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Following her heart, Princess Flurry Heart allows herself to be taken prisoner by Cozy Glow, Empress of Tartarus.

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Interesting. Honestly, I wasn't going to click on this story because it didn't seem like something I'd read. But I needed to pick a random story to test something, and this was the first one that popped up.

Glad I did, it is pretty interesting.

Well, I did not see that coming. Any of that actually. I felt the whiplash about 3 times. Anyway, nice!

The way Cozy delivered that threat, in her usual, cheerful sing-song voice, sent shivers down Flurry's spine. "Don't forget, we princesses are emotional too," she replied, forcing herself to remain cool and collected. "If my mother finds out that you've hurt me, things are going to go quite poorly for your nation, even if it's not the politically correct course of action. Our kind tends to be guided by passion."

nice try, so Candance want Flurry Heart get torture, or Death?
i dare she would try anything

Damm Flurry is ruthless
and really amazing story if I do say so.


This is a true power couple. These two will go far together and the world will be theirs. A fantastic story about this two.

Flurry and Cozy being badass lovebirds together, what else could you want?

Not the first fiction shipping these two by far, but it stands out nonetheless. And is this the first story in which Cozy rules Tartarus?

...Am I the only one that wants a sequel to this?

Honestly, this fic was cute. I gotta say, Flurry following her heart and winning over Cozy Glow like that really made me ship them together in the end. It would be really awesome if there was a sequel to this.

Aha! I am keeping myself hostage with the power of my superior intellect!

Wonder if there's going to be an obsidian altar in this fic too...

Mastermind Flurry is so good my gosh

God, the banter between these two was a pleasure to read. Such masterminds, these two!

Awesome job, I thoroughly enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

The cute pink pegasus wasn't going to know what hit her.

Oh, so she's "cute", Flurry?
Well, now...

You did an excellent job portraying a Flurry that is as benevolently princessly as she is cunning and ruthless, a perfect match with our understanding of Cozy.

Very nice.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one. One of the shinier gems that I have stumbled upon on this site.

I saw this in the feature box and thought, "wow this sounds super similar to that one other flurry/cozy chessfic," not making the connection. Great story, solid banter. Thanks for sharing :twilightsmile:

.... now I want a sequel with the other Princesses hosting a get-together for all the other kingdom's/countrie's rulers. The Princesses, especially Cadence and Twilight, all trying to be civil with Cozey for Flurry's sake. All while Cozy's just being her unfiltered self and Flurry's just fawning all over her

Do you plan for a sequel? Mainly to see the reaction of Shining Armor and the others?

Ohhhh, enjoying this so far! Will hopefully finish this tomorrow or so! :heart:

[Pointing Leonardo DiCaprio meme] You cannot believe how delighted I am that this silly line has apparently left such an impression, even years later. :heart:


Well, I do always say that I think of FlurryGlow as a dark mirror to RariTwi, so I suppose the comparison is apt.

(Also thank you for reminding me of the existence of Conquering is Easy. I'm rereading it now and it's an absolute delight.)

Wow.. Just.. Wow. I have no words this is so much better than what I was expecting, amazing work! :twilightsmile:

When i read about stuff like this I feel like an alien puzzled by human emotion. Why does she find manipulativeness and ruthlessness attractive. Is she evil as well? she did call cozy's actions "achievements" and clearly she sees everything as a game.. Maybe this is just a BDSM thing??
I just get frustrated whenever high stakes situations are decided by the passion of a few powerful people rather than logic (because that's how it works in real life too, and it's really frustrating)

This was a nice fic, short and to the point, kudos! I enjoyed Flurry Heart viewing everything through a poker/gambling view, starting as early as worrying about her tell in the first chapter.

Also loved the "Little Snowstorm" nickname - I haven't read any other fics involving a grown-up Flurry Heart, so I can't tell if this is a widespread nickname or one you made up. If you did, then extra kudos!

Your Flurry is her own kind of princess, which I appreciate. Ambitious, passionate risk-taking, and a tiny bit crazy - not necessarily the most stable or conservative ruler, but one who can clearly go places. Growing up as an all-powerful royal must be tough in its own, golden-cagey kind of way, as Flurry hints at even before spelling this out to Cozy, so that let me understand a bit why she would go all-in on this like that. Sometimes, it's as much about the thrill of the hunt as about the goal. ...although I am currently reading the manga "Kakegurui", so I might be a bit biased in favor of insane gambling. :rainbowlaugh:

Regarding this chapter in particular, I enjoyed Cozy calling Flurry's bluff like this, even though I personally would have enjoyed it more if Flurry had yeeted Chrysalis' butt into orbit for pulling off this stunt.

This was great. Flurry and Cozy bounced off of each other really well and it was cool seeing their machinations play out. Flurry following her feelings of love even when they take her to questionable places is an oddly compelling character trait, making her feel not so much foolish as dangerous. Chrysalis was used well here too; shame Tirek died off screen. Also Cozy found the real Grogar. Neat.

Thais was REALLY fun!!!

And sitting — no, lounging — on the throne was the Empress of Tartarus.

how the fuck can a republic has an empress as the head of state?

"Oh, I definitely believe that," Cozy replied. "But I'm also smart enough to know you have to have a plan, even if it's something ridiculous." She tapped her hoof against her chin. "You came alone, so I don't think it's some kind of friendship shenanigans. Maybe you think your selfless sacrifice will awaken some ancient magic in here that'll help you get free?"

that's basically what's happened in the show.

Cozy had kept the other feather.

middle age fat otaku kept his idol's unwashed sock.

how can cozy take over groger. that guy is so op for cozy and already dead long time ago.

what cards? this is as bad as calling lelouch's ridiculous plan a master plan.

oh my god i adore this,,, you absolutely captured one of my all time favourite dynamics. your prose was incredible and interspliced with some classic fanfic cheesiness at the end wrapped it all up splendidly. hoof in unloveable hoof

This is my favorite story on the website lol


I'm very curious to see were their road will lead them in the future. Sequel possibly :trollestia:

"Life's really not fair, huh?"

Reminded me of this scene lol

"Well, whether you rule through fear or love, it's important that your subjects know they can't just take advantage of you,"

Mareavelli, N. (1532). The Princess.

The rescue party thing really got me by surprise there lol. This story is one of my favorites! It's written really well and I love the relationship Cozy and Flurry have here!! I would absolutely LOVE to see a sequel if ur planning on writing one! kudos<3

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