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It's Rarity's first birthday since she and Twilight started dating. Obviously, Twilight isn't overthinking this fact and totally isn't losing sleep over what would be the perfect gift to get her marefriend.

Hopefully Rarity isn't too alarmed about her sudden absence two weeks prior to the big day.

A gift for Monochromatic, the Donald of my Three Mouseketeers. But like an R63 Donald.

Proofread by Undome Tinwe, who is the Mickey of my Three Mouseketeer. And also the only one who can actually use a sword.

Cover Art by IsaSlashLaps_SP who i unfortunately don't know well enough to make a Mouseketeer but she was very kind to lend me this cover art and is an exceptionally talented author who is well worth the follow on DA. Check out the specific piece here.

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Comments ( 14 )

Happy birthday Mono.:heart:

This would be quite good except for the bizarre choice to throw in gratuitous swearing and drugs. There's nothing wrong with swearing and drugs per se, but they fit into Rarity's character about as well as nose-picking and sandals with socks. It makes it look as though you threw them in to make it look like a grownup story like the big kids read. Not a good look.


Rarity is like nose deep in blow for like 80% of the show.

How do you think she maintains her figure.

....okay, where'd you even get your nonsense?

This was deliciously fluffy, Gara.

Sometimes you just gotta

Author Interviewer

I feel seen.

Gotta write more fluffy romance stuff? 👀

Please stay tuned for the sequels An Intricate Disguise, Monochrome-Matic, and... uh okay i'm taped out after three times.

i am at the mercy of Patreon and porn 😔

[Insert Porntreon joke here]

This was adorable! It was great seeing Twilight try her hoof at Rarity's skill, with Fluttershy being so supportive.
As for the random drug references and swears, those were peppered in perfectly for comedy, I thought.

This was so precious!!! :rainbowkiss:

Author Interviewer

Instinctively, she set the scroll on fire, turning it to dust in the blink of an eye.


Rarity stepped in and sniffed at the air. “Twilight, dear, did you decide to have a bowl without me?”

Okay, that's a development. :rainbowderp:

God, this was adorable. :D

It isn't a garatheauthor fic if there aren't stoners involved.

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