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The lamb misused breeds public strife/and yet forgives the butcher's knife


Twilight and Rarity argue about historical fiction. Clover and Platinum are disappointed with their new gods.

(2019-03-30) Featured on Equestria Daily!

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yeee, I like. You write a good Purple Girlfriends of multiple eras.

This is so precious!

Love me a well-executed causal loop. Clover is definitely clever. Rarity is a hopeless romantic, and Twilight is delightfully nerdy and socially oblivious. Alta quenta, málo Undómë.

Good story. Always love RariTwi stories.

I almost downvoted instead of upvoted by accident. Clearly someone else was a little more careless.

That time when you accidentally cause your historical fanfic to become reality...

And Rarity is many things but subtle she is not.

Nothing brings couples together like endangering the space-time continuum.

This is delightful. And it would have been so easy to mess it up by making any of the plot points longer or shorter. This is tightly constructed.

...oh, wait, there's no comedy tag. I guess it wasn't supposed to be funny. You screwed up, UT! :duck:

It had the Comedy at first, but I wasn't sure if it was actually funny? So I removed it so as to not falsely advertise.

Do you think I should add it back? I'm honestly terrible at detecting comedy in my own works.

Please Explain. No idea what the thumbnail is

Love the BttF reference. °Vº

It's a simple(As in missing some details, not stupid or anything) diagram of the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future, the part that enable time travel in the film.

You have romantically abused time travel and I approve! :rainbowlaugh:

"Oops." Twilight Sparkle placed a hoof over her muzzle. "Anyways, as I was saying, according to the history books, you and Princess Platinum manage to escape from Brute Force. They're a little inconclusive on how you did it, and how you knew that Brute Force was working with Empty Shell and Cascade to usurp the throne. I've always wondered about that."
"Empty Shell and Cascade, you say?" A dangerous edge entered Platinum's voice. "I believe I'll need to speak with my spymaster when I return."
"I think we know how those names were revealed, now," Clover commented dryly.

Awesome work, well done.

"Huh." Twilight Sparkle looked thoughtful now. "Interesting, the time loop was able to produce information a priori , without a definite casual origin."

Yeah, my head hurts.

How do those things even work?!

The pair moved closer, the tension between them overflowing until they embraced each other with passion.

The kiss was hasty and unpolished and Platinum could still taste blood on Clover's lips. And yet, it was more wondrous and pleasant than a thousand balls beneath the moonlit night, and Platinum would not have traded that moment for the world.

Ah, pony love. So wonderfully sweet. :raritystarry:

Clover nodded, leaning in to nuzzle Platinum. "I think I could live with that. And I think, when we return, I shall have to ask Star Swirl to finish his time spell. Our future shall be a past worth remembering."

I understood the last sentence after seeing thought. Took some actual thought.

9473882 I thought it was funny, but I guess it depends whether you think the comedy tag means "this is funny" or "this is a comedy".

Clover the Clover

Absolutely cloverific!

"Rarity, that is an unethical method of debate and of course it would work."

I do love an honest Twiggles :rainbowlaugh:

I like fruit loops. I know, capitalist... :fluttershysad:

The thumbnail looks exactly like the flux capacitor, which is the time travel core from Back to the Future. :raritystarry:

Well, that was fantastically silly.

This is beautiful in every way 😊

:rainbowlaugh: Brilliant work. I especially love how Twilight starts spewing spoilers like Biff Tannen's sports almanac the moment she stops worrying about the integrity of the timeline. Thank you for a hilarious read.


How do those things even work?!

Well, if we're talking about time travel, it means it already happened. This time loop iteration is a late one, where the timeline is stabilized.

Temporal paradoxes tend to stabilize themselves, because unless true randomness exists (wich it kinda does in cuantum mechanics but we have no definite way to know), stuff will change until it reaches a point where it stops changing, thus creating a closed time loop.
(Alternative realities might generate anyways, tough)

Daaaaw that was so cute. I wish we had more time traveling fics with a side dish of rom com.

