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Rainbow Dash faces her final test to join the Shadowbolts, and fails with flying colors.

An entry into the Raridashdoodles Raridash Writing Contest, using the image prompt in the cover art.

(2019-05-08) Featured on Equestria Daily!

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 23 )

I like this, a very clever twist on all these Nightmare Moon scenarios. And having it as a test of qualifications for the Shadowbolts is just icing on the cake.

Rainbow shows a surprisingly introspective side of herself here, and a much deeper understanding of the nature of Harmony than you'd expect. Not about taking sides, but actually trying to help Luna...and the best way to do that being this. Very interesting. It's not that Rainbow doesn't understand things, or know them. it just can be hard to express without the education for it.

Well written and thank you for writing it.

I keep hearing the interviewer speaking in Chancellor Neighsay's voice. I've no idea if that's right or not.

Here we have a Kobayashi Maru meeting its natural enemy, someone who cannot be made to believe in a no win scenario:rainbowkiss:. Nicely done.

Holy crap, this was just amazing. I loved every second of it. It's such a cool idea, thank you for writing this.


"Princess Twilight is already researching ways to use it as a study aid. I believe she wants to test out the idea of handing out extra homework to her students to complete in their dreams."



Rainbow's plan to 'execute' the rebels was INSPIRED. Well done.


DAMN COCKBLOCKERS! Vagblockers? What's the term here?

And Pinkie the Poisoner. Yikes.

All great rebellions start at Rarity's hips.

............. (Silences grows to encompass the universe and beyond.) Huh. For a story that had the sex tag in it, that was actually amazingly good. I could go for a sequel.

This was really lovely. I'm reminded of Star Trek's Kobayashi Maru scenario - it's really cool how you adjusted it to fit into an Equestrian setting.

Also was that scene of Sweetie's banishment a nod to Luna's? That gave me a laugh.

I think it's clamjammers.

And that means not risking everything on the off chance that some ancient magical artifact will save the day. Are we clear?

:rainbowhuh: "Again, ma'am, are you even slightly familiar with me and my friends?"

In any case, hilarious case of the immovable object meeting the unstoppable force. Rainbow Dash and no-win scenarios cannot coexist, and attempts to force the issue have now been shown to disrupt the very fabric of the universe. Dash's blend of apparent obtuseness, hidden depth, and general marshmallow lust make for a fantastic read. Thank you for a great story.

That interviewer's reaction to the parts with Fluttershy is everything I never knew I needed until now.

"That's bull manure."

"Yep, that's pretty much what every bad guy says before taking a friendship laser to the face."

Rainbow Dash would be excellent at CinemaSins.

This is... A very Rainbow Dash story. Like, there's plenty of stories about Rainbow Dash, plenty of stories that understand her, even a few that feel like the sort of thing she might write, but this whole narrative feels... Suffused with Essence of Rainbow Dash.

I love this version of Rainbow

This is, without any doubt, the most bizarre solution to the Kobayashi Maru I've ever seen!

I'm getting a kick out of this story. It's giving me some great parallels to tabletop pen and paper with a player who knows how to abuse their bard to pull off ridiculous stunts. "So then I had the two shopkeepers duel to the death for my honor. It was a good thing the thief planted those two forged wills, but such a shame both shopkeepers died in the fight. Luckily I got two shops to help tide me over in my time of grief, and I'll even give you guys a 10% discount for a week in both."

"Hail Nightmare Moon."

Honestly, everytime Dash says this, I picture it almost like Commandant Klink's ''Heil Hitler'' in Hogan's Heroes. Casual, barely-remembered, and almost-dismissive.

EDIT: Apparently, it was Colonel Klink. I haven't watched that show in a long time.

I agree, BTW. That scene alone totally earned a spot on my Fave Funny list.

I just started reading this and my Faust! Its fucking awesome. Straight to my great and favourite, you deserve it mate

Love that even if it's not her story, everyone knows Fluttershy is the best.

I'm hearing Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury trying to get a comprehensive report from the younger playboy Tony Stark

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