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I'm Leaf. (Fledgling) Author Extraordinaire. Everyone loves me.

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Yo, I'm Leaf. It's a mononym. I'm a cool girl diving into learning how to write, and I figured that fanfiction would be a nice low stakes way to get eyes on my words. MLP is really the only thing I'd be interested in writing fanfiction about, so I ended up here.

I haven't actually seen the show in several years so my stories might not quite line up with the status quo. Expect a setting around the time that Twilight became a princess.

You can find me on twitter at @Leafdoggy, although keep in mind I don't really like minors following me there. It's SFW, I just get uncomfortable.

If you've got feedback or critique, please feel free to bring it up! I'm in this for the longterm; I don't expect to be perfect.

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lol. It wouldn't bug me cuz I would know it's a lie. It's just not physically possible to hate me :3

Thank u tho! I'm happy to be gettin seen

Random Internet Troll: *reads Leafdoggy's profile statement.*

"I'm Leaf. (Fledgling) Author Extraordinaire. Everyone loves me."

Troll: *types on keyboard*

I hate you. Your statement is now invalid.

Sorry, sorry, just kidding. It's nice to meet you btw.

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