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When trying to focus on her studies, Sunset Shimmer is stuck watching an annoying little filly who just won't let her study.

Original Art by Baekgup

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Lack of SunLight. Downvoted. :trollestia:


Okay, enough screwing around.

Sunset leaned in, poking Twilight in the chest. “They send you back a grade. And if you keep falling and keep messing up on tests...you’ll be sent all the way back to magic kindergarten.”

Now we know where she gets it from.


Some things are just more important.

Okay, that was just heart-wrenching, knowing how both of them took it to heart as their philosophy until they were brought about to the truth. Especially in Sunset's case.

:twilightoops: it...all...makes...SENSE!!!


Lack of SunLight. Downvoted. :trollestia:

You won't let me have any fuuun! :raritydespair:


I'll churn out a serious review later, most likely.

I always had the impression they were both pretty much the same age or close to it.

Aww, I can so imagine these two meeting at least once before Equestria Girls, but Twilight just being too young to remember it. Another great story from you Summer!


You won't let me have any fuuun! :raritydespair:

That wasn't what you told me last night.


Violet!! Stop trying to seduce Summer Dancer with your sinful ways!



*Lack of SunLight*



IN a way, we can BLAME Sunset for how Twilight was in Lesson Zero >:

Oh Sunset, if you only knew how much you've scared that poor innocent filly. I think you owe Twilight an apology.


Don't worry, I'm married!

And while I'm sure that your feminine curves are attractive, there is no force in heaven or hell or New Jersey that could make me leave my wife!

if Sunset was a student in Canterlot, they had to cross paths some time

Yep, at least in IDW's canon:

Great story, thanks for sharing! :twilightsmile:

Yeee! Headcannon accepted. Although, it makes sense that Sunset never told Twilight her name...in the movie, Twi didn't know either. Great story!

Wonderful story.:twilightsmile:

I can't imagine how hilarious it is for them to remember this.:rainbowlaugh:

"Remember when you turned two kids into pigs?"

"Yeah. Feels weird to eat bacon and remember that at the same time."

This story was really good! And I do really wish that Sunset and Twiligjt would of known each other in the movies! Okay, maybe not Twilight cuz she's only 5/6, but Sunset might've!

This encounter explains so much about Twilight. Delightful read.

7479899 Yeah, Twilight is actually a few years younger than Sunset. At least by 5 years... I think.

This explains so much about Twilight. Where Twilight got her anxiety and her disdain for making friends.

Ooo. I liked this a lot. It'd be really interesting to see sunset's reaction when she's older and met twilight again when she realizes just how powerful of an effect her words had on her.

If Equestria Girls was part of my Universe, or my head canon. I would accept this.

This is awesome, and actually more true than we want to admit. You have to be cruel if you want space in life. People will pick on you for petty reasons, if none understands you it;s better to be feared than respected.

You can be a bully, and still keep your grades up after all. School is a terrible place to make friends.

On the other hand one could argue that you can make friends and fight your enemies together.

The amount of fights I got into in middle school and Highschool are a testament to that. Someone pushes you, you push right back! The people that pick on your for no reason are just morons, and only understand the savagery they communicate with.

Who needs friends.... When you can be alone as the tyrant king of the mountain.... Unloved and hated.... But so is the way of the world.....

It's not fair, but if fairness was real there would be no need for violence.... Sadly... I know I'm terrible....

And this is why I'm not trusted with kids, Sunset would be me on a good day.

Seriously though, good read, it makes so much sense its almost scary.

“A very important exam for a very important teacher,” Sunset muttered, flipping over to the next page. “And if I don’t pass it, it could mean bad things for me.”

Twilight chewed her lip. “An F?”

“Worse,” Sunset replied, looking up with a very tiny smirk. “She’s a very kind mare, but she’s still a teacher. And you know what teachers do when students fail?”

Twilight shook her head slowly.

Sunset leaned in, poking Twilight in the chest. “They send you back a grade. And if you keep failing and keep messing up on tests...you’ll be sent all the way back to magic kindergarten.”

Shimmer you magnificent bastard. :trollestia:

This explains so much. I love it. Headcanon very seriously considered, at barest minimum. Thank you for this.

7480056 That standing up for yourself makes you no better than the bullies. Because, we are taught that we should always go to an adult, even if they are too incompetent to actually do anything.

Which I think is bull, because you have the right to fight for your freedom and how to live your life. Basically the last thing was mostly sarcasm.

Me just thinking that Sunset Shimmer was awesome by turning them into pigs. Sure, it's not Politically Correct. But I was always a bastard that promotes vengeance and fear as a method to control to keep the stupid, and the selfish off my back.

