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This group is dedicated to all those DBZ fans who like makin' MLP crossovers!


Rule 1: If you do not like this group, screw you.

Rule 2: If somebody has something mean to say about you/or DBZ, tell me, so I can kick there sorry flanks off this group.

Rule 3: If you don't find the story of your liking, don't worry! We will add new stories whenever we have time.

What is DBZ? if you do not know WHAT DBZ is, well, where have you been? DBZ is a very popular anime franchise debuting around the early 90's. The story's plot is based on Son Goku, a saiyan raised on Earth, and his many adventures of saving the earth! And other planets...

*What is MLP?* ....................

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Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

Hello!I am a starting author and I have decided to start a Mlp/Dbz crossover,however,it takes place not in the Dbz universe or the Mlp universe,but rather somewhere else,I have decided to use Vegeta from Dbz abridged so yeah.

The first rule will probably turn away many people. But then again Krillin was able to make out with an android. :trollestia:

I love both of theses shows and I love reading the stories too

This group is unfortunately dead being I was banned for stupid and unexplained reasons.

Join the new one!

I did attempt two of them, but my writing wasn't that good then, but i have gotten better at it.


371950 Ain't many stories out there with DBZ and MLP nowadays...

I freaking love DBZ and MLP :heart::rainbowlaugh:

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