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Hello there! It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m guessing you’re here because you want me to tell you about… well, about how all this happened.

You know. This whole, ‘turned into a fictional pony and smashed full-speed ahead into the plot of said piece of fiction’ thing.

I know, I know. Kind of cliche, really. But let me just tell you, it doesn’t feel cliche when it’s your life.

So as I was saying, it’s nice to meet you! My name is Sunset Shimmer, and this is the story of how I got transported to Equestria through this huge portal, turned into a pony that isn’t even the most like me and loved it, and helped save Equestria and the world along the way.

Yay, me?

An attempt at a semi-realistic TF/Self-Insert, with a few twists.

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"An attempt at a semi-realistic TF/Self-Insert, with a few twists."

There is no such thing as a semi-realistic, or realistic, self-insert. Just authors who think they exist.


Haven’t yet read the story, so can’t comment on this one in particular, but a good author could certainly write a story where they are inserted into a fictional world, and still take a step back to think “how would the inhabitants of this world react?”, and “how would I react?”

Sure they’re rare, but it’s certainly possible.

I'd like to see more of this story, the writing so far gives me high hopes.

if she is in a copy of Susnet's body then why need glasses?


more ¡MORE! ... ¿please? xd

1: Not as easily as certain fabrics, kind you, but… well, that’s for another time.” - i think she meant to say mind you

2: You have my attention :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the feedback! I’ve fixed it.

Why does Sci-Twi need glasses when Pony Twilight doesn’t?

haha I wonder if she will try and stay out of establshed events, only to fail and be constantly dragged into them lol. Also given that Rarity knows about Sunset, I find it unlikely the rest of the mane 6 dont know about her as I see no reason she wouldnt talk about finding an injured mare. It should be a very interesting meeting should it happen :twilightsmile:

to make a visual dofference. she shouldn't be wearign them either

So is this right before Equestria girls? or way before?

Fine start, worth tracking the story...but too early to say very much. This is just an intro, and it doesn't tell us very much. The quality of the writing is high enough to catch attention, but this is probably a case where it should have been published with 2 chapters to start to give readers a better idea of what they're signing up for.

Yessss! I agree we needed a human become sunset shimmet story

Where in the timeline is this set in? And is she a copy and that the original Sunset is still on EqG?

Nice New take, I am pretty excited to see how this goes.

nothing to say yet. waiting for more material for analysis

Congrats on being featured as a first time author.

No pressure. :trollestia:

So far so good👌 MORE PLEASE 🙏🥰

not first time author, i think they deleted their previous works.

More ,please? :derpytongue2:

Because Sci-Twi is a carbon copy of Princess Twilight, hm? There are a multitude of reasons why someone would need glasses and not all of them are 'because eyes genetically bad, lmfao'. For one thing, those smartphones people love so much? There has been a notable increase in short-sightedness ever since they were released. Look it up.

Because Sci-Twi and bookhorse are different people. They have similarities, but are not carbon copies of one another.

And one fantheory suggests Pony Twi received laser eye surgery at some point to correct vision problems.

Good start, let's see how it goes.

Good start, let's see how it goes.

that or pony twi didn't have vision problems because she wasn't living a modern lifestyle, also human eye development is more mystery than science still

This is very good. I'm giving you six stars for doing a good job. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Definitely going to follow as the quality is really good so far. I'm just nervous since the vast majority of these "I woke up in Equestria as X!" tend to be... bad. :twilightsheepish:

I just hope the characterization stays true and hopefully this Equestria is similar to the canon version in regards to tone so that we can have even more culture shock moments.

“Yes… where am I…?”

Ever see one of those movies where the private eye wakes up from being knocked out cold? He always says the same thing.

"Ugh. Where am I?"
Okay, it's not exactly original, but it's true! I have no idea where I am.

Like if you get that reference.

Or maybe because SciTwi looks at computer screens in dark places too long all the time, while Pony Twilight doesn't

For those debating or saying Sunset sholdnt need glasses since her counterpart didnt, and that Sci Twi shouldnt either since her counterpart didn't, I have to point out that we have already seen example that the two words are not an exact mirror to each other. Take Equestria's Filthy Rich, he has been shown to be a respectful fellow who cares about his daughter, and respects the apple familly, even going as far as to punish Diamond Tiara for disrespecting Granny Smith. Now look at his Equestria Girls counterpart, who is NOT nice in the slightest and seems to be a total opposite of his Equestiran counterpart. Further if the worlds were a perfect mirror of each other, other characters would be much much older in the EQG universe such as Flash Sentry who instead of a Highschooler would probably be out of school and with a job already since hios pony counterpart is a Guard in one of the castles

This is true, no one has yet written a person who wears the face of a former student of Princess Celestia and is trying to adapt to a new life.


which makes me wonder... Would celestia or luna figure out that "sunset" isn't who she claims to be?

It will be seen from which part the story begins. What you have just read is nothing more than an introduction.

I've been hungry for a good SI recently. It's too early to tell if this story is of good quality, but I think it shows great potential. I shall watch its progress with great interest.

I know. I just tend to speculate on things and have theories of my own.

Nobody forbids inventing theories. The author really has the opportunity to write different stories, from the beginning of the first episode to the final scene. Following the canon, or not the canon. Or add your story. If he doesn't swerve and stay afloat, he'll really get the attention of others.

She*, but thank you for the vote of confidence!

Don't let me and others down, readers are watching closely.

I think the starting point is not bad and the story didn't feel rush.
So far, we know where our story located, and a big hint that we are still in Gen4 period. The only question left is when since being a Sunset-duplicate might affect the events a great deal depend on the timing.

Fair enough. I only really need glasses for reading.

There are more eloquent and polite ways to comment.

It's not that they don't exist, it's that authors that state that as a goal generally don't know what "realistic" means. It's like declaring your fic will be "rational", a big red flag.
I've literally never seen a story that starts with "I'm going to make this more realistic than the others" that didn't turn out to be ridiculous.

But there's nothing INHERENT about the statement that causes the story to be bad, so here's hoping for the best!

(The last one I saw that started with "I'mma make this more realistic and rational!" instantly turned into complete wish fulfillment, where the MC's understanding of a completely alien magic system rapidly became infinitely better than everyone else's ever because literally no one else had ever THOUGHT ABOUT IT before, and all his experiments paid off instantly or almost instantly, with a temporary setback happening once or twice, and every other character is weirdly and thoroughly understanding about his immense powers and their potential-body-horror uses. Oh, and he can create life, easily. Oh, and he can give himself unicorn magic easily, by growing a horn wherever he wants, AND it's way better than a natural unicorn's horn. Etc, etc. The worst part is that the story's ideas are juuuust interesting enough that I want to see where they go, even if I hate the execution of most of them.)

I think I know the story you're talking about.

Ok great start so far!!!

Can’t wait for more!!

This is super cute so far. Glad I caught it at the very beginning. Excited to see what comes next!

I agree with this. What twist? Why should we stay? Everything that has been done has been done before. Is the twist that a pony got to witness her appear?

The eventual meeting with Twilight is going to be interesting... especially as much as she loves to experiment :twilightsmile:

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~After i got by car and somehow reincarnated as horse villianess, i will spend my second chance in slow life far away from main characters~


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