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A group dedicated to stories about the evil counterparts of the Elements of Harmony!

But not just them, there can also be teams of villains who have been beaten by the Mane Six:

And even OC's are welcome!

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I came here because of this...

Hey everyone I just poster another chapter of the real legion of doom, the elements of Anarchy. Please check it has an old rival from Rainbow past:yay:

339370 oh I'm not making the story lol I'm just giving Earthbound Pwny my ideas for a Sinister/Antagonist Six story

I'm loving this concept! However if your going to replace certain member's, I suggest you post the story in the "Antagonist Six" folder.

338142 sweet sounds interesting :pinkiehappy:
here is another good picture just ignore the other 2 mares in the pic you will know which ones I'm talking about

So do you like my idea for Pinkamena?

338073 He'd teleport them into a small clearing Everfree, where they would meet each other for the first time.

338067 so how will Trixie, Lightning Dust, Sunset Shimmer. Gilda and Garble meet? and i'm guessing this story will take place after the Equestria Girls movie also how will Sunset Shimmer return to Equestria from the human world? Will Discord find out about that magical mirror and use his powers to reopen the portal? Also I was thinking Discord search around in Pinkie Pie's mind and maybe come across Pinkamena and use his powers to take her out of Pinkie's mind thus separating the 2

338048 :heart::pinkiecrazy::yay::eeyup:
I was thinking the story would be something along these lines: Discord ends up breaking his pact with Fluttershy not to cause chaos. However, before he gets trapped in stone, he summons the six who will become the Elements of Disharmony. After creating the Elements and giving them to their respective bearers, he charges them with undoing everything the Mane Six and Princesses worked for, in order to spread chaos throughtout the world. Then he sends them to the Crystal Empire, where they will begin their quest, telling them to free him later on.

337945 I, too, am a Trixie fan.

337873 Well Trixie could be the Element of Evil while Sunset Shimmer could be the Element of Dishonesty/Lies I mean Trixie was corrupted by the Alicorn Amulet and was became pretty Evil maybe some of that Evil Energy from the Alicorn Amulet rubbed off on Trixie and let's face it Sunset Shimmer split up the Equestria Girls Mane 6 (Excluding Twilight as she never attended Canterlot High) by telling lies heck she lied about Twilight trashing the Gym when infact she asked Snips and Snails to do it lol and don't forget when Sunset said she would destroy the portal to Equestria if Twilight didn't give her her crown but what she really wanted was to use the Portal to go back to Equestria herself and rule it that also counted as a lie so really it could go both ways and I'm a bigger fan of Trixie then Sunset so I would prefer if Trixie is the leader

337873 Glad Discord approves :pinkiehappy: OH OH I think I have an idea of who can be #6 what do you think of this
6. Pinkamena Diane Pie = Element of Pain
I mean I think it could happen remember the episode "Too Many Pinkie Pie's"? Well what if one of them Pinkie managed to get out of that pool and was sad/angered and then became Pinkamena Diane Pie aka Pinkie's alter ego or maybe a spell goes wrong and separates the Original Pinkie Pie into 2 mares and one of them was Pinkamena?

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Comment posted by RainbowDashVegetaFan123 deleted Nov 27th, 2013

Now we just gotta figure out who #6 is.(I agree, Garble is a better Element of Disharmony than Flim&Flam.)

337800 I think I got 4 of the Elements of Disharmony down
1. Trixie = Element of Dishonesty (Trixie made up that Ursa Major story so she pretty much lied to every town she visited lol)
2. Lightning Dust = Element of Betrayal (despite being Lead Pony Lightning Dust wanted to leave the rest of her Team in the Dust (ha see what I did there :D) she wanted to prove that she was on top and was the best and didn't care for the safety of everyone/pony else sounds like the complete opposite of Loyalty to me)
3. Sunset Shimmer = Element of Evil (Pretty much an Evil version of Twilight and she also used to be a Student to Princess Celestia and she even transformed into a Demon lol)
4. Gilda = Element of Cruelty (remember what Gilda did to Fluttershy and Pinkie)
The only ones that I can't think of any Elements for would be Flim and Flam personally I would prefer some other villains to be apart of the a Elements of Disharmony instead of those 2 anyway like Garble and those other Teenage Dragons that Spike met up with when he joined the Dragon Migration, or maybe but we need the opposite Elements to Generosity and Laughter so I guess it would be the Element of Greed and Sadness/Depression perhaps
5. Garble = Element of Greed
I mean Garble's a Dragon and Dragons are pretty Greedy so what do you think of my 1st 4?

337496 I could do it.:pinkiehappy:(it will take forever, though, because I am an easily distracted person.) First, though, we'll have to figure out what the Elements of Disharmony are, and who is what Element, as well as who is gonna be the leader.
I was thinking that one of them would be the Element of Evil, and that the big cheese of the group(probably Sunset or Trixie) would wield it.

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