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During a night out together, Rarity discovers that Rainbow Dash is struggling with her love life. Always willing to help a friend in need, Rarity decides that what Rainbow Dash needs is to be shown how to go on dates that she'll really enjoy, and what better pony to show her than Rarity herself?

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I really like the title. :scootangel:
From a quick read, it's grammatically correct, competent, and written well. Keep at it!

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I joke, but yeah, neat story, even if I'm not a fan of the shipping.

Nice work. I'm open minded when it comes to ships involving the Mane 6, as long as it's done right. And you, my friend, absolutely nailed it. Great job!

Wow, thanks! ^w^

Honestly I kinda tend to go outta my way to pick up less popular pairings and develop them, which is how I landed on this, and imo it ended up with a really fun dynamic. Just goes to show it always pays to try new things, so long as you're willing to give those things the care they deserve.

Could there be a sequel to this I want to see how well it continues going.

I had a lot of fun writing it, so it's certainly possible! It just depends on if something comes to me. I'd say it's more likely than not but I can't make any promises.

“The show’s almost over now,” Rarity whispered. “You’ll want to pay attention to the end.”

Well, now you need to put a sad tag on it! :(

Someone didn't get the reference.

I'm glad you liked it! ^w^ I'd say a sequel is fairly likely at this point, it seems to be in demand =P

Hehe, the reference was the overlap with reality in “The show’s almost over now,” :D

Very nice!

Of course, now I'm wondering if you're planning a story pairing Twilight and Applejack, just to complete the trifecta.

I had that question myself actually. I'm not sure yet tbh. I kinda feel like it'd be too... predictable? I may start dipping into side characters with them, who knows. (Also, atm I kinda have no idea how I'd write a Twilight/AJ dynamic.) We'll see! Anything is possible.

A very sweet story. Definitely a refreshing change seeing somebody do a Raridash tale. Good job!

Rarity decided Luna isn’t the only pony who can play with stars.

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