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Breaking: Last Minute may or may not actually be Best Minute


The reign of Princess Spike was a brief (if eventful) period of time. Throughout it, the royal pony sisters were nowhere to be found.

This was mostly Celestia's fault.

A delayed reaction to Princess Spike.
Because I haven't written anything stupid in a while.

Hugs to Bookish Delight for various pre-reading activities :heart:

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Sooo... Does this mean that Luna won?

As the saying goes: "No plan survives contact with the enemy".

Something I had not realized for a day or so after this episode aired...that workpony was jackhammering an active, leaking water main. A main had a major leak and no one turned water off to the area and were in fact breaking it open. Spike delayed that disaster by a few hours.

Looks like it.


And she is angry for that?

Actually, he was jackhammering the street next to it. Probably to have enough room to repair it. Granted, it looked like there was enough room already to me, but I trust the workpony both Fancy Pants as well as Twilight chose to repair the thing over Spike here.

I'm rather pleased that I was right about what happens when Luna's mane tangles. And I love the idea of an alicorn subjugation instinct. There's probably evidence of it in Twilight.

In any case, a very amusing tale of princesses behaving badly and the resulting intranational incident. (Well, it started intranational, at any rate...) Thank you for it.

He was using a jackhammer near a live water main. Even if he wasn't aiming at the pipe like I thought he was, that's an accident waiting to happen. Once work begins on a main, the water is to be off. Ultimately, both the water main and the trees thing just don't feel like Spike is completely at fault, as they are both things that should have been able to wait a couple hours if pressed. He still really shouldn't have made the work stop, but it shouldn't have snowballed the way it did from that. I refuse to blame him for the croquet part at all.

Now, once the power went to his head and he started ordering delegates around, well.... That was no good.

You... you actually crafted a profound and nuanced snippet of prose out of that slab of scribble I tossed you.



Ri2 #9 · Aug 6th, 2015 · · ·

Shouldn't they banish Cloudsdale for this? Or at least impose serious fines?


Ultimately, both the water main and the trees thing just don't feel like Spike is completely at fault, as they are both things that should have been able to wait a couple hours if pressed.

Well, yeah. That's precisely what happened. Spike made both wait for a few hours, up until Twilight's schedule said it needed to be done, then he made them wait even longer because he was convinced he knew better than her schedule.

So.......did Luna or Celestia win the bet? I would say Celestia, but the with the war(:rainbowlaugh:), I'm not sure. And why does it not surprise me that Luna likes Las Pegasus?:rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

6289564 Well they already lost Amareica, and apparently Cloudsdale isn't particularly loyal. Add to that that they make all the weather and they really can't afford to piss them off.

6288943 And gave them a few hours less time to recover from it before the summit. :unsuresweetie:


6290016 If they're this disloyal already, it might be for the best to just cut them off now.

6289200 I imagine the conquering instinct could have been a factor of Luna's descent into madness/transformation into Nightmare Moon; it probably felt like Celestia was hogging all the subjects. And no, thank you! It's always a pleasure to hear your feedback!

6289533 "Slab of scribble" what? :pinkiegasp: That passage was a perfectly good chunk of literary ore that just needed some smelting.

6289862 They probably have a substantial appreciation for the night in that city. :raritywink:

6289564 It's kind of similar to Rainbow Dash's (lack of) punishment in Tanks for the Memories. It's likely that only the delegates were given the instructions to bring a gemstone to contribute to the statue-- thus, the blame belongs to Fluffy Clouds and his colleagues--but Equestria doesn't seem to be extremely punishment-oriented (except for when it comes to antagonists). If Equestrians value friendship enough to be okay with having a Princess of it, I genuinely think everypony would grumble and grouch and then forgive Cloudsdale, because that's what true friends do.
Plus, Cloudsdale seems to have a monoponly on bringing in winter, and the country would probably fall to pieces if there wasn't an opportunity to sing "Winter Wrap-Up." Though the mental image of Celestia flinging the entire city to the moon is priceless. :rainbowlaugh:


6290122 Lousy pegasi.

Celestia creased her brow. "I don't mean to coerce you, Luna. Are you—"

Move down a line.

