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Rarity tries to make the ultimate sacrifice for love.

Too bad Twilight doesn't believe in no-win scenarios.

An entry for The Barcast Writing Contest #2: Make Rarity Not Garbage.

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Well that's one way to resolve Cyrano. :twilightsmile:

I like to think this is what would have happened if Christian hadn't gotten himself killed. Would have made for a better ending to what I thought was a comedy but was apparently a tragedy (still a little salty about that).

It's nice. Poly ships are good and I haven't seen this one around much.

Nice. The story description is what hooked me so very good job there. Story was very amusing to me as well. All in all I rather enjoyed it.

Bullshit! It's NEVER a bad time to celebrate with ice cream! :flutterrage:

Beside that, I liked it. Fluffy and cute, and I can't but imagine how would their bedroom logistics develop. Two princesses and an unicorn are bound to open interesting avenues of possibilities.

But the dresses, oh the dresses. Rarity will dress them up so much than the glimpse of a pastern will become scandalous!

Really nice story. I was Into it for sometime..😃

Is it a bad thing, that I want to see both Luna and Rarity revert their nightmare forms one time with Twilight in bed? LOL. Wonderful story great job.

Rather fitting considering Luna and Rarity have the same voice actress.

Well, now. I wasn't expecting something like this.



I can't even describe it. Well done.

:ajsleepy: Such a shame to take such well-written relationship drama and chuck the conflict right out the window with the, foolishly common, idea that "poly will fix it!"

Not only does poly invariably cause more problems than it solves in actual practice, but even in fiction it's just such a cheap way to wrap up a love-triangle/conflict between multiple parties.

Hmmm...I am...torn.

On the one hoof, you have fluffy little beginnings of a possible herd situation (and the drama as they try to decide who leads it) and a great way to show Twilights Shatner-like distaste for loosing.

However, I can't help but feel that it was resolved entirely too easily. Twilight got the truth from Rarity in what was probably ten minutes time. Ten horrible, knife twisting minutes full of wonderful little hidden glimpses of how Twilight and Luna's relationship went. And that makes me want more on that front and I hate it one a one - off makes me feel like that.

Well done, well done indeed.

to say that you dont care for it in fiction is a fair criticism but there are plenty of poly relationships that work out in real life


It does seem like that, but we've already seen that a lot of what had already happened happened off-screen. Including Luna and Twilight's discussion.

What we need is more than just a one-shot :twilightsmile:


I can't say that I necessarily find this favorite(reread)- worthy, but it's really good. Great. I must admit that I think the plot resolves itself rather quickly, but it all flows well, and you made it work. And, for that, you have my congratulations. I'd love to see a clop-related sequel, still with the romantic feeling the ending has. It's your choice whether you want to do it or not, but the idea's out there. I, for one, think it would be great to see the three of them in loving tangles.

I think the only thing keeping me from favoriting is the lack of mentioning of Spike. I'm biased, because I ship Sparity, but I feel that it would have been good to have at least acknowledge him somewhere.

Again, amazing story with little to improve on. Welcome to Celestia's Bookshelf. :twilightsmile:

I like your portrayal of polyamory, though I would've actually preferred it without the Luna/Rarity bit, because I think people don't understand that these things can work just as well without having everyone in the relationship...

i love when common sense wins out instead of old school thinking.

always kinda hated love trianges in everything unless the "Irreconcilable differences"  is a main selling point.

also: sex tag?


I can personally attest to this.

ménage à trois eh. NICEUUU

There's quite a few typos, hopefully I'll have the time to point them out later. Otherwise, this was quite a nice story actually. I'm not particularly fond of Rarity, but I enjoy her portrayal here. This isn't a ship I'd go out of my way to look for, but I wouldn't mind stumbling upon something for them again.

I can't says I don't want this relationship to happen, but I am highly doubtful that how could this relationship actually happened. How can you put two love in one heart and finding balance of it?:applejackconfused:

The answer is both simple and complicated. You do not try to. Love is not a bag of tokens you give out till you empty the bag. Love is endless and can flow in multiple streams and in unpredictable ways. Trying to stop the flow of love does nothing but hurt you. If you love someone, or multiple someones, you must be respectful of the other person(s) how you express your love for them so you do not make them uncomfortable and so you remain within the bounds of etiquette and good taste. There are many types of love too. You can love a friend, but never have it become physical or romantic. You might make connections with others that are sensual, but you find yourself feeling out of place with them doing day to day things. As long as you are respectful and do no harm to others, or to yourself, you can love as many others as much as you like. Be open and honest with your partner(s) and with yourself and enjoy giving love, in its myriad of forms, to others. I am not saying it is easy, or you will not get hurt occasionally, but it beats the alternative of bottling your emotions untill the pressure gets too great and you crack and shatter.

C) Both A) and B)

I do like how Twilight has an almost draconic greedy streak, a possible sogn of Spike influencing her as much as the other way around. In any case, it is nice to see typical romantic drama get defused by people actually sitting down and talking to one another, but it's almost a shame you realized this idea for a contest with such a low maximum word count. I'd have loved to have seen this unfold from the very beginning, and maybe even see the new trio's stumbling first steps together as they figured out how to balance their time with one another.

I originally envisioned this as a sweeping, epic tale of romance with a word count to match its inspiration (Cyrano de Bergerac), but I eventually decided that I was never going to get around to actually writing such a thing with all the other project I have in my head, so when this contest came around I saw the opportunity to at least scratch that itch a little. It's definitely much shorter than it should have been, and loses a lot because of it, but I hoped that some people would be able to get some enjoyment out of this little snapshot.

The thing with Twilight's greed was a fun little detail that came to me as I was writing all these self-sacrificing characters. I had the amusing image of an exasperated Twilight who's just tired of everyone trying to give up their happiness for each while she's trying to do a proper optimization and I ran with that mental image.

WOW, appreciate your answer thanks a lot. Do you mean that jealous between three partners can be neutralized by respect and understanding each other?:derpyderp1:

It is possible, but is not something that is easy to accomplish. You will be hurt in any serious relationship. It is part of the territory when you expose your tender spots and scars to someone else in an intimate way, whether you are in a sexual relationship with that person or not. Sometimes, it is best to let someone flow out of your life to prevent harm to you and to them from negative emotions such as jealousy or possessiveness that might come due to having another person(s) involved in your life.

While it is cliche, I have to bring up the old mantra of 'do no harm'. What I have failed to do, in a couple of situations, is while trying to make sure that no one else got hurt I took the brunt of a lot of negative emotions and actions. Please, learn from my mistakes, and remember that 'do not harm' also includes not allowing or doing harm to yourself. You cannot control, and should not try to, the actions or emotions of your partner(s). However, you are responsible for your own actions towards the people that you have created relationships with. The best thing you can do is keep open honest channels of communication between all parties, behave in a caring, rational manner, and know when you need to step away from a friend or partner to give them space or to let them choose not to be part of your life.

Awww, this was so sweet I could literally feel the cavities forming. Very nice story, and I'm pretty sure this was the first RariTwiLuna fic I've ever read.

It's that Magic: The Gathering card set in ship-form.

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