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Amanda was never a very popular girl. She was always too strange, too eccentric, and her obsession with a TV show from years ago certainly didn't help. She lived a fairly bland, lonely life, but she never would have said she was unhappy if you asked her.

That all changes when she wakes up to find herself transported into that very TV show. And she's not just in Equestria; She's at the start of it all, the very first episode. Knowing she can't afford to let the opportunity pass, she leaps into action, ready to join the adventure and help the Mane 6 along their journey!

Things rarely go so neatly, though, and before she can even meet Twilight, she runs into a pony who, by all accounts, shouldn't be there. Trixie is in Ponyville, and she can't believe what she's hearing. The story is just too unbelievable.

How could she be a villain?

Sucked into a reluctant alliance, Amanda—now a pony going by Starfall Sage—must try to steer Trixie towards a good ending, but as she'll discover, that's a lot easier said than done.

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I love the long title. It reminds me of all the villainess webtoons and mangas I've read.

I was actually inspired to write this while reading I'm in Love with the Villainess! (Which is really good.) Towards the end I kept thinking, "Geez, this kinda thing must be really fun to write, maybe I should do that." And I figured if I'm gonna write that kinda story, then I kinda have to mimic the title styles, yknow? Plus, the long titles are pretty endearing in my opinion once you get used to them.

This kind of Remind of an anime of a

Trixie's first act on the road to being "the hero": Foalnap a random pony. Yep.

Now let’s see how often this updates.

The story's premise sounds good, but does Trixie really count as a big-time villain?

I love the long titles but most of them are kind of misleading. Like, I forget the full name but it’s essentially “I quit being an adventurer after taking an arrow to the knee” but the dude’s doing backflips and fighting giant lizards in a village less than a chapter later.

Looks like an Isekai title.

Kinda hope they do eventually do Villainy.

I dunno what she expected when telling, The Heroically Inclined and Totally not a Joke TRIXIE! She was a sideshow at best, well, atleast she got a new name, a house and a travelling companion in one shot .

This could be a great name for an isekai anime.

Hmm, yes, a good 'ol "Nice job breaking it, self insert!" story. Sounds interesting so far, into the tracking list you go!

I couldn’t just be like, Oh, my name’s Amanda! I needed a pony name! But, ugh, what could it be?

Well, Trixie isn't really a pony name either so she's probably the one pony who'd appreciate finding somepony else with a real name.

great story!~

surely some history will be changed XD

My goodness, I'm hooked. Then again, Trixie is my favorite character, So I was sold from the start. But nice to see that IWUIMFTVSBBICDAIWRBTV has such good writing! I'm looking forward to where you take it from here.


I mean, it IS an isekai scenario story as it is.

The bumbling way she handled the name gives me dread that our dear protagonist will bumble through the whole thing. So… cautious interest…

If I really was somehow in Equestria, then this was the best thing to ever happen to me! I mean, I didn’t hate my old life. Not really . But I can’t say I loved it, either. I wasn’t exactly popular—not many people wanted to hang out with the weird girl who was still a huge fan of a show that stopped airing years ago—and what few friends I did have drifted away pretty quickly after I dropped out of high school. Now, at eighteen, I was just barely scraping by.

That's it right there, THE isekai backstory. "Basically, I had no life and nothing to leave behind. However my knowledge of the obscure thing this world is based around will make me a god!"

I always love a good isekai story.

I will watch this one with curiosity!

If you ever need to borrow an OC, let me know.

I loved "I'm in Love with the Villainess!" but I'm not really sure how you're going to get Trixie in mortal danger of being executed like Claire would have been without the protagonist there to save her. I would have picked a different villain if I were you, like Cozy Glow or Chrysalis, but oh well. I'm excited to see how you make this work.

Oh, I don't intend to ape In Love With the Villainess that much. It's more a general inspiration.

But Trixie wasn't really a villain at first. Just a braggart of a showpony.

