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This story is a sequel to Desperate Devotion

One of the most common things asked after any story is "Well, what happened next?" It's an understandable desire, especially with light, fluffy stories. You've seen this important moment in the characters' lives, but what about the rest? How do they spend their regular days?

Well, that's more or less what this is. It's a collection of short, slice of life stories all set in the same "canon," so to speak. One world, one set of characters who grow and change as the stories go on.

Things start around season 7; think post-castle, but pre-school, with some slight alterations to characters' relationships. It's just regular old Ponyville. No grand machinations, no impending doom, just a group of friends living their lives.

For the sake of neatness and ease of access, all the stories will be found right here. You can jump straight into chapter 1 and not have to worry about missing anything. The parenthesis after each chapter title shows who I feel are the most prominent characters in a story. It's not always romantic.

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 31 )

Sometimes it's great to get a story like this where good characters are talking. Nice set up but I can't wait to see more.

I love how Chrysalis is kind of like how she's so anti hero that it's too fun and it's great seeing this have a good effect on ponies around her - though I imagine there'd be some troubles.

Can't wait to see more.

That was a very interesting chapter, limestone and Chrysalis play off each other really well and I can't wait to see more interactions between marble and Chrysalis because that's a friendship I'd like to see flushed out.

So Applejack is into Nightmare Moon. Didn't see that coming. It's nicely written.

this whole story is pure and good and i love it

Cute. And teasing Applejack is always fun.

Aww, no alicorn hate out.

The greatest enemy ever - sheer boredom.

Let's do the time warp again!

'Come one' - on

Huh, not who I'd expect.

... Twilight's gonna BSOD hard once she discovers that.

Bad luck, Chryssie.

Silly Pinkie, she's clearly an artificial satellite.

Comment posted by ArceusFan493 deleted November 5th


Already caught Spitfire's eye, beware the shy ones.

this continues to be the most criminally underrated fic on this entire site

this chapter is honestly some of the best slice of life i've ever read, everyone just feels so alive!

aw, thank you!
This chapter actually left me feeling really good. It's the best I've felt about a chapter in a couple weeks now. Nice little self confidence boost.

Even more d'awwwwwww ~

Sunbutt and Moonbutt are probably just having a cake fight.

hell yes more nightmare moon is always a good thing

Hmm, wonder if it'll work out.

What's amusing is that as I'm reading the beginning, I'm not even sure if Pinkie and Fluttershy are actually dating or she's just making assumptions.

The idea of Pinkie just deciding out of the blue that her and Fluttershy are gonna date is extremely funny and, honestly, entirely in line with their relationship.
That said, while it's not actually canon because that would just get too messy, in my head I've been imagining all the various relationships that were already set up here to have started in about the ways they did in the other stories I wrote where they actually do start dating. So if you're super curious, they'd give you a decent idea.

Later in the chapter does clear it up a bit, but it was an amusing place for my mind to go. Also, I've now read all those Pinky/Fluttershy fics of yours.

I still have to get around to the Rarity/Rainbow Dash and Applejack/Luna ones. Chrysalis/Twilight was the first one I read.

dang, all of em? Wow, I'm glad you liked them! :3

Did I miss a story? Who is Maud dating?

Celestia. I haven't actually written anything major with it yet but she mentioned it at the end of the 'catching up' story. It's mostly been happening in the background

Maybe it's the Staff of Pancakes?

my heart was not built to withstand this level of wholesome content

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