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Top 5 Favorite Characters

1. Vegeta

Vegeta has and forever will be my fav Dragon Ball character and probably my Character ever, he went from a Ruthless Saiyan Warrior that destroyed Planets and felt no remorse for the countless lives he took to one of the Universe's strongest Protector's, he grew to such an insane level of power that he can best even a God of Destruction, he's driven by the need to protect his Family, to protect his loved ones which is the exact to opposite to when we first met him, i mean, the amount of character development he has is pretty crazy

2. Rainbow Dash and Starlight Glimmer

Rainbow Dash has been my Favorite My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic character for a long time, however Starlight Glimmer quickly climbed her way to the top, i can't decide who i like more, so both of them are tied as my Fav, Rainbow Dash is probably the Fastest Pony ever and is the only one that can pull off a Sonic Rainboom, her Rainbow Power Form looks amazing as well, she's also the Element of Loyalty, Loyalty is something i really value, Starlight as well had saved Twilight and the other's from Chrysalis and the Changelings without her Magic, granted she had help from Trixie, Discord and Thorax, but it will still impressive, Starlight also has Magic abilities on par with Alicorn's despite being only a Unicorn, Twilight had to persuade her to stop her, so yeah, Rainbow and Starlight are my Favs of MLP: FiM

3. Dewey Duck and Lena Sabrewing

Ever since the new Ducktales came out, Dewey and Lena have been my fav characters, Dewey is my fav Triplet, maybe cause he's the Middle Child, I am also a Middle Child, he also strives to proof himself, which is something i can respect, Lena is a living Shadow that can perform crazy feats of Magic, especially after she attained her own Magic that isn't Magica's and attained a powered up Blue Form

4. Aqua

Ever since I got into Kingdom Hears like 5 or 6 Years ago, Aqua had quickly became my Favorite character, she's beautiful, she is one of the kindest people in the Series and she is very powerful, even beating Ventus-Vanitas that wielded the Incomplete X-Blade, the Girl also spent Months in the Realm of Darkness and survived, that's insane, no wonder Eraqas made her a Keyblade Master

5. Axel/Lea

Lea is my favorite Organization Xlll Member, he goes through great lengths for his Friends, he helped his Oldest Friend Isa (Who was known as Saix at the time and Lea was known as Axel) climb the ranks of the Organization, he later on wanted to bring Isa back to Light during Kingdom Hearts 3, he also developed a strong bond with Roxas and Xion as well, after losing Roxas he did a lot of in attempt to get Roxas back, even kidnapping Kairi, but he redeemed himself, even becoming one of the Seven Guardians of Light and fighting against the True Organization Xlll, not to mention he has such an iconic line "Got it Memorized?"

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No prob man, can't wait tell you release more Chapters :twilightsmile:

Thanks a ton for the fav on my Godzilla vs Kong crossover! Hope you enjoy! :twilightsmile:

Merry Christmas

Awwww, thankies! :rainbowkiss:

Nice to hear someone likes my madness, XD

Thanks, your sweet :twilightsmile:

Btw, big fan of your Anon Series, I love your AnonxStarlight pairing

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