She wasn't even responsible for the Ursa Minor attack. That was Snips and Snails doing. Heck, to stop Trixie from going the Alicorn Amulet route, all the protagonist has to do is watch when the two idiot foals go running into the Everfree and make sure they get eaten by timberwolves before they reach the Ursa's cave! Or whallop them over the head with a log... either way works. :trixieshiftright:

If she's claiming this is her favorite show, then she should at least remember the critical events in characters' plot development.

11163427 Alondro's backstory: "I was a super-genius who could read the RNA sequence of a MYSTERIOUS VIRUS OF UNCERTAIN ORIGINS perfectly. Despised by the world of morons, I watched as they led the planet into WWIII. As the missiles prepared to strike, SUDDENLY A PORTAL!! I awoke in the Pony Past, seeing a reflection that was not my own! Now, I might put right what once went wrong, and hope that the next leap... WILL NOT be the leap home! What, you think I wanna go back to a nuclear wasteland?! "


All Routes Lead to Doom!

To be fair, to her it's been awhile since the show happened. She would likely misremember things as time went on. As long as she enjoyed the stories within the series, I feel like it would still be a truthful statement from her. Besides...bumbling antihero kind of fits Trixie to a T when it comes to the later episodes with Starlight.

A lot of fans take the mane six’s side because waifu. It takes a certain amount of critical thinking to view her debut episode in a fair light.

This could be interesting.

11164134 Critical thinking is my second-strongest attribute. Everything is analyzed and calculated for maximum accuracy and efficiency.

I even over-analyze the hell out of my own fetishes.


Oh, this is going to be interesting.

Trixie looked taken aback. “What? How can a whole world have a main character?”

“Like I said, it’s a story,” I told her. “The world is just… Incidental, I guess. You need a setting to tell a story.”

“I… Suppose I could see that,” Trixie admitted. Then she suddenly looked furious. “But if there’s a main character, surely it should be Trixie!”

Yes, it makes more sense for Trixie to be upset she isn't the main character than she is for some bizarre stranger claiming her life is some cartoon.

She is an idiot and stubborn. If discord shows up I think I would pay anything to get away from Trixie.

I like competent Trixie. Competent Trixie is best Trixie.

i want to see her defeat nightmare moon with talk no jutsu

I get the impression that Trixie doesn't have a lot of close friends, just a thought.

This is pretty interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Plot twist, Discord escape early because the unintended chaos the MC and Trixie caused.

i wanna see her panic and beat nightmare moon by hitting her over the head with the elements knocking her out and purifying her

Ya know when the cart got stuck I'm kinda half expected the MC to figure out that she is an Earth Pony and bust out of the cart with a good kick thanks to her strength.

it needs great setup and punchline for that stupidity to be worthy.

What does MC stand for?

Edit: Never mind I just realized it stood for main character. LOL

Trixie is cute.

The Stockholm syndrome set in very quickly. Obviously because it is the great and likable Trixie.

great start and this is gonna be a while ride!

Wow, pretty great so far. I love that you really fleshed out the character of Trixie like you did. Maybe the MC is warming up to her a bit quick, but the show did something similar, so I'll let it slide. Keep up the good work!

Probably gonna end up that way, but that's later down the line.

I agree wholeheartedly.

Not really… a locator spell that shows a straight course is foolish. Walking off a worn path is foolish. A path is a path because it is often the easiest method to a place.

For all her competence reality should be an impassable barrier or monster dens (that the paths would avoid)

Anyone who has done an ounce of hiking should be shaking their heads.

Does that mean we will watch them run circles inside the everfree while twilight and her friends take the actual path towards the castle?

which element is being used by who

Oh, boy. I hope Trixie and Starfall will be alright in your next chapter.

I'm seeing a team of villains with the elements. I'm on board for this.:rainbowlaugh:

Also, Trixie! Master of the tautological argument!

Thin gold bands were wrapped around Nightmare Moon’s leg, and at her hoof was a gem in the shape of the moon.

She had one of the Elements.

She was shot with the friendship beam. Seems like the intended effect.

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