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Applejack's life leaves her little time for romance. All the time that isn't spent working the farm is either given to her family, or given to sleep. So, she's largely given up on love, seeing it as just a far off dream.

What she doesn't know is that another pony can see that dream.

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Comments ( 8 )

Interesting pair, though I won't deny the story is adorable enough.

Thanks! ^w^ I wanted to challenge myself. =P

Applejack and Luna, now there’s a pair that I haven’t seen before on this site, this should be interesting.

So Luna enters dream realms because... she's bored. You know what? That makes sense.

Anyway, awesome story!

Glad you liked it! I honestly wasn't expecting it to get much of a turnout at all really cuz of the pairing so it's a very pleasant surprise to see ppl reading it and enjoying it.

And yeah I thought it seemed like a reasonable reason for her to watch dreams. Luna hasn't always made the soundest decisions.

I really love seeing this pairing! Thanks for showing it in such a sweet little story.

I don't ship this... but it's adorable AF so continue, please.

I knew somebody had to like this pairing! =P They're cute together. Glad you liked it!

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