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What is a Moral Event Horizon, really? Where is the bar set? Is it really a Point of No Return?

The Elements of Harmony are scattered, broken, or dead. The enemies of daylight are powerful, strongly connected...Friends. But there is hope. Trixie has created a spell that can bring their dead friends from another world, giving the Elements a chance to save this one...Before Queen Nyx goes too far.

Contains TrixieJack and some unrequited TwiPie. Based on Past Sins, created with Pen Stroke's permission. Art created for this fic, by BB.

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Since the image is not loading correctly, here is a link: http://ponibooru.413chan.net/post/view/76825

Very interesting story, keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:


20504 It's coming. I've got the next chapter third written up.

Is it odd that Chapter 7 isn't appearing for me?


It hasn't been published yet. Chapter 7 will probably be the longest chapter yet, because it's going to explain what happened to this world's Dash as well as advance the main story.

Chapter seven is done, and published. Enjoy.

Wow this is good cant wait for the next chapter!:rainbowkiss:

Oh dear Celestia, this cliffhanging is killing me:
I... C-can't... Hold... On... :fluttershyouch:


Oh stop, it's not that bad.

SPOILER and SPOILER are going to be hanged, and SPOILER just wants to go home! It is very bad indeed! :raritydespair:
Slowly...Losing...M-my...Grip... :fluttershyouch:


Don't worry, (Spoiler) will (Spoiler) which will result in (spoiler).

Problem, Fans? :pinkiehappy:


Only read through Chapter 4 so far, but I'm finding this a rather interesting follow-up to "Past Sins". The pairing of Applejack with Trixie is rather peculiar, to say the least; but the reasoning each has fall in line with my own view of their personalities, so that's no problem.

I have been wondering if we'll get to see at all what's happening with young Nyx back in the "right" (for lack of a better word) universe. Is she back at the library just crying her eyes out and falling deeper into despair? Is she out searching her Ponyville for some kind of clue? Or has she perhaps enlisted Spike to aid in asking the princesses for help? Am I thinking too hard on a portion of the story that isn't suppose to be a focal point yet, if ever? Like I said, I've only read through Chapter 4, and the story isn't even finished yet, so who knows?:trollestia:

Heh heh, "Wild heart" heh.

And all I had to do was read the next chapter once I got home for my answer.:twilightblush:

Is that some kind of double entrende I missed?

Please don't make me dance against my will.


Do... what?:rainbowhuh:

Are we dancing the Mamushka?:pinkiehappy:

Your name reminded me of the villain of a video game called Space Channel Five 2.

I don't suppose anyone would like a preview of Chapter 8 while it's being written?

Okay, Twilight, bad news and good news.

The bad news: The meeting of the machinations of your friends and your daughter will likely end in fire.

The good news: You're a grandma!

Yes! Exactly what I was hoping for: cross-dimensional assistance. I eagerly await the meeting of the Nyx's. Wonder how the older will react upon discovering the cutie mark of her younger self.

They will all dance! Hahahahahahhahaaaa! (Sorry, couldn't resist):trollestia:

There will be blood.

Oh yes. It's going to be quite the amazing surprise.

So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you all want Perfect to die in a fire?


Numbers don't go that high.

Oh yes. Everyone check chapter one again. I left something there, near the beginning. I thought the hairpin thing would be more effective as a Chekov's Gun.


I would say 10, but I'm not entirely certain that fire alone would do it. I get the feeling she's going to end up as the main antagonist.

Nyx is a mother?

Not what I planned, but very possible. My stories tend to do whatever the hell they want.

In a way. You'll see. :scootangel:

"Diamond Rarity!"

Ummm, her cannon name is Rairy Belle.


*Rarity Belle

No, it is not. Her canon name is just Rarity. Nothing else. She does not have a surname.


No mention of surnames here, and this wiki is known for it's extremely strict adherence to canon.

Even if it takes forever, It'll be worth waiting for this read.

Damn... I really want to see this finished.

Even though this is a spin-off, this outmatches Past Sins itself!

