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I wrote a filk for "The Maretian" · 1:19pm Apr 28th, 2018

So sit right back
And you'll hear a tale
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from this rocket port
Aboard this pony ship

The Skip was a mighty missile mare
The medic brave and true
Five astronauts were launched that day
On an inter-system tour
An inter-system tour

They encountered a tiny speck of rock
From their universe they were tossed
If not for the courage of the fearless crew
Amacitas would be lost
Amacitas would be lost

The ship's marooned on the surface of

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Thanks for the favourite on Trixie's Commentary!

Thanks for favoriting Dead Zebra Storage :heart:

thanks for the fave on To be a Breezie

Thanks for the faves on The Crystal and the Mirage and Unbalanced Scales.

Thank you for the fave. If you feel so inclined, I hope you enjoy my other tales, as well. :twilightsmile:

Also, good to see people are still filking after all these years! :trollestia:

  • Viewing 123 - 127 of 127
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