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Twilight and Rarity decide to spend the evening together, but Twilight is plagued by a weird feeling that she can't quite name which sends a shiver up her spine every time she stares at Rarity out of the corner of her eye. Which is very often. What she can say is that Rarity is looking a lot more attractive tonight than usual.
Twilight's friends, determined to help Twilight and Rarity hook up, pull out all the stops to ensure that the two of them have a perfect evening. And with a little bit of help from strange places, including taking suggestions from an alligator and writing to the Princesses, Twilight and Rarity's friends just might succeed...

Written for Monochromatic's RariTwi contest

Cover art (and proofreading!) provided by the great and powerful Multiversecrrrrrrrrruise! I'm indebted to you!!! :D
(Deviantart: http://wordsandpunctuation.deviantart.com/)

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 38 )

That ending is just sooo satisfying!!

Thank you so much. That cover art is so satisfying :raritywink:

Gosh, that was sweet :heart:! Oh, and that ending too! This one left me feeling pretty good.

By the by, just wanted to point this out:

Disappointment clouded in Fluttershy's eyes as she two of them completely missed her hint...

Besides that, I don't think there were any other errors.

truth be told i half expect for twilight to ask for rarity hand and let the girls that they been date each other 2 week after freeing luna

Thanks!! :) I'll go fix that now.

Why the "naw"? Were you expecting a different ending?


naaaw = daaw +nggh - NSFW overtones

And yo, judges! You better pick this story! I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!"

As a judge for this contest, this scares me.

Since Spike has moved on what are the chances of him and the CMC?

That was so sweet! I was a little worried we were being set up for a fake-out, but instead you wrapped the whole thing up in a perfect bow.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! And I fixed the mistake, thanks ;)

Hmmmm... we'll see. ;)

Hope you enjoyed! :)

8169922 :rainbowlaugh: lol. That was sorta my intention... hopefully I scared you in a good funny way and not a creepy way? If that makes sense?

Um, high I guess? Although I personally don't see him really ending up with anyone, I guess I could see him with sweetie Belle or something.

Edit: oh wait, I just contradicted myself. Well, hopefully you know what I mean.

Dude you're the best. Thanks. ;)

8171974 You forgot the Mare to Stallion ratio.

How does that come into play?

8173988 Herds' law?

... is that something I should know about in order to call myself a self-respecting pegasister?

8174748 Herd or harem like ex. Spike dating the CMC, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon.

...? Still confused... I may officially be an idiot.

Sooo cute! Everything that happened on the hill was just so perfect and cutely romantic! :heart: I love how all of their friends are rooting for them, but Pinkie is just like "No, this (lack of shipping) ends NOW." and pulls out every stop she can think of short of grabbing both of their faces and saying "Now KISS!" It was perfect. Thank you for the nice fic!

Awwww thanks!! Glad you enjoyed it :3

Ahhh!! so cute.
I love the addition of the rest of the friends in the bushes, just the right amount of humor added to a touching moment.

Awww thanks! Glad you liked.

*Insert fangirl screech here*

Twilight and Rarity are me favorite ship

"Two vanillas for me, darling," Rarity answered. "Made with nonfat milk, if you can." She primped her mane. "After all, I must try to watch out for my figure wherever possible."

Fat isn't bad for you though, its the sugar. That's like ordering diet soda with your meal, it's actually worse for you. Unless your on a keto diet you don't need to watch fat content.

For your first foray, this is FANTASTIC!

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