This is highly annoying to me, personally. I don't know why everypony can't seem to understand that there are no surnames in MLP:FIM. Twilight Sparkle isn't named Twilight Sparkle because her father's (or mother's, considering equines are naturally matriarchal) name was _____ Sparkle, and Twilight isn't her "first name" in any way except that it naturally comes before the second part.
In another example, Rarity has a one-body name. Her sister, Sweetie Belle, has a two-body name--the second half of her name is not some inherited familial title such as would be the case in human society. To put it in more understandable terms, one could treat the whole of "Sweetie Belle" as if it were our equivalent of a first name, and any shortening thereof would constitute a nickname.

Forgive the rant, but this is an issue that has irked me since I first joined the fandom, and I could not help but attempt to correct the assumption.


Whoa there, friend. Calm down now.

Whether or not there are surnames, there certainly do seem to be large families that are known by a name in Equestria. We know the Apple family in particular, but Pinkie does mention Granny PIE, and while that may be Pinkie being Pinkie, it still can be counted as evidence that these families do indeed have names they're commonly known by.

Not to mention that Twilight's parents are referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Sparkle by the developers, and that Applejack in the show specifically calls her relatives in Manehatten "Aunt and Uncle Orange". This does support the idea of surnames. My personal headcanon is that it's not a requirement of any kind to take on a family name as a surname, but is more of a choice to show how proud you are of that family name.

Even if you currently can't write for it, it'd be nice if you could put up a summary or description for this story anyway. It's long and interesting looking and I like your other work, Dumb Luck, so I'm going to read it. I just don't know what it's about, or what any of the pairings in it or anything. It's sort of a leap of faith I guess, but oh well. A month is hardly a hiatus at all, to those of us who've been reading fanfiction for years and have seen fics resurrected from the dead anywhere from a month to ten years later. Even if you don't get back to this for a year, it'll still be good to have it on alert so I'll get notified when there's more and I can come back to it.

No one commented on this yet? Well then here's a bit of a critic.
aside from some spelling errors and yysing the wrong words like 'perfictly' instaid of perfict when Nyx was speeking to wild heart for example.
Besides that you have a good chapter.

It's bugging me that I don't know what Pinkie Pie wanted to say to Twilight Sparkle.
Could you at least give me a hint? Please.

I'm in a bit of shock that you didn't figure it out yet...

Think about their reactions a bit, and trust me, it'll become very obvious.

This is turning out to be more interesting than it originally seemed. Looking forward to more.

28330 1. I do not want her do die. I want her to suffer.

Pinky told Twilight that she loved her didn't she?
Damit why am I maturing!!! Younger that would have been obvous to me!
took me nearley 3 days to figuer this out... *grumble grumble*
I was distracted and angry at perfict cut, you rote her very well I spent the better part of a day thinking of things I could do to that *growel* and retrobution would involve first putting her under that phyco would probably enjoy any physical pain I put her through, then I'd surgecaly remove her wings leaving the...
needless to say you got what you wanted "I hate her" fyi there are only three things i would use the word hate to discribe my feelings tward; war, intolerance, and pedophiles. She is number 4...

So...if Nyx meets queen Nyx how will the 'older' mare react upon hearing what it would be like should Twilight have lived, including being a filly again and happy but sans her daughter?
How will Adagia react to having what is essentialy a version of her mother at her age?


Those questions will be answered when I'm done with revisions. I'm overhauling a few of the chapters.

And how do you think any filly reacts to having a new filly around? :pinkiehappy:

soooo Is Adagia a Lieutenant cause of special powers:derpyderp1:? or because of


cause if its the former, she's gonna be like, crazy powerful, because she's a filly. I'm pretty sure theres a Trope about that, but I wouldn't know how to search for it.:unsuresweetie::twistnerd:


You're thinking of Tyke Bomb, I think. She's not crazy powerful at all, though it sure SEEMS that way. Queen Nyx would never let her get into anything dangerous until she's older, but Adagia won't have a choice later. If you're curious, I can PM you with an explanation. Ooooor I could give spoilers here, as it's not exactly story important.


huh. sounds about right. so are you saying Its a little of both? cause what little filly doesn't whine from time to time, eh?:trollestia:


Check your Message Inbox.

wow, important chapter. and glad to finally see an update.:twilightsmile:


Its not long enough.

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