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1522805 derpicdn.net/img/view/2013/1/14/211967__safe_princess+celestia_animated_princess+molestia_rapeface_vibrating.gif
there were no survivors, they all died in ecstasy, what a horrifyingly awesome way to die

1522559 That's a crazy comment, but I find crazy to be fun.

1336804 hello, human.. also, I CAN FLY!!! WHEEEE!!!!!! if you're wondering if i'm insane, well, if you consider a person who figured out how to create giant wings controlled by the human brain, then proceeded to use them, insane, then yes, if not, well, we understand each other. also, pretty funny picture of demon stewie

1335370 I know right, they must be putting money into their movies cause they just seem to be getting better. Also I thought of RD when Goten was like "So awesome...". A fantastic movie for sure. :twilightsmile:

That didn't make me laugh as much since I had already heard it twice in the japanese version. Stuff that killed me and was only in the dub was:
Trunks going "That's my main squeeze."
And then Goten keeps on saying "AWESOME..."

Pilaf saying "Why would you fly to go 25 feet?!"

And the fuckin bingo song lol (it's not as funny in Japanese)

GotG was WAY beyond what I expected. Marvel must be orgasming from how much money they're making recently.

  • Viewing 39 - 43 of 43
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