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In an effort to encourage reading and writing in Ponyville, Mayor Mare launched a project inviting ponies to write their autobiographies for storage in the Castle's Library. However, despite her thrilling life, Rarity simply didn't have the time to sit down and write her autobiography, no matter how badly Twilight wanted her to do it.

...Then again, she wasn't all that good at not catering to the alicorn's every adorable whim.

Small Raritwi fluffshot. The ridiculously adorable cover art was done by the awesome King-Snail.

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You know, I was never a fan of the "RariTwi" ship,

...that is until I found this author, which made the ship from a small dingy boat to a full-sized battle cruiser in terms of I liking the ship.

Story was adorable, fitting the tags quite well, hope you see more stuff from you! especially that RariTwi stuff

Qué lindo regalo de cumpleaños. Gracias, chika.

RariTwi! Just what I was about to run out of!

Thanks, Monochromatic!

I'll just go ahead and drop my like right off. Reading comes shortly.

Oh my gosh, thank you,,, I hope the fic will be worth the pre-like!

You're very welcome!


Ehe, I try my best :P

jajajaj de nada :P

5896697 Just finished and mmmm.... Boy was it worth it. I'm very fond of the reoccurring "Gosh, you're so full of yourself." line and response. It makes me giggle every time.

Every ship is seaworthy, it just needs the right capt'n :raritywink: (and you make for a mighty fine one).

never stop the raritwi

it's so beautiful and unicorny

Upvoted for the premise and Donald. Maybe a bit for the story as well. :twilightsmile:

My god that art is just...wow. I believe you are personally leading the ship of these two now. I still think my favorite fluff was the Twilight being Rarity's guard, but stories like these are always great too.


I feel compelled to ask why Donny has compelled you to give this a like? xD Are you perhaps a fan of the comics?

I'm more of a Rarijacker, but Raritwi is my second best Rarity ship and second best Twilight#Mane6 ship, and sixth after Twilestia, Twixie, Twiluna, Sunlight, and Twijack overall, barring multi-ships involving Twixiluna or Twilunestia.

This was absolutely adorable, dying from how snuggly this story is.

Very good. I like your use of Rainbow Dash. Her relationship with Rarity is underused in my opinion.

I admire how you are able to keep your characters in line with the show. It just makes your stories all the more enjoyable to read! Gah, take my like and favorite!

This was adorable. I certainly hope you continue writing RariTwi, because I don't much of it anywhere else.

Small error:

"I know! Why don't you write one? Pinkie's going to write hers and so is Spike!""

Aaugh I'm drowning in marshmallow fluff :raritydespair:

5897466 I learned to read from the Donald Duck magazine (Or Aku Ankka as he's known as here) when I was five. I used to lay on the bed with my mum and she read it out loud, but then once I made the mistake of correcting what she read and got busted. :twilightsmile: I read it happily for something like ten years after that too. Every week.

Donald Duck is one of the most iconic magazines here. Everybody knows it and almost everyone read it as a kid. Or as an adult. There's even a joke about new fathers always subscribing to it the moment their new kid is born, just so they can read it themself.

Also Don Rosa > every other Duck artist.

I'm a huge fan of the comics, as well. They weren't very popular here where I live, but my Dad had a huge collection from when he visited Spain as a kid, so that's how it started with me. Donald is my absolute favorite character ever because of those comics.

To be honest.... I may or may not have a MLP/Scrooge McDuck Universe crossover that I work on when I'm bored... Pinkie trying endlessly to make Donald less grumpy? Yes, please...

Ah, thank you! I'll correct it right now! And I'm glad you liked it!! And yes, I'll try to stay aboard the ship as long as I can.

Ah, that's really great to hear! I'm always stressing out a lot about characterization so it's good to know I'm not failing terribly at it :P

Thanks! And honestly, I really really REALLY love exploring their dynamics. I had a lot of fun with that scene, and I'm planning on writing a Rarity/Dash fic because there's so much to explore there.

Despite what it looks like, I ship a lot of things in the fandom. I have a really soft spot for RariDash and Fluttercord, as well as Rarishimmer (honestly, I intensely ship almost every Rarity ship pft). I just tend to keep to RariTwi because, as others have mentioned, there's barely any of it anywhere...

And thank you!! I'm glad you liked it!!

I KNOW, ISN'T IT ADORABLE. King had originally done the lineart, and I colored it in because I needed it as wallpaper to screech at forever. :P

I must persevere for the ship...

Ah, thank you... I do hope my silly fics have somehow changed the perspective on the ship. What kind of captain am I if I'm not getting anyone to join my crew?

