoof to her chest. Spike grinned, nodding.

Sunset’s eyes turned downcast. “Well...at least now he’ll have somepony to keep him company while I’m...away,” she admitted. “I hope he’ll have enough room in his house for the two of them."

Twilight’s eyes widened. “Wait a minute...wait, you’re right!” She frowned worriedly as Spike cocked his head to the side.

“About what?”

Twilight’s hoof smushed against her cheek. “I-If Starlight marries Sunburst, she wouldn’t exactly be living with us anymore. She’d be...living with Sunburst.” Tears started to collect in her eyes. “She’ll...she’ll be...leaving the nest!”

Spike placed a claw on her shoulder. “Twilight, Starlight’s still gonna be your student! She goes back and forth between Ponyville and the Crystal Empire all the time!”

“I know!” Twilight sniffled, grabbing him and clutching him close to her chest. “It’s just...oh Spike, our little girl is growing up!”

“She’s older than us!” Spike grunted.

Sunset Shimmer joined in on the hug and squeezed them both tightly. “Sometimes I wish he would stay small and cute forever,” she choked.

“I knoooow!” Twilight sobbed.

Spike sighed loudly as the two mares squished him. “So…” Sunset sniffled, glancing over at Twilight. “What is this? Are we...in-laws now?”

Twilight paused, her eyes glittering with tears. Her mouth wobbled as she nodded. “I’m okay with that,” she squeaked softly. Spike finally wriggled his way out of their iron grip and landed on the floor.

“Come on you guys! This is supposed to be a good thing! You two should be happy for them!”

The two mares looked at Spike in surprise and quickly collected themselves. “R-Right,” Twilight said, clearing her throat. “I-I suppose we should...start working on invitations?”

Sunset sighed and sat down on her haunches while Spike grinned. “There you go! Let’s see, there’s all of us…”

“Trixie,” Twilight chuckled, rolling her eyes.

“Their parents…” Spike continued. Sunset’s mouth went dry.

“Shining, Cadence and Flurry would want to come too,” Twilight added thoughtfully. “And since they’re coming, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia would want to attend as well!”

Sunset’s eyes almost bulged out of her head. Before her mind could even form a coherent sentence, a frantic voice echoed the Castle halls.


Twilight gasped and bolted out of the library with Spike following immediately after. Sunset briefly shook her head and quickly galloped after Spike. They followed Twilight through the Castle until they reached near the main hall. Starlight Glimmer stood there with Sunburst draped across her back. “Twilight, I need--!”

Her eyes locked with Sunset’s. “...Oh boy.”

Spike walked up to Sunburst’s limp body and frowned. “I guess she said no, huh?”

Author's Note:

I am writing with a terrible cold on my hands :pinkiesick: Hopefully it'll be cleared up by the next chapter, which is the final one of the two!

Also if you caught the TMNT reference, I love you forever! :raritydespair:

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