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Top 5 Favorite Characters

1. Vegeta

Man Vegeta is just the best Saiyan ever lol and his Final Flash is just freaking epic, also in Battle of Gods, Vegeta got so angry that he briefly surpassed SSJ3 Goku in power, also today i heard that Vegeta might be the main character in a potential next Dragon Ball Z movie.

2. Rainbow Dash

Well like Rainbow Dash said she is awesome lol, she certainly deserves to be the bearer of the Element of Loyalty I mean in one of the recent episodes she gives up the chance to fly with her lifelong heroes "The Wonderbolts" because she decides to represent the Ponyville team because Ponyville is her home and the Ponyville team needed her more.

3. Kludd

Kludd looks so cool, also i kinda feel sorry for him, the reason why he joined the Pure ones is probably because he felt that his parents think he was less important then Soren and he thought that his parents never believed in him.

4. Lord Bills (Beerus) The God Of Destruction

I loved Battle of Gods and i loved Bills, he owned the Z Fighters with ease, heck he took one and beat 18, Tien and Piccolo with chopsticks, what a boss.

5. Chomper

Chomper has a lot guts i mean in the 5th Land Before Time movie he bit a full grown T-Rex/Sharptooth's tail to save Littlefoot and the others, he also stood up to Thud to protect Ducky when they were trapped on a cliff in the Mysterious Beyond in the 9th episode of the TV Series

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Awwww, thankies! :rainbowkiss:

Nice to hear someone likes my madness, XD

Thanks, your sweet :twilightsmile:

Btw, big fan of your Anon Series, I love your AnonxStarlight pairing

No prob, i’ll Pretty much read nearly any fic you put on this site, but i’ll Wait for a few more chapters to come out before I start reading, I also see that Sense of Humour has made a Far From Home Crossover that’s a continuation to Infinity Era, so I’m going to have to check that out at some point as well

Thanks a ton for the fav! :twilightsmile:

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