Good. :trollestia:


I'm always stressing out a lot about characterization so it's good to know I'm not failing terribly at it :P

You have, no joke, the single best handle on Rarity's character I've seen.

This is the second story I read on this site, and it made me sign up to Fimfiction because I enjoyed it that much. Thank you! :twilightsmile:

I love the writing style btw. I needed the fluff, and the way you portray Twilight and Rarity in a relationship where they are loving and playful is awesome! I'm still exploring this fandom, but this is a pairing I really like so far! :twilightsmile:

I thank you for writing this! I too shall go down with this ship!

5898013 CMC x Nephews?

I was hoping this was indeed you. I like your RariTwi, and I wasn't disappointed by this. :pinkiehappy:

Don't ya worry, Rainbow, there's somepony out there that's got it for ya~ :ajsmug:

Sweet celesta that was freaking aadorables!

Dude. That was adorable.

I really don't think that your ship being not-so-popular should discourage you from writing it. I'm a devout TwiLuna shipper - and I do mean devout - but you write very well, and make the pairing work so wonderfully that I enjoy reading your work regardless. Keep up the great work; I look forward to the next update for the Twilight Library Spirit story :D

That was so cute! :heart: You're really good at writing Rarity and Twilight, extra particularly Rarity; they always feel so much like themselves--the thems I know and love from the show :heart: That's one of the best things about your writing :pinkiehappy:

Don't stop writing RariLight, Caye! Our ship is modest; it doesn't need the flood of AppleDash or the quirks of RariJack! It's perfectly fine subsiding on outstanding pieces like this one that you tend to put out, and the subtle nuances of the ship that you always highlight in your stories.:twilightsmile:

All I can say is D'aaaaaaaawwwwwwww >///////< This is so fluffy I could die!!!


Admittedly, it's been several times now that I've been really close to stop writing RariTwi because it's so discouraging how unpopular it is, but then I think of the few Rarilight fans who are starved for content, and I decide that maybe I shouldn't quit yet.

No please never stop. Every story you release is utter brilliance and this was no different, I always find my self grinning like a maniac when I read your work.

Adorable :twilightsmile:

I hope you do keeping writing RariTwi. I got into the RariTwi ship from some of your fanfics & they also got me to join Fimfiction.

Darling, RariLight will always be the glorious ship-of-the-line, the flagship to which all others aspire to. Oh, my Captain :raritywink:

One of these days, the sheer adorableness of stories just like this is going to kill me.

Now I was never a big Rarilight fan, but your stories are starting to change my perspective on that. Granted, I've only read two other stories that shipped Rarilight, but they were both written poorly. I just want you to know for whenever you lose faith in the Rarilighters that you not only keep it going, you increase the ship size.

“Well… An autobiography is supposed to be about my life, isn’t it?” She suddenly got up from the cushion and plopped herself down next to Twilight, making sure to intertwine their tails. “But my life wasn't interesting until I met you, Twilight.”

Umngh, a critical hit! :pinkiehappy:

I'm all aboard this ship! I love your stories. Your rarilight fics are some of, if not, the best here. I hope you continue to write them:twilightsmile:


Second later,

It's either "A second later" or "Seconds later."

It's really weird to learn that Mono EVER considered giving this ship up. That just seems so... blasphemous to me.

A lot of people who are incredibly devoted to a rare pair feel discouraged in the face of a popular, lauded pairing, or even many. A lot of people tent just to consume the popular content because it is popular. (I've known many similar feelings with Lunbra against Twiluna and other stuff). This can lead to an absolute lack of variety in many ways, and people can just give up. People who consume said content almost just refuse to be creative a lot, too. People like Mono go above and beyond to have something uncommon get to shine in the spotlight too.

This story is so cute and sweet it brought tears to my eyes and cavities to my teeth.

Just reread this story in the Monologues. Somehow their dynamic in that first scene where Twilight convinces Rarity to write the autobiography really reminded me of C3PO and R2D2 :rainbowlaugh:

She could have written much, much more, but a lady never reveals too much about herself — she reveals enough to give a small taste of her life, but only enough so as to keep them wanting more.

Funny how this idea comes up in today's Crimson chapter as well.

This one gets really meta at times, and I love it. When Rarity's motivation for writing is Twilight's interest. When Twilight demands moar. Dang is this stuff good. I should read more often. I wonder why my reaction all those years ago was more meh. I guess it is even more fun when you have some internal Rarity voice in your head saying her lines than with a less clear picture of the characters. Man these two are so much fun.

That was a good story.

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