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The lamb misused breeds public strife/and yet forgives the butcher's knife

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It's nice to see more mythical and adventure elements of the show getting some spotlight, and this was a pleasant short read. I'm glad some entries for this contest are starting to pop up! Though, maybe it's just me but what about this was Equestria Girls related? Either I missed something or this might have been mislabeled.

"How does Princess Luna fit into this?"
"Shut up, heretic."
"And didn't Princess Cadence used to be a pegasus?"
"Shut up, shut up, shut up!"
"This is because you got fired from the weather factory, isn't it?"
"... Mom!?"

In all seriousness, a fantastic portrayal of the blind leading the blind in a misguided crusade, with a warped cosmogony assuring them that they're in the right. Best of luck in the contest.

Whoops, wrong tag. Fixed, thanks.

Luna never comes up but you know she was getting that good Discord D on the sly while Celestia weren't lookin, amirite or amirite?

High fives.

Okay, this is great. Tirek cultists who refuse to acknowledge that Celestia and Luna aren't goddesses, so of course the world itself must be broken...

Ironically, I really like that their cosmology is very much one of Harmony and Discord rather than Order and Chaos, they aren't the same thing at all. I also like how you are likely to treat the Discord in the story as a good thing.

I wonder how much truth that story has to it. The best lies come from truths after all.

For the true(er) version of this cosmology, I'd guess that the idyllic, helpless era of Equestria was Equus under the undiluted power of the Tree of Harmony, not Celestia. And then Discord shatters things, but makes change and growth and self-determination possible: an ambiguous figure, but one that overall has improved the quality of the world. And his wooing Celestia and the Reign of Chaos came far, far later.

Discord/Lucifer as the true hero


Okay but the tree is younger than Discord and the Princesses, it was planted by the Pillars of Equestria

I'm choosing to ignore that.
(actually I just forgot :facehoof:)

Okay, so under the previous manifestation of Harmony then. Possibly a Spirit of Harmony just like Discord is Spirit of...well...

Because then you get the dark side of Harmony unopposed. Not Order, but Harmony. Disagreement is impossible, individuality is impossible. Not everything has to be the same, or even organized. But there's a place for everything and everything in it's place...or else. At it's most extreme, it's everyone getting Tanged ala Evangelion.

Oh man. I'm always a sucker for cosmology, and this is a particularly great one. This competition has some strong contenders!

Discord being Prometheus.
Interesting premise.
I will read this later.

Soooooo Is this written out of zhe View of Tirek-Supporters ? Haha
Very very interesting

Sounds like Discord made Life even enjoyable in the first place xD

Cool story


Author Interviewer

Oh my god this made me feel things and it was awesome. :D:D:D

and thus were they joined in a sick union of passion

Uh, I think you mean hot. :V

This is great, we have got to see more of this idea!

Damn, what a twisted mythology. Well spoken.

That was great, and then the ending made it even better.

Woah. Solid writing, brilliant premise, fascinating philosophy.

While a bit overrated, this was still very very good man.

Can we just appreciate how perfectly he mimics older English bibles?

This is excellent. Properly mythic in its tone, and a marvellously twisted slant on the history of Equestria. Exactly what a follower of Tirek may use to justify themselves. Not bad at all. :twilightsmile:

Finally got around to reading this. It's an excellent bit of mythology and indirect commentary on things like truth and fanaticism. A+ storytelling.

Wow, what an amazing creation myth! I absolutely love the way you mythologised this and the way you explained all the magic. The only glaring question for me is where is Luna in all this?

But Tirek as the Hero is brilliant, and I love his cultists' blind faith. A truly excellent fic.

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