"If this is about the Amareican colonies, Spike, you needn't trouble yourself," she replied smoothly. "I’m certain they'll come around with enough diplomatic maneuvering. Perhaps we should send them a shipment of tea," she added as an afterthought.

I feel like I'm missing a thirteen somethings here, and a continent for that to make anysense. Since 98% of Equestria uses Ponified American city names. 1% British, .5% oddly done ponies as cities, and .5% Canadian.

Then you have an entire continent off, which as far as we know doesn't exist. So that joke really falls flat. Or at least needs a paragraph or two of backstory for it to make any sense.

And Celestia doesn't acknowledge that Luna won. Poor Luna, at least Luna can fully state that she did in deed win in that wager, and that Luna will now be Best Princess. As well as get a 'I bet against Twilight and won!' T-shirt.

6290926 Thanks for catching that! I also appreciate your feedback on the colonies--it's good to know what works and what doesn't.

If you look at the wager itself, Celestia technically won, though it wasn't a pleasant victory by any means. Twilight did get her nap, and the statue had just been rebuilt when Cadance dedicated it--so it was intact. However, there's always room for interpretation. :raritywink:

Luna could definitely get a "I didn't have to pay to refurbish the ballroom!" shirt, though.


You're welcome, and that wiggle room for interpretation makes me feel even more bad for Princess Luna. She was so close, and before the celebration feast could begin (that Cadance was supposed to be checking on) a civil war broke out, and she still might loose. Although she has the card of Explosives up her sleeve. Since technically the Cloudsdale pegasi donated an explosive rather than a gem (thus the statue not being fully completed as scheduled).

It'd be interesting (someday when / if you have the time) to see the talk to determined who won. Or it can be left open to interpretation as to who won. Hopefully Luna would be smart enough to 'talk' Cadance into siding with her (for half of her popularity vote that she'd win from Celestia).

6290077 Skywriter has a similar idea and goes into a lot of detail in his "Cadance of Cloudsdale" series. Alicorns are like dragons, except they hoard subjects instead of gems. It's why Luna starts out as small and weak in the pilot, but after Equestria's ponies accept her as their co-ruler, she regains her stature and magic (but not as much as Celestia, since Equestrian ponies still consider themselves more Celestia's than Luna's.)

I know a sequel isn't likely, but it would be interesting to see how the alicorn urge to subjugate effects the princesses' judgement in their efforts to reunite with the Amareican colonies.

Well, that was a lot of fun. Some genuine laughs, and a nice message there at the end. Well done.

Overall I found it a good but a bit uneven story. Most is light or a humorous take on the events of the episode, except for the bit of extreme angst from Luna at the beginning. That veers it rather sharply into Dark and Serious territory for a while before it swings back. Yes, I understand how that was meant to be reflected at the end but just feel with some reworking it could have flowed better and held to the tone of the rest of the piece more.

Still, thumbs up for the rest of it as there was enough good imagery and jokes to earn it that.

Given the game kicked the whole thing off, I have to echo comments made from Lurks-no-More and others, in that it would have been nice to have Luna nudge Celestia at the end there, probably while Twilight is pontificating, and point out the fact that she had won. And then then end on the delightful image of Celestia being overcome by that realization.

"Luna, let's play," aforementioned idiotic counterpart whispered, right in Luna's unsuspecting ear.

This line had me laughing out loud. Not long after, you had me sniffling a little.

Then, of course, everything went insane. And I loved it.

Pleasantly silly and sentimental, if somewhat meandering.

The potential ramifications of the princesses actively vying with one another for national attention amuses me. So many ways that could escalate, for so many reasons.

So my question is...
Does this mean Luna won after all?

I loved the characterization of Luna and Celestia's semi-dysfunctional relationship, especially in the beginning of the story. It's a sibling rivalry between two powerful Alicorns with conquering instincts.

This was adorably cute in a jillion ways. I desire a dozen more of these stories, especially when amidst the humor they kick me in the feelsy tummy - see 'I lost my best friend' for pure baaawwww! moments.

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