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Twilight's clone barely escaped her grisly end, and is seeking refuge in the large city of Manehattan. She's quite fine with going it alone, until she spots somepony just like her.

Inspired by the Cover Art by Badumsquish

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Nice story.

Aaaah I love this! I love the distinct personalities of not-Twilight and not-Pinkie and I really like how Evening still has some compassion in her, or at least the capacity for it. This was really cute and I totally wouldn't complain if there was more of this

Wow, this is absolutely FANTASTIC! I love this idea and your writing style is simple but not too vague either.

Keep it up! :heart:

I liked it, wouldn't mind a sequel.

This was lovely, and like the others have said I wouldn't mind seeing more of these two. :twilightsmile:

Well that's interesting. Evening here mildly reminds me of Dan. Don't quite know why. Probably the "All shall fear me" line.

This does make for a good sequel. Evening being evil with Taffy keeping her in check. Give her a couple spellbooks and Evening would likely find a way to change their colors, and canon Twilight did demonstrate that she could change a ponies' species after that Breezie episode. Race doesn't seem far off. If Surprise wasn't canon, Evening could make that her new persona. Or just tastefully leave Surprise out of your own canon.

Huh I actually want to see me of this






Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Oh yeah, Dan! Huh, I'm seeing the parallels now...Evening and Taffy would the the ultimate odd couple, just with the threat of the universe being unbalanced is all :twilightblush:

Now this is an interesting premise. I wouldn't mind this being expanded, actually. It's got the right sort of feel for the start of a longer arc.

This is actually pretty clever.

I liked how Evening easily trust Taffy and how Taffy warmly and instantly try to help Evening into living a life.

It's also really sweet and funny that Taffy actually wanted to give charity to Evening first time they met. Also how Taffy try to attack Evening with taffy's wrapper.

Thanks, Summer Dancer! :pinkiehappy:


Also, thanks for writing! It was enjoyable!

Taffy is likely right about them being accepted, since unlike the other clones they have will and survival instincts, Pinkie's other clones where mindless and Evening have enough Independence to have her own thoughts. They are now ponies by virtue of their experiences.


I can’t help but chant, “Sequel! Sequel!”

Please do a sequel!

dammit i came here to post that :ajsleepy:

Evening glared. “You do realize that I have all this silver wear silverware by my plate, right? Sharp, pointy things?”

A great concept thanks for writing it!

They're Taffy and Evening!
They're Taffy and Evening!
One born of wood,
The other from a spring!

Taffy is really nice!
Evening will hit you twice!
They're Taffy,
They're Taffy and Evening-ing-ing-ing-ing-ing-ing-ing-ign-ing…

Before each night is done,
Their plan will be unfurled!
Taffy will bring the fun,
While Evening conquers the world!

They're Taffy and Evening!
They're Taffy and Evening!
Their twilight campaign,
Is easy to explain:

To prove their pony worth,
They'll overthrow the Earth!
They're Taffy,
They're Taffy and Evening-ing-ing-ing-ing-ing-ing-ing-ign-ing…
FUN! :pinkiehappy:

This is good, the plot has so much that I think it could ascend to a proper story. I think it's just too good a story to simply be a one-shot. Of course what you do is up to you but all-in-all I really like this story.

Yes! More of this. In my face. Now!

Amazing kamarade!!

It was a nice story. I can see the dynamic: Evening, the cynic leader-wannabe and Taffy, the wild partner.

Honestly this was really well done and I hope there's more to come!

I get the sense where as Taffy is literally a slight variation of Pinkie, Evening is effectively Dark Twilight but obviously there is some good in her. I hope to see the pair grow and establish their own identities further and come to terms with their origins, Evening especially. Granted deep down I'd guess she hates Chrysalis more than Twilight


She barely knows Twilight, so with some development she can forget about her grudge against her, althought it might take some time.

The artwork you used reminded me of this scene:

(Nice story.)

This should be a series about wacky clones trying to stay afloat. :pinkiehappy::twilightangry2:

faved and tracked just encase they decide to upgrade this to a full story.

Adorable and heartwarming. I love how there are still traces of Taffy's origins in her behavior, and how Evening has to struggle to comprehend any kind of positive experience. Just one thing:

But…. we’re not made with immune systems. We don’t need to eat food.

Did you mean digestive systems? That doesn't make much sense either—what happens to the food?—but the immune system doesn't have anything to do with food.

In any case, thank you for this.


What does Taffy do for money??

I got a funny feeling. And not the good kind of funny either. So, I decided to hide in a bush.

Woah, Pinkie Sense, I guess!


que < cue
Eveningstudied > Evening studied

This was a really nice and well-done story. A very interesting aftermath to the whole Mean Six episode.

I would love to see a sequal to this that is just slice of life randomness of the two of them living together. Taffy and Evening are rather awesome and a bit cute together.

Awwww, this is really sweet! I wouldn't mind a continuation of this, although it works nicely as a cute standalone. Well done!

"What are we going to do tonight Evening "
"Same thing we do every night Taffy, try to take over Equestria"

I really hope you will continue it. These two are interesting and I like them already. :pinkiehappy:
I'll fav this too and hopefully it will continue. Well done. :twilightsmile:

This is beautiful in so many ways. Everything works, and I just want to give Evening and Taffy a big hug right now. Sad, sweet, a little bit frightening, marvelous characterizations. You nailed it. JUSTICE FOR THE CLONES! Sequel when?

Twilight moved, and small objects smacked against her face before plinking against the sidewalk.

Blinking, Twilight glanced down. Different colored taffy wrappers lay scattered at her hooves. Glancing back up, Twilight hiked an eyebrow, and the pink one at least had the decency to look sheepish.

Pocket Confetti!

Okay, yeah, great, now I will think of nothing else but this song when I look at the title :rainbowlaugh:

Not all heroes wear capes :yay:

Oops, my bad :twilightsheepish: Thanks!

She can do it all! :twilightsmile: Thanks for the corrections

Sequel, I'd have to see...I'm blown away that so many would like to see more of these two! I'm working on other projects at the moment, but I can't rule it out completely! And thank you.

Really liking the new names given to both of them. If it weren't for Pinkie Taffy, Twilight Evening would've become the next Sync the Tempest (Tales of the Abyss).

I really like how Evening is more of an ineffectual sympathetic villain/anti-villain. That, and Taffy's past dialogue being shown as a controlled verbal tic; that was genius.

This was a very interesting read.

A curious wall of liquid wormed its way to her vision when she tried to touch a tender-looking bruise forming on her back hoof. She blinked curiously as the sensation gushed its way out of her eyes and slipped silently down her cheeks.

Looks like the concept of sadness is lost on Mean Twilight.

Your awesome story got popular after two seconds LOL

Perhaps you'd consider adding your story to the group Clones United?


Has that episode triggered an "Orphan Black" crossover?

New headcanon integrated:pinkiehappy:

Existential dread, blues, trying to fit in a world that rejected them..... Wow! In the end this went from funny to me genuinely feeling sorry for these two. Now I am analyzing a story around them coming clean and adapting to the world.

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