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This story is a sequel to Rarity Gets Jealous

It's Hearth's Warming in Ponyville again, a season characterized by joy, merrymaking, and love. Spike is currently toeing the line between Rarity's and Flitter's interest in him, but a strange occurrence in Ponyville soon after the arrival of Princesses Luna and Cadence turns the whole crazy love triangle on its head.

This is a sequel to the smash hit "Rarity Gets Jealous"...I suppose it's not completely necessary to read the first story to understand this one (as most of the plot can be gleaned from context), but I would recommend reading it prior to this one, to get the most fulfillment out of it.
Rated Teen for some suggestive passages.

Merry Christmas!

Entered in the Current Sparity Contest.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 83 )

I've been waiting for this ohmygosh

Okay, just finished the first chapter and holy mackerel was it worth the wait! We're already being left off at cliffhangers! Gah, I loved the prequel and this one is just as good, upvoted and can't wait for more!

7790964 Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it so far...More to come soon and hopefully it will be just as good or better :)

Luv it can't wait see how this turns out :heart:

Okay so each one has a princess now. This's gonna be fun. And the dream at the end has got to be Cloudchaser.

Spike be a playa!
Seriously though great to see this story continued and Spike taking charge of his life. Twilight have you ever had any experience with romance? So by what right do you have to judge how Spike handles his affairs. Curious to see how the Princesses react to the situation.

I can't wait too see what happens

Man, I can't wait! :heart:

7791155 I never thought of that. :rainbowderp:

This will get very interesting.

I have to wonder if Flitter is aware that everyone in this story is crazy.

And so it begins.


“Listen to me carefully, Twilight,” Spike commanded, strolling up to her and placing one of his claws on the side of her face. “In my entire life, nopony has given me the time of day, especially not mares. I’ve been ignored, patronized, pitied, spat on, you name it. But now, I have two beautiful mares that are both special to me in their own way trying to knock down my door to get to me, and I intend to milk that situation for all it’s worth before I deliver my choice to them.” With that, he patted her muzzle twice gently and turned his back to head upstairs.

That piece was resplendent...It really is time for Spike to be given his due, consequences be damned. :eeyup:

That said, I seem to know who was dreaming in the end~ :pinkiecrazy:

*Puts on evil grin*




I cannot wait until the next chapter!!:trollestia:


7792184 :moustache: I concur, my good man. Spike needs his moment in the sun.
Twilight, on the other hand, needs to find her own partner. If only to get off Spike's back. I mean seriously, cut out some time from studying and you may just find some one to love you (this coming from the guy spending every waking minute studying for finals week).
That being said, good chapter. Favorite, like, and upvote.

Who's to say it's not Rarity, Flitter, AND Cloudchaser, who wants this more too?

Now this is a surprise and one I'm gonna enjoy. Time to read it :D

Saying this now. Spike can actually go :yay: himself. Seriously, his attitude is so toxic and smug it hurts.

No Cloudchaser being a massive yandere like at the end of the first story.
0/10 Stars

Looking forward to chapter two.


She finally was able to tear her eyes away from the beautiful, fiery sunset in the distance and gaze into the dragon’s eyes. Spike drew closer, shifting his body on the picnic blanket until it was touching hers. “I know it’s taken me a while, but I had to be sure, and I am now. I choose you.”
Spike leaned in and pushed his lips to hers in a hungry kiss. Her body melted under his touch as she moaned gently at his masterful work. “Oh, Spike…I love you!”
“I love you too. I’m sorry it took me so long to realize it.” His claw moved down to her flank as they continued to kiss passionately in their lover’s embrace.
But soon, it was morning, and she opened her eyes…

Whose to say that isn't Cloudchaser? Hell, for all we know, the title could be misleading us. What if Flitter is really Cloudchaser in disguise while the real Flitter is out of town for the time being?

7796062 I was kinda joking... that being said, I love your line of thinking. I'm sure that was the real Flitter though, but wouldn't that be awesome if that was Cloudchaser.

I for one would not mind seeing rarity and flitter having a physical altercation over spike lol

Your writing was impeccable as always.

So does this mean we get the threequel, "Cloudchaser gets Jealous"?

It's a bit of shame to learn that basically nobody in Ponyville likes Spike enough to love him apart from 3 mares.

I willing to bet it was actually Cloudchaser who had that dream. She's one of the three that didn't seem affected.

7811542 Wouldn't both this story and previous one double as that? You know, if multiple titles could be involved?

“Hey Roseluck, nothing in particular…” He eyed her curiously, noting that he was still peddling her wares despite how cold it was: she had a long pink scarf wrapped tightly around her neck and even had the flowers covered with a tarp to prevent them from frosting over.

I think you meant She

My word, you’ve probably never seen Fawlty Towers either.

This story went from great to amazing with that line. :rainbowlaugh:

Perfect sequel setup! :heart: So is this gonna be a Trilogy? If so, I'm willing to bet the next one is 'Cloudchaser gets jealous'.
Right now, I'm on team Flitter. She's so cute! :twilightblush:

Curious as always about how THE HELL this is gonna get resolved. I guess that's the point, eh?
Also I'd love to see Discord in the next one, I can think of lots of things he could do.

I definitely know that there will be a sequel to this now, can hardly wait to read it.

Looking forward to "Cloudchaser Gets Jealous"!!! :trollestia:

Real One: This will become a trilogy, right? Looking forward for next installment...
True One: No, probably a collection, we still need to know who Spike will choose and if Cloudchaser will grow some ovaries and say to Spike...
Hells Fire: -tries his best imponification of Cloudchaser, and fails miserably- 'Oh Spiky, I need to feel your hard rock scales on my soft and warm fur for the rest of my life!'.

Thanks :)
Cloudchaser Gets Jealous might be in the works if this does well enough...if not, I'll move along to some "new IP", so to speak.

That line is based on a real-life conversation with my PI. Recently he became quite saddened by the passing of "Manuel" the Waiter.

Man, this was so hilarious. This reminds me of Beating the Heat by Andrew Joshua Talon :rainbowlaugh:

Selects Run
*Griseus runs from story. 0 gp, 0 exp*

Noticed a typo: "That doesn’t keeper from dancing, though." should be "That doesn't keep her from dancing, though."

Ever heard of building a herd?

If this is an entry to the latest sparity contest please link the relevant contest folder!

Or just clarify that this is an entry to the contest! Thx!

7817408 OK, sounds good. I'll get it done in just a sec.

“I, umm,” Fluttershy blushed and looked down, “I woke up this morning and started thinking about how nice and cute you were, and, umm, I thought that maybe having our bodies tangled together in hot passion would be...um...nice.” She looked back up with a spark of hope in her eyes.

Nobrony would be able to say no to this.

“Spikey, is Rarity having an argument with her eleven year old sister about their sex appeal?”

I liked the whole dialogue between Rarity and Sweetie Belle. :rainbowlaugh:

He found a long line near the photo area, where Princess Luna had agreed to exchange kisses on the cheek under the mistletoe with any stallion who wanted a photo. Naturally, at least 75% of the males in the room over the age of eight (and a few under) stood waiting in line.

*joins the line*

Small hint: You can create a proper line by using the command [hr]. See the line above this comment.

Also, Cadance is written Cadance, not Cadence.

Such a good story. I do hope there'll be a sequel to it. :)

7830439 Thank you! I'm not sure I'll write a sequel since the response to this was subdued...But I might!
You've read the first story, right?

You're welcome, I have, and I enjoyed it as well. And I'll definitely be reading the next story if you do decide to continue. :)

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