It technically isn't the part that causes time travel. The flux capacitor is basically a solution to nuclear fusion as it allowed the Doc to create a stable, maintainable fusion reaction to generate the "1.21 gigawatts" of power needed for the Delorean to engage it's time travel circuits. It was called the Flux Capacitor as it basically handled the "flux" of the fusion reaction.

And yes, I am a nerd.

I prefer to think of it like this:

We have Event A (past before time travel). A lot of times, it isn't desirable to the Present, so Event B (the act of time travel with all the details related to it) is enacted. If a Stable Time Loop is ensured, that creates Event C (past after time travel), but that event ALSO leads to Event B (not B2 or anything like that, but the same B from before).
This does mean that all Stable Time Loops are changing the past, but also restricts the types that can exist, and gets around the reason that most time travel escapades fail (i.e. writing the act of travel out of existence).

No, the entire point of stable time loops is that they're stable; nothing changes. The only iteration is the one we see here. Nothing has changed, because this is how the past already was before Twilight cast her spell.

Yeah, but how does it BECOME stable?
My theory is that, when you go back in time with Starswirl's spell, and change some event in a way it would prevent time travel, and open a paradox, the paradox repeats itself until some combination of random factors create a loop that ends exaclty as it ended, and it becomes stable.

Imagine, for example, in this story, originally, princess Platinum was killed in the coup, and the next guys turned out to be horse hitler but worse. Eventually, some genious would discover time travel, and be crazy enough to try and change the timeline. PARADOX TIME

Now no one had any reason to go back in time, so it's like a double loop, until some combination of factors lead to Twilight and Rarity accidentally saving them, wich is a closed loop, as the very reason the loop exists is now because of the loop.

After that, the closed loop repeats itself infinitely.

In the case of Starlight's spell, she probably expanded it to create alternative realities, when Starswirl's manages all the traveling in just one (that's because his spell is stable, and Starilght's is not). She knew that, and knew that closed loops don't actually change anything (because they already happened). That's why Zecora talks about somethimh being wrong in her world, she somehow senses the reality shifting magic.

9480567 I can explain it!^_^

*Adopts British accent*

"Well, most people think of time as linear, strictly cause and effect. But if you look at it a non-linear non-subjective way. It is more like a big ball of wibbley-wobbly timey-wimey... stuff."

*Looses British accent*

I hope that helps to explain things.^_^^_^

Funny, cute, and exceedingly tightly plotted and executed!

Requiring an original event that begets an unstable time loop that then begets a stable loop, requires a concept of metatime that unnecessarily complicated the system. The most likely answer is one that requires the fewest assumptions, and the assumption that metatime exists is not required for a stable time loop.
As long as you can hypothetically trace back the existence of all matter and energy along its own timeline to a beginning of its existence, then it doesn't matter if you can't identify a "first" loop or where some piece of information came from.

That said, if you want to invent a world where metatime is real and that all stable time loops had an unstable beginning, then that's fine too. It could produce an interesting story or conflict and can easily be fully self consistent. If you want to believe that's how it would work in the real world, then that's fine too; I said it was less likely, not impossible.

I have to admit, I have something of a soft spot for stable time loops being, effectively, mathematical attractor patterns in meta-spacetime. I could even imagine spacetime repellers, and how they might be used to hide things not only from the material world, but from probability and fate itself. Plus, of course, metastable attractors - multiple fixed but incompatible timelines - and strange attractors, possibly leading to something like the Infinite Loops. It should also be possible to have a stable four-dimensional non-overlapping line, where initial timeline 1 leads directly to the formation of timeline 2 in metatime, which leads to the formation of timeline 3, and so on, eventually resulting in a stable end result, but without any of the timelines self-reinforcing (i.e. creating a loop).

Fun to think about, certainly!

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