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Rarity. She's quite the conundrum of a character for this fandom. Many consider her worst horse, period, because she's got few to no redeemable values. She's selfish. Whiny... Wait Don't go...

Because there's another side in this fandom. They see her as the best character on the show. It's not because she's 'Beauty horse' but rather due to the complexity of her personality. Her 'Family First' Mentality. And that, despite her flaws, she is the embodyment of generosity.

So, I want you to show this to me. Show me a Rarity story that is as canon as possible, using as close to a Rarity from the show, and show me the true element of Generosity in all of her glory. Show me how wonderful of a character she is.

Stories will be judged on the following metrics:
-Grammar and Technical Fundamentals
-Creativity of story
-Style and Flow
-Canonity of the character 'Rarity' - With added help from Monochromatic. I consider Mono the DE FACTO Rarity Expert! So she's going to provide some extra help in this department.

1. The story must be under 5,000 words! It can be merely 1,000 words too.
2. Two entries maximum per person, even if you’re doing colabs with others.
3. Rarity must be shown in the story as the Element of Generosity, despite whatever flaws she may have. The goal is to make her as canon as possible using details FROM THE SHOW. Creativity is encouraged. Comedy, tragedy, gore, romance, you can do anything you like with this with any rating!
4. It must be a NEW story. Only stories written and published between 9/1/2017 and 9/30/2017 (Sept) will be considered.
5. Your story must mention in the description that it is for the Rarity Not Garbage contest with the Barcast, AND link to the group or contest page.
6. The story must be placed in the “Make Rarity Not Garbage Contest” folder in this group to be considered.

That’s it! Not exactly complicated. I will personally read these stories, and I will ask for input from other podcasters in judging (such as Anonpencil, Flam, Rav, Enigma, or Milk) as THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER (sorry podcasters). Judging will specifically look at lack of errors, style/flow of writing, and how creatively you make Rarity good. I will wrap up judging one week after the contest ends, and will then announce the top three winners on the Barcast group as well as on my own page.

Yes, there are prizes:
* 1st place - $20, a reading of your story (with all the voices), and Build a Bear Rarity Plushie
** 2nd place - $10
*** 3rd place - $5
Last Place - A 1k word request (the story is 1k words) that will be Published to Flutterpriest

These can be paid via Paypal. It’s not a lot, I know, but I’ll also personally be really cheering for these stories and will send people your way to read them. I’ll probably even give ya a follow just for trying. Please do ask me any questions you have here in this thread, and I'll be happy to answer.

So, what are you waiting for? Go make Dress Horse Best Horse.

Alright everyone, step aside. *cracks knuckles* I've been needing another plushie to add to my shelf.

Wanderer D

6091803 Anyone that hates Rarity either wants Spike to date her, and/or doesn't have their priorities straight.

"I'm actually going to enter this time!" he says, knowing full well he'll procastinate all month, and then try but fail to rush a story out right before the deadline again.

I might give this a shot, I have an entire month for this shit :trollestia:

*Cracks ankles*
Not if I beat you to it! :pinkiecrazy:

A battle of the Dustins is it? For ultimate Dustin superiority?

>Monochromatic, Undisputed Goddess of RariTwi, is judging

I am unworthy and never stood a chance.

Welp... might as well try.
raises glass of water
Good luck all, and may we not procrastinate until 9/30.

A writing contest featuring Rarity sounds interesting, and while I don't plan on entering, I'm eager to read the different entries when they arrive. After all, Rarity is one of my favorite ponies. :raritywink:

6091825 None of us are, for we are mere mortals in the presence of a goddess made flesh.

And also her favored horse.

...did I ever mention that contests are to me what bug zappers are to flies? I probably shouldn't do this, seeing as I'm only a week ahead of my writing schedule (I get nervous if I'm not at least two weeks ahead), but this does give me an idea for a nice little Marshmallow Horse yarn.

We shall see.

Need another judge?

Rarity stories, you say? Well, if it's a best horse contest with a best horse plush on the line, I'd be mad not to enter.

Group Admin

Nope! We already got 7

Hmmm... The last time I wrote a Rarity fic (not counting my ongoing Elusive/Blitz romance series), I shipped her with Zecora, and I'm still proud of that.

I might have a couple ideas, but I would need to have them brew before trying anything legit. I am curious though.

Oh, okay good. You made it sound like you only had two, you and mono. :P

Darn it, I have two Rarity ideas, but neither of them really fits the prompt. This bears further consideration...

Yes, there are prizes:* 1st place - $20, a reading of your story (with all the voices), and Build a Bear Rarity Plushie

and Build a Bear Rarity Plushie

Rarity Plushie


I'm entering.
(I'll probably forget and won't manage to make something last minute.)


