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Tartarus is a lonely, lonely place, and Tirek knows this all too well. Still, he isn't exactly pleased to get company, particularly when it takes the form of the very being whom he betrayed and ultimately got him locked back in here.

Still, when he offers Tirek more than he first advertised, the demon can't help but feel... oddly intrigued by the prospect of what's to come.

Slightly late birthday present for RainbowBob.

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Comments ( 33 )

That'll teach you to not be the homosex Tirek

5038151 Fucking Animal Collective. Wow.

Fucking-A. :heart:

5038277 "My greatest dream is a world without jews." - Avey Tare

5038293 More like "2artsy4u"

5038303 aside from MGMT they are pretty much the most entry level neo-psych music out there.

I knew I wasn't the only one who saw that subtle chemistry between Discord and Tirek in the finale.

someone somewhat say my name?

WTF is this shi- whoops i haven't even read it yet :twilightblush:

edit:....WTF is this shit?!?!

hahahahaha, this is so funny

whoa there goes my penis, all erect and big it calls for my hand, my gf my savior. without my hands i am nothing, wihtout my penis i am nothing. when i was born my body was made only to be a life support system for my penis, it gives me a life purpose. this story makes me happy, it makes it big and hard and it feels good.

my penis is a good pet, i love it a lot, just like how i love my autism. my autism is so cute, says my boyfriend. i think it is cute too, that is why i ship all my internet alias together and then fap to it. it brings a tear to my eye, it makes me feel jubilant to see my creations grow up and become attractive. i hvae my favoirte alias, people who i strive to be, the autisic ones who are so adorably cute and autistic. i wish i was like all my creations, i would be cool, just like my penis

sometimess i do wonder what goes on in my penis's head, what does it think. what are it's thoughts i sometimes wonder. maybe it wants to tell me things that can only b understerd with words; if only it could speak. i would have a friend in real life to talk to and converse with. maybe it anohter diimension, maybe

maybe it is, maybe i dumb. maybe my quickscopes are bad because penis is sad deep inside. naybe one day i will understand what goes on in penis head, maybe this storyed helped. but will i ever know, i do not know; maybe is the only answer.

Sweet! Another Regi fic! What'll it be this time? Okay, let's look—

Tags: Romance, Discord, Tirek

...I love you so much. Just... so much right now.

I LOVE YOU!!! I have been shiping these two forever and I could never find anything! You must make more! Pre betrayal, more post betrayal, pre season 4, the possibilities, they are endless!

It was silly, but could use an editor's pass. :unsuresweetie: Otherwise, pretty good.:moustache:

lol haha what the heck xD
no ship for me but it was kinda funny ^^

Forgive me if I sound anal, but I'm pretty sure it was Tirek who back-stabbed Discord.





*sees romance tag*

:eeyup: nope.

5041425 I'd take that up with Tirek.

5042112 your loss

I... Bob sent me... Why would you do this to me Bob? Am I not a loyal follower? What depraved mind are you trying to subject me to? WWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5050472 you please me sexually


It was. Tirek betrayed Discord, who didn't even put Tirek inside the prison. The mane 6 did it by themselves. :pinkiecrazy:

5054359 I think Tirek wanted to just vent on someone, poor guy :rainbowlaugh:

I giggled a bit at the end.

Good show, champ.

On an actual note, you got the voice of Discord and Tirek down awesomely.

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