As someone who ships Sunlight, I'm a bit confused to realize Sunset is, as the fandom seems to believe, much older then Twilight. In this story, what, like 10 or more years?

But anyway, great story, Summer! So adorable! :pinkiehappy:

That's if Sunset even cares to hold on to that memory or the Elements even bothered to bring it back.

This is pretty awesome, and I really like the headcanon. It makes sense that Twilight would take that kind of lifelong meaning from even a short exposure; Sunset stood up for her after using a "suck your thumbs and we'll cut them off with scissors" style cautionary tale. It still makes sense that they didn't remember it later; Twilight was young, Sunset was irked, and neither had a lot of interaction after, presumably. If you want to revisit it at some point, I really would love to see your take on what it would mean for their friendship-- or romance if the SunLight fans get their way-- when they do recall. Excellent work!

7480206 Well, Twilight didn't seem to have any idea as to who Sunset was at all, and there's something wonky about the way the mirror works with time. You can discount the Sirens; as unique monsters that still had _some_ magic, they could well be immortal. But Sunset was gone long enough that Celestia had to tell Twilight about her when she was away, and even Canterlot-gossip obsessed Rarity didn't seem to go "Ooh!" or "That explains so much!" when the subject was brought up. There's also a sense that when Filly Twilight is asked to be Celestia's personal pupil, it's just her.

The difference in age doesn't have to be too dramatic; my headcanon is that CMC-ish foals are the equivalent of teenage years, though Faust apparently figured that the Six were teens when she first introduced them to us; that never made a lot of sense to me, though. Chalk it up to a kids-show-verse idea of age. In either event, the show and the movies at least appears to imply that Sunset was a student and is gone before Twilight comes to Celestia's attention, and was an adult or older teenager when she left, depending on how you interpret the "mature body" minimum age.

You don't have to assume there's a huge gap in ages, or even much of one at all, of course; the human world time difference does seem to be something of a compression when the mirror portal isn't lining things up, so Twilight could have caught up chronologically by EqG 1. As well, IDW aside, they could have been co-students; both of them were a little monomaniacal, hence the plot here, and just may not have noticed each other. It just doesn't seem likely that Celestia wouldn't have tried to get them to be shared interest friends if they had, so I do think there should be some age gap-- at least prior to the time distortion.

7480200 Ah, that makes more sense.

Such a fun little read. :twilightsmile:

This was really well-written. It sounds like it could totally be canon.

This was a really good fic. I like how you kept young Sunset at arrogant but not as mean as she'll later be (and she's not obsessing over Cadence already being an alicorn either, which makes for a refreshing change). And there she goes, in fifteen minutes Sunset has accidentally set up about half of Twilight's fears. The crazy thing is that that was Sunset's idea of being friendly, giving advice on how life goes.

Though I don't see it as just Sunset being a "bad" influence, but Twilight was already lonely, isolated due to her genius, and Sunset's philosophy would appeal to a filly who's already shunned by probably the rest of her class. I could easily see this as canon, great fic, I forget about the age difference between them much of the time.

Intriguing headcanon. I kinda like it. :twilightsmile:

“They send you back a grade. And if you keep failing and keep messing up on tests...you’ll be sent all the way back to magic kindergarten.”

Now I know why Twilight still has nightmares about magic kindergarten. It's really jarring that Sunset used to be older than her prior to running away to the mirror world.

This was well thought out and highly adorable; but it didn't gave me diabetes. (mostly because I already got diabetes from reading too many sweet fanfics about cute ponies but that is not the point! )



Headcanon accepted.


your picture is oddly horrifying

This was a very cute story and an interesting perspective considering Sunset and Twilight. I think it would be completely possible that this very scenario could have shaped to lives and ultimately brought them together.

Headcanon thoroughly accepted
Like holy crap
This was both kinda cute, and then incredibly depressing at the end. At least we know things get better for them both, later down the line.

Sunset you bitch, you broke Twilight!

7479867 Don't worry, we'll just use some... bare bones seduction techniques on you.

7481306 Watch yourself, Sans, before I tell Papyrus on you :trixieshiftleft:

This ending made me really sad...

But it makes so much sennnnse...

If the book had been called "Alternate Realms Theory" or something like that, I would have gone number 2. ^^;

This adds so much scope to Twilight and Sunset's journeys. Great job!

...kinda wanna see a sequel chapter where grown up Twilight asks grown up Sunset if she remembers that day, and they can discuss it from a post movies perspective.


That would definitely be an interesting conversation, especially if Sunset didn't remember it at all.

Although it might not happen, I am waiting for the sequel where Sunset and Twilight remember this.

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