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The Red Parade

the only hope for me is you // Profile picture done by Snow Quill


Red is the color of Cherry Berry's life. She doesn't mind all that much.

Entry in a Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Contest where it placed first. Done in the span of an hour with the prompt of "gently." Preread during the contest by The Legendary Bill Cipher, Equus, Koren, Manifest Harmony,Vis-a-Viscera, Snow Quill, Atom Smash, Nailah, and RubyDubious. Thanks y'all!

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Comments ( 12 )

A study in red, a reference to Sherlock Holmes ?

A bit I suppose, but the content isn't really similar lol

Know I'm double-dipping here, but my review of this fic at inception, for all who want to know how good an author Red is from the jump.

The rise and fall of Cherry's emotions with the balloon is amazingly well-paced with her emotional state. I knew there was going to be death or blood involved form the beginning but that you turned it back to sweet sunrise was a welcome change. Think I'm a fan with the continuously immaculate grammar too; it shows a mind so used to short fics and fleshing out an idea that it can take its time to correct - if they even have to.

Ask Red, he'll verify I said ever word.

As for this fic, taking two obscure characters and drawing out the raw emotion in a scene involving them is a specialty I've always coveted, and you make it look easy. (Heck, here's hoping we can see some of that cerebral nature in a certain Doctor-centric fic we're working on, too! ) Till then, have my likes, my fav, and my utmost respect for your creative spirit, Red.

Holy shit, Red, you really knocked it out of the park with this one. The imagery and metaphors and similes are so well done, and telling a story through a color like this is really creative. This was just a delight to read.

This was fascinating and I loved it and how dare you do this to my feels?? My heart... this was beautiful!

You made a primary color interesting and moving.


How do you write such an amazing and heartfelt and poetic story... in the span of an hour? :pinkiegasp: You had your emotional tenterhooks in me from the beginning to the end... and yet you made it a happy story.

I've just only now realized it, reading it again, that even the characters involved are red-centric. I really enjoyed this piece, Red. You were able to take a long history and compress it without losing anything, all while being very thematic. Nice job.

Thanks Bill, glad you liked it!

Thanks haha, glad you liked it!

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