Wait, if I write the worst Rarity story, you'll write me a 1000 word story, Flutterpriest?

Hey, a prize I actually have a shot at winning for once!


Hey look, I already made an outline for a story idea, silly me. :derpytongue2:


Can we use an AU tag, as long as we keep the personality of Rarity from the show mostly intact?

I'll enter if you enter.

I don't care about prizes I just want to fight Shakespearicles in a duel where the weapon of choice is Rarity.

> Rarity Contest
> Still haunted by Spike Abuse contest
> Need to make a Spike Love story
> Spike X Rarity = My most favorite ship

EDIT (9/16/17):
> Needed to write a story after watching the recent Rarity episode.


I just want to fight Shakespearicles

Well soup and bless you two. If strong folk are duelling, then I'll have reason to watch'n learn alright.

Otherwise, I don’t yet know what I'm doing here.

6091803 As with all the contests on this site, I'll promote this one on my user page in an attempt to get you more contenders. Good luck!

Group Admin

Yep! Rarity needs to be Rarity from the show. otherwise, go nuts.

Thanks! :D




Oh, wait, I'm helping the judges.

Anyway, best of luck to everyone o: Let us all do fashionhorse proud.

Do it anyway darn it

Nuuuh, I'll just desecrate that which you worked so hard to build up. :raritydespair:

Besides, I have too much on my plate already.

Alright, let's see if I can get over my lazyness for this one! Cuz I actually have an idea about what to do!

Welp you've got me beat already.

Yus, that is what this shall be you glorious sucka :trollestia: A battle of the Dustins! For the Dustin Trophy!

Yus, that is what this shall be you glorious sucka :trollestia: A battle of the Dustins! For the Dustin Trophy!

Gosh I need a break. Much drama at home, all on my own, woo-hoo.

Okay done. Not sure if I should transcribe and get an editor, or re-watch pony images like I had intended to do before being carried away.

Then there's that problem that inspired yet also interrupted me... gracious.

Just saying that eating too many packs of wafers makes you hyper. I guess. Anyhoo, I still don't know what I'm doing here.

Well, not sure how to deal with retroactivity on this site. In any case, read the forum rules. Strait and to the point, I like them. Sorry anyways.

Make Rarity not garbage

There seems to be a gigantic flaw in the entire premise of your contest. Can you spot it? Obviously not because you've gone this far already.

Anyone who is enlightened enough to know that Rarity is by her very nature not garbage has no reason to prove a self-evident truth.

Anyone who (as Wanderer D points out) is brain dead enough to think Rarity is garbage will simply attempt to drag her further into the mud.

On second thought, go ahead and hold your contest. I'll just be over here popping gallons upon gallons of popcorn and selling tickets to the inevitable show. :trollestia:

6091803 6092215

The 5000 word limit is a joke and I refuse to abide by it. Your competition is weak and it cannot contain me.

You've given me three weeks. I intend to use it.

So... Embracing Rarity in all her glory... This includes the flaws right, because, honestly, one of my favorite parts of her character is how manipulative she can be. She's manipulative, but she tries to do good with it.

Group Admin

That's correct


As one of those neighsayers (hehe) who disparages Rarity every chance they get, I feel honour-bound to enter this contest and prove that she is actually a decent character.

See the premise of this contest is flawed... because what you said hasn't really been true for quite a few years now. Rarity's one of the more popular characters these days with arguably the most devout M6 character fanbase too (seriously travel around various fandom forums, you'll find more "lets circlejerk about how great Rarity is" threads and such than for pretty much anyone else). Hell Id say RD is probably a bigger basebreaker than her now. Rarity just hasn't really been a particularly controversal character since like S4 or so.

If you really want to do a contest on "Character who gets a mixed reaction, write a story that makes people like them" should of picked someone like Cadance, Spike (and yes im aware you just did a Spike contest) or Starlight. Cadance is just generally super ignored, Spike is seen as "okay i guess" by most and Starlight is THE base breaker.


Starlight shouldn't be a base-breaker, though, 'cause Nightmare Moon and Discord did much, much worse stuff than she ever did and everyone loves them. (Besides, it was all Maud's fault, anyway.)


Im not giving my personal opinions, I quite like Starlight (and Spike too actually) personally. Im giving general observations from the fandom as a whole between a bunch of sites. Starlight is a character who is a base breaker, she has tons of haters and tons of people who really love her, Cadance has few people who really care one way or the other, Spike while not disliked by much isn't loved by much ether. Rarity is a character who used to be kinda breaking (though not to the extent of Starlight these days at all) and now is very much liked by the vast majority of the fandom, while Rainbow who was once essentially the default "favorite" has become one of the more splitting M6 characters.

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